As bloggers or content creators, there will be times we will be in a situation where we have time to write a blog post but we don’t have an idea on what to write about. Our brain is in a blocked state and doesn’t pop-up any cool Ideas.

But we have some easy ways to brainstorm blog post Ideas.

Easy Ways to Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas

Here are — easy ways to brainstorm blog post ideas instantly.

1. Checking our old posts

Actually, the solution for blog post Ideas will be in your own site. Reading all your previous blog posts will solve the problem most of the times. You need to check the points you mentioned in your old blog posts. You may find some point or a subheading which you can expand and write. Collect all the possible information about that point. After you have something to write about with all that information.

There is an extra benefit waiting for you if you follow this method. When you write an expanded version of any point from your old post, you can link your new post to the old one. So that you can get an internal backlink from your old post to new post. Another advantage of this backlink is, it is situated in the perfect position where many people may click.

2. Writing a series of posts

Instead of searching for Blog posts each and every time. Write a series of posts. This is what I mean.

For suppose, if you are in a food recipe niche,
You can write a series of posts for recipes with eggs. Or you can write a series of posts on making different kinds of chicken.

By following this method, you can have good search engine optimization for your blog because of concentrating on a specific micro niche.  As well as you are free of searching topic ideas every time.

But when you feel, you have completed everything on that micro niche. You have enough freedom to start a new series posts in your niche.

3. Gathering Ideas from Audience

The whole point of blogging is helping the audience with information. So why not to ask them what they want. Definitely, you can know the questions of your audience from comment sections of your posts. But there are more ways for you to reach the audience and know what they want.

Firstly, you should know who your audience is and where they will be on the Internet. So that you can find them and know what they are looking for.

1.  Forums

Forums are the best place to find the audience as well as their questions. You can search on Google to find forums related to your niche. Just type “your niche” + “forum” in Google, so that you can find some forum related to your niche.

Forums are the places where your audience come to ask their questions. You could definitely find good questions where you can write a big blog post. You can answer them in the forum including your blog post URL so that you can get good traffic as forums are referred by many audiences to find answers to their questions.

If you found any question which you already wrote a Blog post. Just answer them included your URL.

2.Quora and Reddit

Quora and Reddit are simple forums which don’t have any specific niche and have a huge audience base. You can find many questions on Quora related to your niche. And you can find subreddits for any niche in Reddit. In subreddits, you can find what other people are talking about and write a blog post on the topics they are talking about.

You can write answers in Quora and Reddit. So that you can get traffic from them.

3. Create a Page on your site where your audience can ask questions

This is just one-time work and you can get the results from it throughout the journey. Secondly, there is a great advantage that people who ask from that page may want to know the answer from you especially.

Moreover, such activities make you closer to your audience.

4. Comment section from your competitor’s blog post.

Comment section from your blog is a common way to get blog post ideas. Why not go to your competitors and search their comments section for questions.

These are questions are more special as they are your competitor’s traffic. You need to attract them to use your site. And perform all possible ways to do it. & Make blog posts from the competitor’s comments section is definitely a good way.

5. Start an email campaign to solve your audience questions

When you start an email campaign, mostly you receive questions which are too small to clear. Clear them off in the mails. It will help to get closer to the audience. Sometimes you will hit a bullseye, you may get a question from the audience where you can write a good blog post.

4. Using some sites to Brainstorm Ideas.

There are some sites where you can get ideas to write blog posts. And from all of them, there are some sites I am listing here which are good.

1.Answer the Public

When you just enter any word from your niche. This site will automatically pop-up some random questions related to that topic.
All the questions from this site will be sorted into different sections named questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabets, related.

Take a look at that site. This is the easiest way to get ideas to write a blog post.

2. Google Correlate

Google Correlate is one of the underrated sites and it is not so much popular. But unfortunately, it will be useful for us. You need to enter any of the words in your niche and it will give you a feedback with some words which are not shown with any keyword tools.

These words are so minorly connected to each other and may give you an idea for you to write a blog post.

3. Google

Type a word from your niche and do not press enter. Google shows you suggestions of what people are searching more for that keyword. Then click enter and come down to the page bottom where you can find a list of related searches.
If you can’t find any proper post to write then select one among the related searches and come down to the related searches section.
Now you can see a different list with different searches.
Rinse this process until you get an Idea to write a blog post.

5. Create a list of Ideas at Once

Creating a list of Ideas at once is better because you don’t need to search for Ideas every time. Secondly, most time will be saved because, when you search for Ideas you can find many, but ultimately you will use one and continue with it.

Instead, try to create a list at once. So next time you will come to write the next post from the list. All you need to do is to do a little research before writing.

6. Write your competitors most popular content

Checkout Buzzsumo

Where you can see your competitors most popular content and most shared content on social media. Create posts on the same topics because those topics are something which most people want to share & it’s ok to have one post on your blog too.

When you search for any specific keyword, you can find new competitors for you and check their most shared content. With this process, you can go on and create new content every time.

7. Write content which your competitors are not talking about

We will have some ideas to write which no one on the Internet wrote about but we will never care and thinks that no one is going to search about such topics. But actually, you need to write such topics because you will be ranking fastly and you will also rank higher.

You can get Ideas like that instantly, but whenever you see such questions about which there are no perfect posts on the Google. Go and write them. off. Or write such questions in a separate list whenever you encounter a question which has no perfect result on the Google.

8. Check your backlinks

Check out from which posts you have got backlinks. There are high chances for you to create a similar post like that. Because mostly that post will be related to your niche. & you will also have that chance to link your new post to old post which you have got a backlink.

Not all the posts may be perfect for you write but some of them are the one you are waiting to write about.

9.Think about what you have learned before

It is a bit harder but the most successful one. You need to think hard about the posts you searched before. Once else you could simply go to your history.

Here’s the point.
You should only search for the post which you are too worried to know about. There is a time when you don’t know anything about your niche. And you will search the Google to know something about it.

You need to think about such questions which you have searched in the past.

10.Upgrade Your old content

When you don’t have any Idea to write about even after trying all these ways, Through everything aside and open your old blog posts and start upgrading them. Correct them, add more info to them, expand them, link them to other posts, etc.

You have a lot of work to do in your old posts. May be it’s time for recorrection for your posts.



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