If you are so familiar with multiple languages, or you are best in the literature of your native language, then you can definitely make some income from it.

Make Money with Your Multiple Language Skills

You may be living somewhere, where people don’t speak your mother tongue, You may be born in a bilingual family or you have learned languages with passion. Whatever may be the reason, you can use those skills now.

We have chances to get part-time jobs, Freelance works or even jobs which gives a significant income every month. You can check out the ways below & select which one’s perfect for you.

There is no need to know hundreds of languages. You can make money from all ways by knows just a few. You just have a grip on more than 1 language.

9 Ways to Make Money with your Multiple Language Skills

1. Language Tutor

The first and foremost best way to make money with any skill is teaching it to someone. Language teaching is not an exception to it. You can teach to your neighbor kids, friends or even relatives. Or you can become an online tutor and teach to people who wants to learn your language.

Offline Language Tutor

You can share your knowledge with your classmates, colleagues etc to people who are interested to learn a new language, which you are good at. You can charge them and make some amount. If you have a problem finding people who are interested, then start teaching in Online.

Online Language Tutor

Some companies like iTalki will be helpful to find people who are interested to learn new languages. You need to signup as a teacher and provide your details including what languages you know. so, people who are interested to learn new languages can find you. They pay on an hourly basis and the amount is totally decided by you. Also, remember that there are many people who are willing to teach, so you need to price it reasonable comparing others.

If you are good at any local language, it will be more useful as there will be less competition for local languages, so you could get many chances. You need a webcam to communicate with your students & you can find some example videos on youtube and introduction videos at italki.

2. Create Resources to Learn Language

People prefer teachers to learn. There is no doubt in that. But before that, they first check online to learn anything. So by creating some resources online, they can learn from that.

The best part about creating resources is, you don’t need to teach for each individual, people will check your resources on their own. And you can make money even when sleeping.
The downside is, people cannot ask douts & language is a subject where people need human interaction to understand better.

Create a website to teach languages

The first place where people generally check online is obviously Google. Creating a website teaching languages will be helpful for people as they can get information for free. You can also drive traffic from social media, paid marketing etc. You can get paid through Ads, affiliates, etc..

Start a YouTube Channel teaching Languages

If blogs are for people who read, then YouTube is people who want to learn from videos. After all, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine.

You can make videos with webcam recording you or you can use images, slides etc to explain. Similar to blogs, you can earn from Ads, Affiliates, etc.

Write a book teaching languages & publish

Though writing a book is a hard task, you can definitely make it with little effort & you also need a publisher to publish your book. But if your book makes value to customers, you can expect sales. Anyhow, writing a book is a bit of process which involves some investment. So, you can prefer writing an E-book which is free to publish.

Write an E-book teaching languages and sell on Amazon

Books are our main resource for knowledge and E-books are the same as well. Creating a website or writing a book may cost you some investment, but you write an E-book and sell on Amazon for free. But that costs for your customers, as they need to buy the E-book. So take that extra effort to explain briefly and clearly. As people pay for something, they really expect more from it.

3. Translation works

When you are good in many languages, the next best way to make money other than teaching is translation works. You are that capable one who can convert something from one language to another. These translation works are useful for many companies to reach more people & also helps people in different aspects.

Work as Translator for other websites/blogs

People who blog are really in need of help from translators. As their websites need to reach many people and also for people who search in various languages, they hire translators. You can work translating like a freelance work or you can consider this as your part-time or full-time job.

Create Translated Subtitles to videos

It may be movies, YouTube videos or web series. People need to have subtitles to watch something in a language they don’t understand. So you can work as a translator & add subtitles in different languages for people who can’t understand the language of the video.

Translate Languages for Games

Games are first made in some language & then translated to many languages. So you can work as a dialog translator for games. So that they can give voice in different languages and reach to many people who speak different languages.

Work for dubbing movies

Similar to games, you can make money by translating dialogs of a movie to another language. You need to contact film studios to get this. Being a student, you may find hard to manage such jobs and studies at the same time. So think twice before selecting jobs which are full time which can disturb your education.

Anyhow, there are hundreds of movies dubbing from one language to another. You can definitely get a job with a bit of research and hard work.

4. Reach out to businesses to work as Interpreter.

Some businesses need a lot of conversations. And some conversations are too hard to make as both people speak different languages. So they need someone who can translate in between. You can take this as an opportunity and make money.

The translator helps to translate the conversation to each other and called Interpreter.

5. Freelance Works

Offer Writing Gigs

There are freelance websites like freelancer, up work etc. You can offer Writing gigs there and work as a freelance writer. The work is simple, you will upload your skills online & mention your price for the work, people will hire you. You need to provide your work to him. As a person who knows many languages, you can get writing works. & you have the special ability to knowing multiple languages. So you get more chances and offers than many.

Freelance translation works

Similar to Writing works, you upload the languages you know with many other details. You set a price for your work. People who need the help of you will reach you and hire you. You provide your translation work and get paid. It may be a paragraph translation, book translation or a blog post translation. You get paid according to according to the work.

6. Become a Tour Guide

Many people who speak different languages travel to different places. If there are tourist spots near you, check out, there may be people who don’t understand the local language.

If you are the one who knows multiple languages, you have high chances of help many tourists. There are many places like Museums, tourist places, famous temples etc.

7. Create an App on Game on languages

There are many apps which translate from language to another. Try out something different. Create something which is like a Game, earning points, clearing tasks etc.

Though there are many apps, there are no perfect ones right now which helps to teach languages. So, you can use that space to make money.

8. Become a Traveler/ Photographer

Travelers/ Photographers generally need to travel a lot and talk to people who speak different languages. If you so much love talking to different people and learn even more languages. You can consider these two roles. And also you can make money online like YouTube, Instagram etc.

9. Other Jobs you can consider

  1. Flight attender
  2. work in the embassy
  3. Brand Specialist
  4. Linguist job in the military
  5. Research Analysts ( or ) Feild Analyst
  6. Human Resource ( HR )

Make Money with Single Native Language

We can make money from multiple languages by translating, teaching, interpreting etc. But you can even make money from one language. But you need to be an expert in it. Don’t worry if you feel you are not. If you have so much interest in literature, you can definitely make money from it with just a bit of hard work every day.

3 Ways to Make Money from a single Native Language

1. Write a Novel or Movie Script

If you want to write a book with multiple language skills, you have low options, but if you are willing to write with one language, you have many options. You can write about your favorite topics. You can even write a Novel or if you are so much into movies, you can write a story for a movie.

It may be Book or E-book depending on your preference.

2. Create Captions for the videos

Captions are same as subtitles, but you don’t need to translate them. It’s like having English captions for English videos and Hindi captions for Hindi videos.

So you just need to know one language. Mostly, you won’t get great chances to create captions for some small local languages. But if you are reading this, you can definitely work in English and make money.

3. Create a blog or YouTube Channel on your favorite topic in your language

There are many blogs and YouTube channels which publish on English. But many other languages, the content available is soo low.

You can make a website or YouTube channel in your native language, but check that topic you take should be useful for the people who speak your language.


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