Instagram is merely a Photo Sharing app which increased it’s users day-by-day and reached to a stage of 1 Billion active monthly users in 8 Years.

So, It has a lot of juice which helps us to make money.

And it is a platform where many people are earning money for years. Right from 2013, Instagram introduced videos into it. Which is a great option, but the time of the video is limited to 1 minute.

Now after 5 years, Instagram introducing a new feature called IGTV. More than a feature we can call it a new platform.

Quick Guide to make Money on IGTV ( Instagram TV )

At present, we can upload a 1 hour long videos on Instagram, which is best compared to a previous time limit of videos. Instagram claiming that they will be removing the time limit soon.

As same as Instagram, IGTV is also capable of monetization in multiple ways. As IGTV is new in monetizing with videos, You can give a shot to it by creating an account in IGTV.

How to create an account in IGTV?

You will get an Icon of IGTV on the Top right of your Instagram Home Feed. If not, you may need to upgrade the Instagram. 

Or else you can download IGTV app on the play store.

Once you’re in the IGTV, it will show a welcome message with log-in information. If you’re logged in your Instagram account, then you can continue using that account.

Right after you logged in, you will be watching a random video from your Instagram followers. To Create a channel, click on the gear icon and tap create channel.

That will take a brief introduction of IGTV. Click on Next on the first two pages and click on create channel on the third page.

That’s it, your IGTV channel will be automatically created with the name of your Instagram account.

You can view your channel, upload videos from your profile in IGTV & start making money from it.

I have a plus and minus point to say here.

Plus:- You don’t need to gain your followers from the starting, all your Instagram followers will be the followers of your IGTV channel.

Minus:- If You don’t have a lot of followers on Instagram, then you are in the competition to gain more followers, anyhow gaining followers on Instagram is a bit of easy process.

IGTV vs YouTube

I have seen many blogs and YouTube videos saying that IGTV will be a competition for YouTube. But I think, that’s not the case. IGTV may even help YouTubers and YouTube grow even further.

IGTV & YouTube are focused on a different audience, & they have a lot of differences between them.

YouTube plays videos Horizontally & IGTV pays vertically which is useful for Phone users. The type of Content in IGTV and YouTube is totally different.  Even the monetization style of these two platforms are totally different.

YouTube search concentrate more on the content you are searching for. Whereas IGTV search concentrates more on the creators creating the content.








Mostly, the videos you uploaded in YouTube gets consistent traffic because of their search algorithm, But in IGTV you get low traffic for your old videos as search algorithm of Instagram is set to search users but not videos. But You can get views fastly in IGTV because of the same algorithm.

When YouTubers use IGTV, It helps them to become more popular, reach more audience and gain more YouTube views. By that IGTV can indirectly help YouTube to gain more audience.

So there is no question of IGTV vs YouTube, Each has their own potential & users using both combinedly helps them to grow even further.

How to Earn Money From IGTV?

IGTV offers you many ways for monetization, directly or Indirectly you can make use of IGTV to make money online.

1.Sponsored videos

This kind of Monetization is not new to Instagram, People are doing it for years. Anyhow sponsored videos pay you lot than a sponsored posts.

Explaining the product can also become simple through videos. & also helps to attract more audience than posts.

But to monetize with sponsored videos, you need to set some instructions to yourself to maintain your Instagram account quality.

You need to only sponsor the products which you use or the products which you feel the best for your audience. Sponsoring all the trash removes the belief of the audience on your channel.

But it may not help you when you have low followers, But people who are having high followers can earn more than $1000 ( That is Rs 65000+ ) per one post.

Start monetizing with the sponsored videos

  1. To start monetizing using Sponsored videos, you should have a particular niche. So that sponsorers can contact you for promoting their product related to your niche.
  2. You need to maintain a great belief of your audience. For that, you need to be transparent and only promote the products you feel they are best & worth the price.
  3. You need to have 5,000 followers to your Insta account, to start monetizing with sponsored videos.
  4. Websites like Tribe, Influicity, Hyprbrands, Revfluence, Fame bit, Hypetap are some sites where you can find sponsorers.

2. Increase sales on your online store

When you have a new product launched in your online store, you can use IGTV to increase sales for your store. There is no need of having a website, you can use sites like Teespring, Zazzle, Shopify, Etsy etc to sell your products for free.

Most of those sites even take care of manufacturing and shipping. & the profits will be in your hands. So, you need to just promote & get more sales for your product. For that Instagram is the best place & IGTV is more than the best place.

start monetizing with increasing sales

  1. You need to have an account in an online store or you need to have your own website with an online store.
  2. Promote product using IGTV. The more followers you have, the more sales you get.

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3. Make You Brand ( Website / YouTube ) more popular.

People increase their website traffic by using YouTube. Though they both are two separate platforms, combining them & making a cross-platform promotion helps to gather more audience & also make your site & YouTube channel look like a brand.

The same can happen with the IGTV. Mixing IGTV with your website and YouTube channel helps to get more traffic to the site/channel as well as the site/channel helps to increase followers in your IGTV.

This cross-platform promotion method makes your online business like a brand and also attracts more different kind of audience over different platforms.

