This Affordable Search Engine Optimization Techniques will help in the domination of today’s search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let me make this clear,

This is not a lame post that states”SEO predictions 2019″

These 7 Affordable SEO techniques are proven by experts in the industry before and work even better in future.

7 Affordable Search Engine Optimization techniques 2018

One thing is crystal clear:

Google wants to give Best Search Results for users. So, they keep on updating their search algorithm.

The SEO in 2009 and now is not the same. There are drastic changes in search results because of the updated algorithms.

Google uses some techniques in their algorithm that help them to find better content and rank the pages according to them. The pages with high rank will always be on the first page of search results.

Whenever Google comes with new features and techniques to show the best search results. People have to come up with new SEO techniques to show their best in SEO ranking.

According to the present Google algorithm, these 7 techniques may help you in the race of ranking.

Let’s start with the first technique,

#1 Ranking With RankBrain

To optimize your site for this technique, you should know about Google’s RankBrain.( Wikipedia link )

Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain is the algorithm That acts as a machine learning process.

In 2005, Google stats that RankBrain is their third important factor in search engine ranking. At that time, only 15% of Rankbrain suggestions are taken into consideration. After the time evolves, The importance of RankBrain increased even more.

Source: Wikipedia

Search Engine Optimization techniques

So the question is ” What is RankBrain?”

RankBrain is a machine learning System which sorts the search results.

It may look complicated but it’s simple.

Let us take an example.

  • Let’s think that you are searching for some cooking tips on Google.Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Then You came to find this search results. You really like the 5th result and opened it.
  • WOW, you really like the content. So you started reading each and every word on that blog.
  • Now you are happy with the search result.

Google will hear from you. As you spent more time on that site, It will increase the ranking of that site.

Another case,

  • You searched for the same cooking tips and you went to the first site without even looking at it.
  • The content is horrible and you really don’t like the content and bounces back to Google.

Even now, Google will hear you.

As more number of users bounces back them it decreases the ranking of your blog.

Google analyses this by an Artificial Intelligence and that is RankBrain.

As You can see, RankBrain concentrated on two things.

  • Dwell Time
  • CTR (Click Through Rate)

Let me explain them one by one,

Dwell Time:

Dwell Time is the time users spent on your blog.

3 minutes 10 seconds is average Dwell time for top search results. If you have spent time in analyzing Google Analytics, You can say that 3minutes 10seconds is a good amount of time.

So if your users spent a lot of time on your site. Then It will increase the rank of that site. If the users bounce back immediately then it will decrease the rank of that site.

Average Bounce rate for a blog should be below 40%. Then It can be said as excellent.

41% to 55% is the average bounce rate. From 55% to 70% can be considered average. But The blog with more than 70% bounce rate is in a bad position and you have to correct them as soon as possible.

You can check your bounce rates in Google Analytics.

Ranking the site on Dwell time is so reasonable. If the users like the content they stay on that site for a long period, and if they don’t like they quickly bounce back. Now Google is using the same technique to show their search results. So that site with good content always ranks best.

CTR (Click through rate)

The Concept of Click Through rate is so simple,

The number of clicks directly implies a ranking. If clicks to your site are more in number, then you can have a high ranking. If there are fewer clicks, then you will have a very low ranking.

Just think, If there are many clicks and users really like Your site, why Google should not give your site high ranking.So your site will be on the first page. If your site has no clicks, Then why Google should not give your site low ranking. When there is no proper content then your site will have no clicks, so gives you low ranking.

That’s so convincing when Google rank their search results basing on clicks.

So you should definitely care about the CTR

Yes, because of RankBrain.

But also because of

Search Engine Optimization techniques


Search Engine Optimization techniques

Finally, The deadliest one

Search Engine Optimization techniques

These all rank top on Google, leaving many other bloggers below.

Then you have to overcome rankings to become an expert in CTR.

Finally, Dwell Time and CTR makes the algorithm of RankBrain.

So, how to overcome RankBrain.

  • Don’t use redirects
  • Make Your site’s loading fast. so you will have fewer bounce rates.
  • In-depth content
  • Related title tags, so that users will not bounce back as they can find their related content.
  • Use videos in your site, To increase the Dwell Time.
  • Using Meta tags and email marketing for high CTR 

#2 Visual Content

Visual Content generally attracts users. It also gives a clear understanding of what you are saying.

Visual Content makes users stay on your page, subscribe you, and even follow your blog regularly. Users who want more visual content are increasing day by day. Now, there are more users who want visual content than the normal one.

