There are many ways to monetize our website like ads, affiliate, membership content etc and also we don’t use only 1 method to monetize our sites. We try different methods with different techniques and try to get the best out of our site. But unfortunately, we don’t have any particular way to do so. What works for me may not be the best for you and vice-versa.

But still, we can follow a Strategy which works for almost every website out there. Monetization is something most people do but Monetizing in a particular Strategy helps to get the best out of your site.

& this Strategy is designed from the starting stage of the website to until it becomes a professional one.

Monetization Strategy

Enabling the ways of Monetization is a particular order.

Though every website has its own way to become a success, I tried to get the point why some websites are making more money and some don’t make so much, though they get traffic equally.

There will be a huge difference in earning even though those two websites are in the same niche. That’s because of a lack of building a community.

So, creating a monetization Strategy which first tries to build the audience, then tries to get paid from them will be the perfect one.

And this entire Strategy is designed with the same principle.

Remember that each and every monetization technique will not work for every niche. Try and try, if they are not for you skip them. Just build the community with your own techniques as much as you can.

Monetization Strategy for a brand new website to Professional Website

Let’s start from the 1st day of creating a website. & Yes, you need to think about the monetization and growth of the audience from day 1. It is

1.Start Building Email LIst

Though you may not make any money right away, it is one of the best ways for monetization. Though it takes time to build, it will create your audience base and also gives their contact information to you.

So you can reach out to them whenever you want. But never ever spam and spoil your audience base.

Moreover, not building an email list is like loosing out an opportunity to make money. So try to build the list from the day you started the website.

Services to build the email list

MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit or Active Campaign are some services most people use.

MailChimp is Free until your subscriber base exceeds 2000.

The process of building an Email list

1.Setup your Email Management system like MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit or Active Campaign.

2. Create opt-in forms or Landing pages for your website. So that people can fill the form and get into the list.

3. Give the Audience the reason to subscribe you.

4. Provide extra valuable content especially for them.

5. Promote your landing pages as much as possible

6. Send emails with good content consistently.

7. Invite people you know to join that list.

Remember that email Marketing is the starting of building a community.

2. Write E-book and publish on Amazon Kindle

Writing an E-book in this early stage of Blogging may not look normal. Generally, people start their monetization with ads and affiliate. But there will be less traffic which makes no sense. Moreover, ads spoil the user interaction of your website which you don’t need at that starting stages.

So, try out writing an E-book and publish on Amazon Kindle. Provide good content with searchable heading and Amazon will take care of the entire SEO thing.

Even this may not make money right away but gives you Income throughout the journey of your success. It also helps to make your site popular.

Use banners on your site about the E-book and link to Amazon. A site with their own E-book ad makes that site look like a huge site.

It also helps you increase your Email list.

Services to publish your E-book

Amazon is undoubtedly the best service which is the world’s second highest website in terms of traffic.

The process to write an E-book

1. Try to find a topic which there are fewer E-books on Amazon.

2. Take time, do your research and create your blueprint by creating the list of points you want to mention in that E-books.

3. Write the book.

4. Review the book yourself and rewrite it until you are satisfied.

5. Add the cover which makes sense and also which attracts the audience.

6. Give E-book to friends and improve before publishing it.

7. Add a good searchable title.

& you are done with it. Now your E-book is on Amazon. Now you need to promote that e-book as much as you can.

Write articles around the topic of that e-book and link to it, Use banners of that e-book on your site and send the link of the e-book to all the people you know and promote about it on social media.

As said before, you may not see money right away, but it is a passive income and you will be getting paid even years after that.

3. Start Servicing with help of “Hire me” Page.

No matter what everyone needs help from others in something they can’t do on their own. So start servicing to people with help of the website and maintain the lowest rate possible for the service.

With this, you not only make some amount but also you can get in touch with your audience.

This kind of monetizing Strategy from the starting stage will be the biggest advantage for any website after years.

The Process to start Servicing

1. You can start a “Hire me” page where you can describe your talents and also the amount you charge for service.

2.Charge as low as possible, so that it can reach more people

3. Similarly, promote the page on social media.

4. You could receive a call 1 day asking for the service.

5. Provide your best for the service.

6. Ask them feedback and correct them if there are any complaints.

7. Post their feedback on the services page for people to understand your service.

4.Consulting & Courses

As a blogger, you have knowledge of something more than many people. Start trying out courses. Create a landing page, so that people can sign up for the course. You can also build your email list with the help of it.

Use services like Skillshare to upload your course or you can just write courses and send them through email. It’s all depends on the niche and best mode of communication for that particular niche.

With the help of these courses, you can make some penny out of them as well as increase your audience base.

Services to conduct courses

Youtube, Skillshare, and Udemy work absolutely fine. You can also use email services if you have decided to conduct written courses.

Procedure to monetize by courses

1. Create an account on Youtube, SkillShare or Udemy. (which are best to upload classes)

2. Record your course video and upload it.

3.Set the fee amount if anyone wants to watch your content. Better start with YouTube, so you can even get money without someone needs to pay for your course.

4. You will get paid when someone watches your content.

5. Ads

Here comes the most famous method of monetization.

