An average person uses social media 2 hours per 1 day. People like scrolling through the feed and spending time on social media. If you are also one such kind of people who like to spend time on social media, make that time more useful by making some money from other people who use Social Media.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, you can definitely make it useful to make money out of it.

4 Successful Ways to Make Money from Social Media

It may be any Social Media platform, there are 4 basic ways you can make money from social media. Starting with the most famous one…..

1. Promoting

Social media is the most powerful one for reaching many people. So using it for promoting is the common thing to do. Though promoting itself don’t make money, but it will help to make more money.

a. Promoting Blog / YouTube Channel

When we think about making money online, the first thing comes to mind is running a website or youtube channel because they are the most famous and most successful ways to earn money online.

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To make a website and channel more popular, Social Media is the most powerful tool one should never miss. You don’t need to use each and every social media platform. You can use 2-3 social media platforms which are best for your niche.

Ex:- For the Photography niche, you need to concentrate more on a platform which gives visual content so much priority. So you can select Instagram and Pinterest as your social media platforms.

You can use social media for any kind of website. It may be a blog website, e-commerce website, or dropshipping website.

b. Promoting Online Info Products

Selling E-books, sharting a video course or Skill Share helps to earn money online from the knowledge you have. Though you have good content in it, you should let people know about it. Most people don’t want to invest money to an unknown person.

So grabbing the audience from social media and letting them know about your product helps more info product sales.

Ex of info products:- E-books, Video courses on Skillshare or Udemy, Paid membership for content etc.

c. Promote Your Offline Business or Service

If you are having an offline business, all you need to make money is customers. So your company should reach to a maximum number of people. Social media could play a major role in promoting your business.

After all, social media is free and interesting to use.

2. Affiliate Marketing

You don’t need a website to do affiliate marketing, all you need is a social media account and affiliate account. Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank are some best platforms to create your affiliate account.

Just don’t post only the affiliate links, also provide some content. Maintain one niche and provide content which is only related to it.

Also, use only social media platforms which suits most for that niche.

People follow you when they feel, your content is useful and liked by them. So when you post affiliate links anytime, you may get some sales and expect commissions from them.

3. Sponsored posts

When you have a good number of followers, then someday some company related to your niche may contact you and ask to promote their company on your account.

All you need to do just posting about their company. & you will get paid with very huge amounts.

The sponsored post is really the best way to make money on social media. Work is easy and Income will be huge.

4. Become Social Evaluator

Some companies use Social media to promote their businesses. They have lots of followers and lots of messages will roll into their account. They need to answer them.

So they need people who can get in contact with their customers. Here where Social Evaluators come in.

You need to monitor their Social media sites and check whether the user’s feedback is Good or bad and also solve their issues.

For this, you need to understand the company needs and follow their instructions. You need to work at least 15hrs per week.

You may get paid from Rs500 to RS1000 per hour.,,, are the sites where you can apply for the Job.

How much can we earn from Social Media?

Online Income is like a business, it may be from social media or blogging, the sky is the limit. Some people use social media as a full-time job.

There are people making more than Rs 1,00,000 from social media per month. Even with a few followers and working for just part-time gives you a lot of money. But all that comes after a serious effort and dedication. But when the money returns to you, it will worth all your work.

You may create a blog or promote, use social media as an affiliating platform, or make money from sponsored posts or do all of them. But give importance to the audience and provide the content which they need. Once you get a good amount of followers trusting you. You can definitely make more money which can replace your day job.

How many Followers do you need?

Frankly, The more followers you have, the more money you can make. But that doesn’t mean you won’t make more amount with fewer followers. You need to utilize the number of followers you have to make money to full potential.

Also, companies pay you more for a sponsored post more than the one who has more followers than you, if your followers are more engaging and more into your niche. Anytime, Quality outranks Quantity.

At the same time, when someone has more followers and more engagement rate, they definitely earn more than you.

To give an example, 1000 engaging followers are good to start making money from social media.

How to get Followers on Social Media?

Though you don’t need thousands of followers to make money, you should definitely need even a 1,000 followers to make money which can be considered as a good amount.

Followers are important because getting more followers is equal to getting more money. Here are 7 ways you need to do to increase your followers on social media.

1. Quality Content

People basically follows you, when they feel you post something useful for them. First and foremost is to provide content which is really useful for the audience. Otherwise, there will be no use of your hard work.

Select a niche, and check what others are offering. Think as an audience, what you want to get from a page from this niche.

Then produce the content which is useful and also interesting. Though you may take time to create such stuff at the starting stage, you will learn step-by-step and within few days you can create content which most people like. All you need do is try and work hard to create it.

2. Post Consistently

People like to follow someone who is active, they just don’t want to follow someone who posts once or twice in a month. Moreover, more quality content has more reach. When you have more reach, you can definitely get more followers.

As said before, more followers are equal to more money. The consistent posting also helps your audience to engage more with you. It’s simple when you are active, people who follow you will be more active towards you.

3.Interact with your audience

When you are active, people engage with you. But if there is no interaction back to them, the engagement may not continue with the same power.

Reply to people as much as you can. You may not reply to everyone nor they will be expecting you to give a reply. But this makes you close to them. so, they will be following you continuously and engaging with your posts.

4. Use Hashtags and follow other SEO techniques

Hashtags are important when it comes to social media. It helps you to reach more people. Use Geotagging, especially on Instagram, because there will be significant traffic from the location search.

You need to use SEO techniques like Keywords, especially for a platform like Youtube.

5. Use Analytics

Analytics shows us what worked for us and what doesn’t. So, spending some time to check analytics helps us a lot to stop working on something which is not working for us.

So you could spend your time wisely on something which works for you and can get more followers.

FanPage Karma is a site which shows you analytics for social media. It offers you a single dashboard for every social media platform

6. Use Media

Photos, Infographics, Videos are something which most people like. Because they express content in a most simple way than text.

Moreover, the media attracts people and asks them to look at it.

7. Paid Advertisements & Giveaways

Now, this is something you need to invest once. When you are earning a significant amount of money from social media. You can make it big by investing some in advertising.

Facebook ads are some useful ways to advertise online.

Giveaways are another best thing to attract more audience. It can be said as the next level of Interaction.





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