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Before taking about Student Companion, Let me introduce myself.

I am just a random guy in India studying B.tech 4th year. I don’t want to choose a day job for a salary. But to my luck, 1 of my friend needs a website. He asked me to do something. I don’t know anything about websites. But I just spent a few days learning about creating websites.

Then I came to know that we can create a website within Rs 5,000 and that too without any coding knowledge. I was shocked, that made me get into this field. To develop his website, I started learning about blogging, marketing, SEO slowly. I tried to help his website as much as I can for free. But we could not manage to make that website successful. Finally, he shut his website down.

But I was into this field, I was learning more and more each and every day. I wanted to practice my skills and improve my knowledge on this. so I need a website to improve my skills But I had no money to invest just for my testing. If I need to invest, I need to make it successful. I spent a few more months learning about blogging and digital marketing. I used free services like WordPress and blogger for my practices. Then I had a belief in myself that I can make my blog successful.

It was almost the end of my B.tech. I need a job, to satisfy my relatives. But I kept that in the hold & started this website. I need to take a niche. In that present condition, all I am thinking off is ” Why I have not started my website way before while studying, so that there will be no job requirement pressure. ”

I took that as my niche. I wanted to say to many students like me to start something while they are studying. And I also wanted to show them ways for how can they make money. So that they could settle very fast and depend on their own. I constantly checking for ways which will be helpful for them, I practice many ways on my own to explain better. It was 5 months completed, I was getting around 30 visitors per day. That was too low. But not a complete failure, It still needs a lot of work to invest in it. But I could not hold my job anymore. There is more pressure from other people around me than my family members.

I normally don’t care about those, but decided to go for a job when I got an offer in a VFX Company. I would have rejected it if it is a software job, but I really love VFX works, I went for the training. The training session is from morning 7 am to evening 6 pm. I don’t know whether it is more time or not. But I could not manage both. I should have continued the work on my website slowly but I left it.

I was out of my website. I left my 5 months of work into vain. I started in February and left in June of 2018. Then I returned back again in January 2019. I took 1 month to understand all my previous settings and ideas. Uff that’s how much I became far from my website. the best thing is, my traffic is consistent, that may be low as 30 visitors per day, but it’s consistent. That gave me a strong pushup.

So I decided to start working in speed. In March, traffic almost reached 300 per day. And now it’s April and it is good so far.

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Student Companion is a website for students and job seekers to make money and save money.

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