What you can Write about?

Earning & Saving Money techniques which will be helpful for students & Job Seekers.
Write your Success story which will help as motivation and proof for earning for many students.

Who can write for us?

Everyone. As far as it will be helpful for students to be productive, we will accept a post from anyone.

Why do you need to write for us?

We don’t want to take your work of writing post just for a small backlink. Moreover, those backlinks will only be useful to you when you had a website.

So, we want to offer some other advantages for the people who are writing the post here.

  • You can place an affiliate link. Which helps you to earn affiliate commission.
  • You can get a backlink from our website to your website.
  • You can write your Success Story of making money and promote your business even further.

Just Some Rules:

I don’t want to have so strict rules. These rules are just the most basic rules that you should not cross.

  • You should write In-depth content which will be helpful for Students.
  • You should write an article which has a minimum of 1000 words in it.
  • Content should not be copied from any other source. Even a 10% plagiarism is found, the article will not be published.
  • small Grammer mistakes are Ok, we don’t have any problem with that. But, making blunders is not allowed.
  • Should write a content following on-page SEO.
  • Should maintain a good readability. ( Content should flow like a Story )
  • Using Links reasonably.

How to apply to be a part of our site?

Just fill the contact form below and click on submit.
We will send you a mail regarding your registration ASAP.

You can ask me any queries  from the contact form

Contact Form:

You can mail to raviteja.knts@studentcompanion.in for contacting admin

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