So that your CTR Increases, your email marketing gets better, Your dwell time also increases when users watch a video on your site.

Here visual content is divided into 3 categories.

  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Videos

Let’s Start with Infographics,


Infographics are like explaining everything in a single pic.

Most of the user wants to know the information real quick. They can’t read your blogs hours and hours.

Instead, they choose the blogs which have Infographics. Once users entered your blog, You have to attract them in sorts of ways. Blogs with Infographics are so rare, but when users came to know about your site which is having infographics included in it, they want more information from you, So that your subscription rate increases. This finally leads to high email marketing which is one of the best ways to run a blog.


Search Engine Optimization techniques
Infographic from

As You can see, This one Infographic explains a lot more information in a single pic. It can take users to read for minimum of 2 minutes if it is written in a blog.

Infographics are a quick and fun way of learning.

Let me Give another example

Search Engine Optimization techniques
Infographic from


It is overall information about Stages of SEO which is impossible to explain in written format in this fast.

There is no need of explaining “what SEO is” before explaining the stages. Because users can find all the stages very fast and can understand what it depends upon.


Infographics are used in Business, projects, presentations. so, why not use them in blogs.

Special Thanks to Pinterest, which is increasing the use of infographics day by day. When you are using infographics. Never ever forget to use Pinterest as Pinterest sends a lot of traffic to your blog.


Infographics are used for explanation.

Images are helpful to give examples.

This picture in the Infographic section is an image. I just took it as an example to show that infographics are been used everywhere.

When there is no need of Infographics in your content. Then you can go with Images which is helpful to your content.

In some cases when you are blogging about an incident, You need the pics of that incident. So that people can easily connect to your content.

You can find free Royalty images from sites like


This is the main part of the visual content.

Infographics and Images are really useful but videos are necessary. Users who need video content are increasing day by day.

At present, there are 55% who are looking for video content and 45% who are reading blogs. According to the cisco, There may be 80% of traffic for videos by 2021.

yes, that’s 80% but still, it may not satisfy the world’s demand for video.

A better solution for it:

Just go to YouTube,

YouTube is registered as the second largest searching platform after Google.

As YouTube is also owned by Google,

When you search for results in Google, There are high chances of YouTube content into Google search results.

For Example,

Search Engine Optimization techniques

And best of all is, It is easy to rank higher on YouTube than With Your Website.

Embedding videos content into blogs

Embedding videos can also increase you Dwell Time as users stay on your blog while they are watching videos. Just suppose the video is just 4 minutes. So you got a Dwell time of 4 minutes extra. Increasing of Dwell time for 4 minutes makes your site rank higher. Which ultimately leads to a high number of visitors and then high earning.

And you can even have a promoting platform to promote your blog.

People who started YouTube videos basing their blog stated that their traffic is increasing for their website day by day.

#3 Voice Search

Is voice search is the next big thing in SEO? Maybe.

The usage of Voice is Increasing and It has a brighter life in the future.

Check these facts,

  • Voice search performed in Google are 35x since 2008.  (Source)
  • 20% of all searches in mobile are voice search. (source)

So many of the smart SEO’s already started Optimizing their content.

I obey, that voice search is in a baby stage. But in a near future, it will be the revolution happen to mankind.

So how this voice search works and how to optimize it?

Tip-1 Write your blog in Question and answer manner.

Users generally voice search like asking questions

For example,

  • “How to make infographics?”
  • “what is the best diet for weight loss?”
  • “When is valentines day?” (Probably everyone knows? LOL)  etc etc

So, when you write in question and answer format, Google can find your answer for them so easily.

Tip-2: use the snippet section to say your short answer

Mostly google will reply to the answer written in the snippet section.

Source for voice search: backlinko

#4 Google’s Mobile-First Index

Google announced that they are coming with Google’s First Mobile Index.

That means Google will consider the mobile version of your site as the real version.

That makes sense, today 60% of Internet usage is through mobile and it is only going to increase in the future.

Even though Google’s mobile-first index is not live yet. It’s going to be released any time further. So, It’s better to optimize your site for this.

let’s make the Question ” what is the problem” and Answer “how to optimize it.”

Showing less content in the mobile version than desktop version is ok?

when this mobile first index got released, then it will be more problematic for them. As Google is saying that they consider the mobile version as the basic version of the site.

So, less content in the mobile version is problematic. Your mobile version of your site should be consistent with your desktop version.

So what about hiding content and expandable content?