I suggest you do not enable ads on your website until it reaches the traffic of 10,000 visitors per month. With these many visitors a month, you have a high chance from Google to accept your request for the Adsense.

The best part about monetizing with ads is, once you have done with set up, there is nothing else to do.

Google will show ads on your website and you will get paid by Google.

Services for enabling ads on your website

There are many ad services like AdThrive etc. but for a website with around 10,000 Visitors, Google does it’s best and for free.

Besides that Propeller ads, Revenue Hits are some services which work fine. But you need to get approval from any ad networks.


Affiliates is another most popular way of monetization. Similarly, like ads, once you have done a setup, there is nothing else to do.

Affiliate marketing is simple. You will create your affiliate account in some service. For suppose, if that affiliate service is Amazon. You will create an account in Amazon affiliate service. So that you can select any product from Amazon and create an Affiliate link. Insert that link in your content. That link will direct people from your website to that product page on Amazon. When even anyone buys from your Affiliate link. You will get your commission.

Services for affiliate marketing

Amazon is so much popular in the monetization of affiliate marketing.

ClickBank, Commission Factory, are some other popular affiliate services.

click here to find more affiliate services.

7. Drop Shipping

This type of monetization is different from previous monetizations methods. Because you can make money from ads, affiliates or E-book selling without having a community.

But it hard to make sales using drop shipping. Because people need to invest their money directly to your site, which most people don’t try to do with an unknown site.

With the help of Social Media, email marketing etc you should create a community. You can also start a private forum where people can log-in for free. Building trust in your community is the second main thing to go. Keep in touch with them on social media. Reply to their comments etc. Get as close as possible.

So that when there is a section of people who have trust in you. A number of people can see your site as a trusted one. So you could make some sales with the help of Dropshipping.

How DropShipping Works

Though you sell goods on your own site, you don’t need to invest in Goods.

You can find some DropShipping services on the Internet. Then you can select any product and upload on your website as your own goods.

When anyone buys from your website. You will send the product and address details to the drop shipping service. They will take care about the product shipping and everything.

Just not only uploading the product on your website, But You also have some other benefits like own pricing, own description etc.

Comparing to Affiliates, Drop Shipping is the best way to make more amount. But you need to have a loyal base who had trust to buy from your website.

8. Enable Guest Posting

You can always allow someone to post something useful on your website. You can get the content and author will get backlinks to his website.

When your website has more traffic, you can charge for writing on your website & people will not have any problem with it as your website worth it.

9. Offer Writing Gigs

When you have a good name in your niche. People want you to write on their website, they will be willing to pay you for writing on their website.

Services for writing Gigs

Upwork and Freelancer are famous websites for you start writing Gigs.

10. E-Commerce website

E-commerce website looks similar to a drop shipping website, But you need to buy your own goods. Transporting products to customer is also your job.

Unlike drop shipping, you can create your own goods and maintain your business standards. Once your website becomes an E-commerce website. You can say your self as an Entrepreneur more than a Blogger.

There are services like E-kart in India which helps you to transport the product to the customers with delivery charges.

11. Sell Ad Spaces

Unlike Ads, Ad spaces are cleaner and the best way to show ads on your website. Select any place on your website to show ad.

Then select the size of the ad you want to post on.

Create a post about the details and promote it. When any company wants to show the ad on your website, they will pay you to show their ad on that ad space.

You can create your own photo and upload it linking to their website.

As everything is in your own hands, you can make your ad as clean as possible. Also, you will be paid more by selling Ad spaces than showing ads by ad services.

12.Digital tools, Softwares, Apps etc.

Create useful tools, software, apps under your company which will be useful for the people in your niche. Similar to a website, you can monetize software and apps in their own way.

By creating different software and apps, you have something more than a website which is helping people as well as making you some money for all your efforts.

You can contact anyone from Freelancer or Upwork to create such digital tools.

13. Sponsored post

When any company pays you, you will create an ad space on your website. Similarly, when any company pays you for a post, then make a post about their product.

The most important thing about the sponsored post is, never ever write a positive review just to make some money. Your audience will lose their money believing in you.

Accept only for the products which are really good and helpful for the audience. Making money may be our goal, not in the case of spoiling the audience base and their trust in you.

14. Premium / Membership Content

When your content is good and most people are eagerly waiting for your content. Then you can create premium content for which your audience need to pay some amount to join the membership.

But you should also think about does this premium content will be more helpful to your audience.

As your audience will be satisfied with that paid membership.

When you feel it is more helpful and also worthy for the amount, you can start this premium content type of monetization.

15. Paid private forum

We can see forums in every niche. But some forums are private and not accessible to everyone. Those are membership forums which admin needs to accept their request to join the forum.

When you have a huge audience base, then you can start a paid private forum, in which people need to pay to join in that membership forum.

As it is paid membership, you should also take an extra effort to maintain that forum and also respond to the people very often.

16. Accept Donations From Visitors

Some don’t want to charge for their information products. So you can ask people for the donations for your efforts. If people want more information from you, they will be willing to pay for you.

so that all the work and time you invested in gathering information and creating content will pay off.



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