Google Chrome is largely used Browser on many devices. As of 2018, StatCounter estimates that Google Chrome has 66% of worldwide usage share in desktop browsers. More than 50% share of smartphone usage.
Because of its success, Google spread the brand name of Chrome and developed many products like Chrome Book, Chrome Cast, Chrome Box etc…

It also contains many extensions comparing to many browsers.

What are Extensions in Chrome? Why are they useful?

Extensions are programs which are used to increase the functionality of the Google Chrome. These are like apps for smartphones. Extensions are also called as add-ons. These Extensions are written in HTML, Javascript, & CSS

Extensions help you to add many new features to the browser.
Remember, Some Extensions can create privacy issues. They take all the permissions from Google Chrome. So they function such good. But unfortunately, some extensions create issues for your security. Don’t worry, all the extensions I am listing here are safe to use and they don’t interrupt your privacy and gives you full security.

15 Google Chrome Extensions for Student


LastPass is Extension which is useful for you to store your passwords. There are many Social Media and Other accounts which has passwords & it’s hard to remember all your passwords. With LastPass, you can store all your account passwords in one place and you can access all your accounts by just remembering one Master password which is your LastPass Password. LastPass is totally safe and you can trust that 100%.

LastPass chrome extension for students.

You can also generate passwords using LastPass which are really complicated and very strong. LastPass takes care of them and there is no need for you to remember. But when you try to open the account in App, then it might be a problem. You won’t face any struggle as long as you use your chrome browser.
It is available for both desktop and Android Chrome browsers.

Click here to download LastPass Extension

2.Office Online

Office Online is made by Microsoft Corporation and it is the best replacement for Microsoft Office Software which takes a lot of space on your PC. Having one office suite in your PC is really essential for students. They may come in handy anytime. With Office Online, you can view your Cloud and local files, or you can even create files. Office Online supports all the formats which Microsoft Office is offering for you.

Office Online Chrome extension for students

Click here to download Office Online


Pocket helps you to store almost everything on the web in your pocket. you can later check your pocket for viewing them. You can store web pages, blogs, videos, tweets, almost everything. Its like watch later on YouTube or screenshot of the full page. If you have not used it before, try using it. It is so hard to stop using it once you get addicted to pocket.

save to pocket chrome extension for students

It helps students to store study blogs or some entertainment stuff.

click here to download Pocket Extension


Grammarly is always my first choice and It is the first extension I installed in my Chrome Browser. And it is a compulsory extension if you are a student. Grammarly helps you in not making spelling and grammar mistakes. Whenever you made a mistake while typing, It shows where you have done a mistake with the red line below it.

grammarly chrome extension for students

And the best part is, It also shows you suggestions.

grammarly chrome extension for students

It works everywhere. In Gmail, Facebook, Blogger, or any other website.

Click here to download Grammarly


Sometimes when you are surfing on the Internet, there is a chance for you to get a spoiler of your favorite Movie or a TV show. You can get rid of it by installing Unspoiler extension.spoiler chrome extension for students

It may be any website or social media, unspoiler will hide it from you and asks for your permission to show it.

Click here to download Unspoiler

6.Google dictionary

Google dictionary shows you the meaning of the word. Just select the word you want to search in any website. Google dictionary extension will pop up and says the meaning of that word. So whenever you find a word which you are not familiar with, try Google dictionary which solves your problem within seconds. It can also translate and also says information about that word in a sentence.Google dictionary chrome extension for students

Click here to download Google Dictionary extension


When you want to buy a product, you may not find a proper coupon code for it on the internet. But Honey can find it easily, Just select a product and enter into payment and at the step, you need to enter your coupon code, Honey will automatically pop-up showing coupon code for your desired product. Sometimes it shows the result, but sometimes it can’t. But mostly it works perfectly. Anyway, it is best to have an extension like this to save your money anytime in future.Honey chrome extension for students

Click here to download Honey extension


You are trying to be passionate at your work but the internet is a place where you can easily distract. With the help of Timewarp, you can create wormholes for some websites, & you can’t access them until you deactivated your Timewarp.

You can create 3 kinds of wormholes,

  1. Redirect
  2. Quote
  3. Timer

Suppose Facebook is distracting you. So you created a wormhole for facebook using

Redirect -When you enter facebook, you will be redirected to another website according to your settings.
Quote-Shows your desired Quote when you open facebook.
Timer-Starts timer when you open facebook.Timewarp chrome extension for students

With the help of Timewarp, You can stay passionate about your work. One thing you have to maintain is you should not deactivate the extension until you completed your work.

Click here to download Timewarp

9.Lightshot / Fireshot

Lightshot helps you to take screenshots of your browser. But it is way more than that. Lightshot offers you many features just than a normal screenshot tool.

  • You can select any part of the screen
  • Edit it in the same place.
  • Share your screenshot in just a few clicks.
  • You can save or upload it to the cloud.
  • You can even search for similar images on the net.lightshot chrome extension for students

All my screenshots in this post are taken by Lightshot.

Click here to download Lightshot

Fireshot is another screenshot tool which has way more features in taking screenshots but don’t give you editing options on the place. Unlike Lightshot, Fireshot can take a screenshot of the full webpage.

Fireshot chrome extension for students

Click here to download Fireshot


With the help of Vimium, you can make your browser works with shortcuts and they call it hacker browser. You can access your full browser with your keyboard shortcuts. When you want your work faster, this comes in handy. But you may need a little practice using it before.

Vimium chrome extension for students
A few keyboard shortcuts

Click here to download Vimium

11.Save To Google Drive

This extension is always handy. You can save pdf’s, files, images, browser screenshots directly into Google drive.

Google drive chrome extension for students

Click here to download Save to Google Drive

12.Google Keep Chrome Extension

Google keep helps you to add notes and keeps it in the browser even in offline.

• Save URLs, text, and images
• Take notes on saved content
• Add labels to your notes
• Automatically saves to Google Keep

Google keep chrome extension for students

Click here to download Google Keep

13.Strict Workflow

It is another extension of time management but works with Pomodoro technique( 25mins of work / 5 mins break )
It blocks websites that distract you for 25mins and also gives you break time of 5 mins and it keeps on repeating.
You can change the time in settings and set the websites you want to block.

Strick workflow chrome extension for students

Click Here to Download Strict Workflow

14.Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus helps you to find synonyms and antonyms for every word you find on the internet. Google dictionary shows the meaning of the words, Power Thesaurus shows you synonyms and antonyms for words. Both combined will be so much useful.Power thesaurus chrome extension for students

Click here to download Power Thesaurus


This changes your new tab into colorful, as well as gives you many features like adding todo list, showing you time, temperature and gives access to many links.You can also set your main focus every day and work according to it. It helps you productively as well as helps you in customizing your browser.
And the most important thing is, it shows you quote every day which are really inspirational.

Momentum Chrome Extension for Students

Click here to download Momentum



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