Start gaining Visitors by building a brand

  1. Giving teasers of your YouTube videos in IGTV helps to gain more YouTube views.
  2. Make a video version of your blog posts & increase the popularity of your website.
  3. create some thank you videos for the followers who are supporting you.

4. Affiliate Marketing by using Instagram Shoutout

Instagram gives you an amazing feature to Shoutout other’s Instagram accounts when you like the products you can Shoutout them on your Instagram as well as in IGTV. Go ahead a promote their products.

Or you can use some services like Shoutcast, to find people who pay for the shoutout on Instagram

Anyhow, You need a lot’s of followers on your Instagram to get monetized with Affiliate Marketing.

Almost in all ways of monetizing, you need a lot of followers on Instagram. You can achieve more followers by using simple tips.

How to Get more Followers on IGTV / Instagram

All Your Insta Followers are your IGTV followers. So, we can use both platforms to increase our followers on IGTV and vice-versa.

1. Select one particular Niche for your Instagram account & IGTV channel.

posting only on one single niche helps you gain more followers. People who love that niche finds your account totally useful which doesn’t post on some unrelated niches.

Also, make sure you have an awesome bio which is related to your niche. Use Hashtags in your bio and mostly your niche name should be in one of those hashtags.

2. Post & Upload videos consistently

Consistency helps to grow your followers in a way which you can’t believe. A minimum of 5+ posts and 2+ videos a week is must & stood when you want to earn from IGTV.

The more you post on Instagram and IGTV, the faster you grow your followers.

But only 5% of the total Instagram Users post 7+ posts a week. So, there is a great chance for you to leverage this opportunity and increase your followers at a high speed.

Thinking about the best time to upload posts and videos?

Morning 6 AM, 8 PM & midnight 2AM if possible. And actually, working days are a lot better than the weekends to upload posts & videos.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags for every post and video you upload.

Starting with the point, Instagram gives you the opportunity to use 30 Hashtags for your post or video.

When people search using Hashtags, they may find your Image, like it or even get followed. This looks like a dream, but actually, it happens often & your follower rate goes peak high.

Considering the competition, the Hashtags with less than 12,000 posts are less competitive & more than 100k posts can be considered highly competitive.

Instead of using all the low competitive hashtags,

Use 10 low competitive hashtags, 10 medium competitive hashtags & 10 high competitive hashtags.

Use them in the comments than in the post directly, because it looks cleaner than some messy hashtags posts.

4. Engage with followers of your niche

Big business pays money for Instagram Users to get connect with their audience. DO you know why they do so? Because it helps their business grow.

If their business grows by engaging with people, then your’s too.

In the beginning, you may not have a huge follower base, & you might have very few comments on your posts.

This is the time for you search for other people on Instagram within in niche and get connected with them and as well as with their audience.

Well by having a particular niche and posting regularly with hashtags by maintaining a good relationship between you and your followers will help your Instagram account to get more organic reach compared to any other Social Media platforms.

This is the reason why many people use Instagram, It’s Easy to get more followers & more organic reach. & Finally, the more Insta Followers you have is directly proportional to Followers of your IGTV because the followers on both platforms are the same.

Ideas to Upload Videos on IGTV

1. Series videos

Unlike YouTube, IGTV is a creator-focused platform, so making series videos makes your audience to wait for your next videos and also increases the chance of following you.

Yes, you can consider this as a tip to gain followers.

2.YouTube Video Teasers or Vertical version of the content

When even you uploaded a video on YouTube, you can use IGTV for uploading teasers of your YouTube video.

Your followers can see the teaser, which increases your YouTube views.

Or else you can upload the vertical version of your YouTube content in IGTV and earn money from both of them simultaneously.

3. Sponsored videos

Of course, you need to earn money from IGTV, & sponsored videos are the best ways to earn more money. But don’t make all your posts as sponsored, it makes your account spammy & sponsored post won’t increase your followers.

4. Behind the Scenes

Another best videos to publish in IGTV is publishing behind the scenes. Behind the scenes makes your audience to connect with more.

5. Knowledge Sharing Videos

As the orientation of the IGTV is vertical, it is best to share knowledge by talking directly and explaining step-by-step. Moreover, You just a mobile phone to shoot.

6. Experience Videos

For sharing Experiences, Instagram is the perfect place. & IGTV also has the capability to carry the same. As Instagram & IGTV  are more of a creator-friendly, experience videos work out well on the IGTV.

7. Review videos

People generally just don’t want to know about the product. Sometimes they want to know about other people’s opinions on that product.

8. Q/A Session

Answer questions asked by your followers in the comments section. Try to pick the most asked question, so that it will be helpful to many of them. As you are solving their problems, it builds your reputation. As you care about their comments, people like to interact with you. To increase engagement, ask them to comment so you can answer them.

9. Thank You videos

The audience never expect thank you videos, but they really like watching them. Moreover, this kind of videos helps your audience to stick with you.


IGTV is more likely a Tv channel that you control. Same like Tv it starts playing some video from the people he/she follows.

This is what you get in IGTV when there is a problem in a network connection.

Feeling so much like a Tv right.

Make sure many people follow your channel and you earn money from all possible ways.

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