There are many apps on the play store which gives free Paytm cash like mCent, Panel Station Survey, Loco etc. But I wanted to list only the apps which give Instantly.

In most of the apps below, you just need to complete a small task like downloading an app, Playing a game or referring the app to any friend. Also, the rewards from these apps are good enough.

Important Note:- Every app has its own minimum redeem amount, which I have mentioned below. You cannot redeem your cash to Paytm until you reached the minimum amount.
I have also mentioned the details about how much you can earn from the app and from each referral.

Moreover, this method of earning is not passive and the amount you get from these apps is not as good as to sustain and depend on them. But, they can help you get instant money easily.

Note: Most of the links below are referred links which helps me run this website. so, download the apps from the links below.

Best Apps to get Instant Paytm Cash

1. Cash Boss App

Cash Boss is an app which gives you rewards for downloading apps it suggested. Sometimes you can find apps which give you more than Rs100 for downloading. And the apps will be changing from time to time and offers you more apps to download and get rewards from it.

CashBoss has a refer to earn program which gives Rs 15 for every successful installation.


  1. Free Paytm Cash by download apps.
  2. Rs 15 for each referral.

Minimum Redeem Amount:- Rs 35

Download Link:- CashBoss App

2. 4Fun App

4Fun is short video community app. You can make friends, interact with them and share videos on WhatsApp, Facebook & multiple other platforms.

You get coins for sharing videos and you can convert coins in Rupees later. 250 Coins is equal to Rs1, which really don’t make more.

Besides that 4Fun app is running refer and earn program where you can earn free Paytm cash by referring the app to friends. You can earn Rs 6 for every successful installation.

Note:- You will get referred link when you share any video on WhatsApp, Later you can copy the link and send only the link to anyone in any platform.


  1. Get Rs 50 on sign up
  2. Rs 6 on each referral

Minimum Redeem Amount:– Rs 200

Download Link:- 4Fun App

3. Bulb Smash Game

Making money by playing Games is really a cool idea. This game is making it possible. Also, this game is good and addictive. You can also refer this game to your friends and get more rewards.

You get Rs 19 for every successful installation and you can get Rs 50 if your referred friend purchases an Rs20 booster which is helpful for the game.


  1. You can get rewards by playing the game and completing tasks in it.
  2. You can get Rs 19 by referring this game to friends.
  3. Rs 50, if referred friend purchases an Rs20 booster.

Minimum Redeem Amount:- Rs 60

Download Link:- Bulb Smash Game App

Download from this link and get Rs10 bonus

4. Bulb Smash Cash

It’s another game from the makers of the bulb smash game. This is also addictive which you play in online and with real people. You can get cash by playing similar to bulb smash game app.

This game also has a referral program, where you can make Rs 11 for each successful installation.


  1. You can earn by playing games
  2. Get Rs 11 for each referral.

Minimum Redeem Amount:- Rs 50

Download Link:- Bulb Smash cash App

Download from this link and get Rs 20 bonus

5. Lopscoop app

Lopscoop is one of the easiest ways to earn money. All you need to do is reading the blog posts, sharing videos, perform small tasks etc to get free Paytm cash.

You can earn by referring friends & make Rs 5 for every successful installation. Spin the lucky wheel every day to get up to Rs 50

The best part is the minimum redeem amount is Rs1.


  1. You get cash from performing small tasks like Reading Blog posts & share videos.
  2. Rs 5 for each referral.
  3. Spinning the lucky wheel.

Minimum Redeem Amount:- Rs 1

Download Link:- LopScoop App

6. Data Buddy App

Data Buddy gives you Paytm cash for downloading apps etc. You will get paid for every action on the Data Buddy & can recharge using Data buddy and also redeem the cash to Paytm. You get also paid for referring and also for the first recharge of your referred friend.


  1. You get paid for downloading apps.
  2. Rs 10 for referring to a friend.

Minimum Redeem Amount:- Rs 50

Download Link:- Data Buddy App

7. Pocket Money

Pocket Money is an app which pays you for performing tasking in the app. You get Rs 5 for each referral. Rs 5 when your referral earns Rs 40.

The amount you get from the tasks is huge and tasks are just simple.


  1. You will get paid for performing small tasks
  2. Rs 5 for each referral
  3. Rs 5 when your referral gets Rs 40.

Minimum Redeem Amount:- Rs 20

Download Link:- Pocket Money App

Use referral code ( LPUI8j ) and get Rs 5 instantly

8. Stick 8 Ball Pool Game

Stick 8 Ball Pool Game is similar to the famous 8 Ball Pool game. But one thing which is plus point in Stick 8 Ball Pool is you can earn money by playing this game.

You can also earn more Rs 15 for each referral.


  1. Play and earn money.
  2. Earn Rs 15 for each referral.

Minimum Redeem Amount:- Rs 2

Download Link:- Stick Ball Pool

At present, the app is not supporting refer and earn method, you can still earn from playing game

9. Frizza

Frizza also pays you for downloading and installing apps. But you will also get paid when your referral friend completes also completes the task. & Yes, you will also get paid for referring a friend.


  1. Downloading apps
  2. Rs 5 for Referring friends ( Rs 10 bonus for referring 5 friends )

Minimum Redeem Amount:- Rs 20

Download Link:- Frizza App

Use this link to get Rs3 as sign up bonus after completing 1st offer

10. Cashley

Cashley offers 3 methods to earn free Paytm cash. By downloading apps and engaging with those apps. Spinning the lucky wheel and earning free cash & by referring to friends.

The amount you earn from downloading the app depends on that app. By spinning wheel, you can earn up to Rs50. And referring friends, you can earn Rs 10 for each referral.


  1. Earn money by downloading apps.
  2. Up to Rs 50 for spinning lucky wheel.
  3. Rs 10 for each referral

Minimum Redeem Amount:- Rs 50

Download Link:- Cashley App

Bonus App

Coupon Dunia

Coupon Dunia gives you coupons for famous services like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm etc. Saving money using Coupon Dunia is equal to earning money.

Still, there is a way to earn money in Coupon Dunia. & that is by referring this app to your friends.

You will get Rs 50 for sign up & Rs 25 for each referral.

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