At present, students looking to do things like learning new skills, having a part-time job & mainly getting a job or monthly income. Then I have an advice for you :

Start a Blog

You might be thinking why students should start blogging and what is the use of it, especially for students. Do u believe, there are many people who got jobs because of their blogs. Yes, you read it right, blogs are enough capable to give you a job if you have included it in the resume.

But there are way more profits than that if you start a blog when you are still a student. Here are my valid reasons why students should, mostly why you should start a blog.

10 Valid Reasons Why Students Should Start Blogging

1. Teaching solids your knowledge.

You can get only 1% of knowledge when you listen to a lecture. Later you have to read it, learn it, practice it to get more knowledge on it.  But the best way to get more knowledge is teaching. Teach to your friends or whoever needs it. With the help of teaching, you can understand the topic so clear.

And one of the best platforms where you can teach is blogging. You can help people with your information. You can share everything on your blog and people who are interested in your topic may find your blog one day.

There are 2 plus points here:

  1. You can get more knowledge by teaching and by going in-depth into it.
  2. You can help people who are really seeking for that information.

Once try to start teaching others on your favorite topic, you can know that teaching works like amazing.

2. Getting Famous Among Your Friends.

Definitely, starting a blog is not a small thing. It is like you are starting a small business which is going to be very big in future. You can express ideas and your thoughts. Many people may like them. You can get some following on FB, Twitter etc…. Definitely, these things may make you different in your class.

Send your blogs to your friends who want to read them, ask them how are you writing?
Take feedbacks from them & implement it on your blogs.

But the success of the blog takes time, you have to wait for the fruit. Once the fruit is in your hand, you can make your kind of festival. This is definitely just a small plus point but really worth mentioning.

3. You Can Start Your Own Company.

Yeh, definitely we need a job. But if there is a chance for you to start a company, you should definitely try it. Not after the studies or after quitting the job. Start it right now. I help you to do it. Blogging is like creating your brand. It can be a part-time job, low budget, work from home and finally, if you got succeeded it brings money, fame and good life.

But one thing we all have to remember is, it takes time to get succeded. Work with patience.

First select a niche which you like to think of it every day, make sure your selected niche is not highly competitive or low searchable.
I have mentioned how to select your niche in this post. Take a look at it.

Get good content regularly. Include your opinions to make it live and unique. Promote it. Wait until you have a minimum number of followers.
Minimum is just your target. Keep it like some 1000 visitors per month. Once you reached your target, start monetizing.

Create social media pages and accounts for your brand.

Select Niche- Write content regularly – Create Social media accounts – Promote – Start collecting your fans using email marketing.

Learn about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) which is one of the important factors to make your blog success.

That’s pretty much it. You have started your brand. Now just make it big day-by-day.

4. It is also useful for building your resume.

When you mention your blog in a resume. Your blog acts as your portfolio. Recruiters can find out more about you. Your blog actually makes more impact on recruiters. We may be thinking, recruiters don’t really think of all these things. Yes, that is true but there are some people who got selected because of their blog.

Mostly, I can say that, If your blog is running towards success, you won’t think about getting a job. But if you want, it will help you in some cases.

5. Investing in the blogging is affordable to students.

Blogging is one of the fields where the investment is low and returns are high one day. You can start your brand by 5,000Rs or even less.
There is no problem if you have less investment in starting stage. Even I have started a blog with less than 5,000. But promote your blog and work hard. One day you can get more money from blogging. So, that you can easily run it.

The main essential things are Buying a Domain and Hosting Plan. Never ever start a blog for free in Have your own domain and hosting plan and start in a

6. You Can Get Technical & Marketing Skills.

  1. You have to create your blog on the internet and make list for email marketing, Write content etc…etc…etc. Which brings you technical skills.

You have to promote your blog, Invest in it. Calculate your growth and plan your success which brings your marketing skills.

And when you have to write content. You have done some research on it and you also get content knowledge.

You can help people with your information.

It’s like you are having many advantages with Just blogging and that too part-time, at your place and with low investment.

7. Blogging Gives voice to your Passion.

It gives a place where you can express yourself and your views on your favorite topics, where real people read them. Even blogging makes to know your passion even more.

8. You can become a better writer.

If you are not good at writing, It’s not a problem. People need your content. Moreover blogging regularly makes you better writer day-by-day.

Because of blogging, you read some blogs every day and also write blogs regularly. Which helps your English grammar and writing abilities to increase.

You can check your writing skills now and your Writing skills after 6 months of blogging which gives a perfect example of my statement in your life.

9. Blogs invite feedback.

Once your blog gets some visitors per day they will comment on them. So that you can know what they are thinking about your blogs.

Getting feedbacks is really a helpful thing.

From now on in future, you have a place where you can get feedbacks which help you so much for understanding your audience and growing better.

10. You can earn money.

This is legendary one why many people want to start blogging. You can earn money, that is right. But you need to wait until certain traffic reaches your blog to monetize it. You have to help people, solve their problems, and a lot more before earning money.

So that one day you can get some money to buy something.

Later you can get your pocket money with it.

Later you can earn your income through it.

So we are talking about pros of blogging. Now lets me say about its cons.

  1. You should have patience.
  2. You have to work hard.
  3. you have to sacrifice your free time.

That’s it,

If you ask me what is blogging?

I will say:-
Blogging is totally like getting knowledge, learning technical and marketing skills, improving your writing skills and grammar, that too part-time and from any place with a low budget and high returns.

Now you are the only one who can decide.

Best Blogging Tip:- Start a Blog right now in Budget.


Ravi Teja KNTS
I started this website to show ways of Earning & Saving Money Techniques for Students. But later, I came to know that, most of the Techniques are useful for Everyone, just not only Students
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