When your site has that expandable content option. That’s ok when it is created for the user-friendly experience. When it has more content hidden then it may be considered as a slight problem.

No one exactly knows did google will also weight the content hidden. But most of the experts saying it yes, it will consider the weight.

Will that Changes the Google ranking in a big way?

No, But minimal changes can be done.

What about using m. version of your site?

It can be considered a problem. Change to normal Mobile version.

When will mobile first index be out?

Google did not announce the date but they are saying that the mobile Index is in the testing stage. But they feel like they can take months to release.

Will Google have different indexes for mobile and desktop?

Google is planning to have only one Index and that is the mobile version.

If Google has confidence in its Mobile-first index. Basically, it will be the main Index.

Or else they may go back to the desktop index.


Finally, the websites which are slow in the mobile version face a lot of problems.

Make sure your mobile version of the site works flawlessly.

#5 ON-page Search Engine Optimization and Keyword

On-page Seo and keywords are from many years and still impact a lot on your site.

You may have great content but without following on-page SEO and keywords, Your site may rank low.

Google cannot understand your content. It ranks by using Dwell Time, CTR.  So if you need high Dwell time, you should have great content. If you need high CTR, Then you have to maintain good On-page SEO and good keyword.


Using Google Adwords keyword planner will help in selecting keywords Take a related and best searchable keyword.

You can also get some idea of keywords from the Google Suggestions.

Search Engine Optimization techniques

You can also check from searches related to the section for better keywords,

Search Engine Optimization techniques

Using a hyphen before the search gives you some more ideas.

In the same way, you can check Reddit, YouTube, Bing and other search engines for better ideas.

on-page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO is really important to know when you want to write good content. There are some to be followed when writing content. And the first one of it is On-page SEO.

So, how to optimize on-page SEO?

In on-page SEO there are 6 rules Which helps in both readability

  • Your content should be easy to read. This is called as Flesch reading ease. Don’t know whether Google will analyze your content with their algorithms but definitely, users will. You can have content analysis tools to analyze this test.
  • Amount of words Following each of the sub-heading should not cross more than 300 words.
  • Paragraphs should not be too large. So that it will help you in user readability.
  • Sentences should not contain more than 20 words.
  • Do not use passive voice in your blogs.

In on-page SEO there are 6 Rules which helps in SEO.

  • You post should minimum have 300 words, so that it can rank better in Google because of the words included in it.
  • Using meta description for your posts.
  • Having inbound and outbound links in your content.
  • using images and videos.
  • Maintaining a good length of site title.
  • Having one main keyword.

You can install the Yeast SEO plugin to view scores for each of the rules.

I have listed some Blogging Mistakes here.

#6 URL Codes, Meta Description, Page Title, Image Alt Text, H1 tag, First paragraph.

Each and every above-mentioned name should contain that specific keyword.

  • URL codes should be short and have that keyword on which you are posting about.
  • Meta Description should be like a brief explanation of your blog in two sentences and should contain that specific keyword in it.
  • Page Title should definitely have that keyword and the most important one is your page title should not be too long or too short. It should maintain a specific size where users can read the whole title from google.

For example:Search Engine Optimization techniques

(Don’t care about the meta description. I still not edited.)

  • All image alt text should contain that specific keyword.
  • H1 tag, the first heading for your post should contain that keyword.
  • That keyword should be even once in the First Paragraph and as many times as possible in the whole post.

There is no need for following them 100% but that should be even 70%.

#7 Content & Links

When RankBrain is the third most important factors. The top two are Content & Links respectively. No matter how many times the algorithm changed. How many new features entered into the market like voice search, Google first index. The content and links to the most.

And always the first one is content. People come to blogs for information or entertainment. That is content and that is main.


Remember Google intention is to give users the best content.

Sometimes Good Content is not the keyword stuffed post. Yes, it does require a lot of words. But Using keywords everywhere is not so important now. Google became smart nowadays. They can rank your site higher when your content is good.

  • With good content, You can get high Dwell Time, low bounce rates.
  • and With high Dwell time, You can get high CTR
  • With Good CTR, You can get a lot of subscribers
  • A lot of subscribers directly implies a lot of traffic.
  • A lot of traffic is equal to a lot of earning.

Everything starts with good content.

Good content is not equal to a lot of content.

Writing a content which is unique and it should be useful for the users makes lots of traffic. Uploading content regularly with no information will not be useful for long-term blogging.

The relation between content and links is

Without Good content, You can never get links.

And without links, you can’t crack the first page.

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