At some point, you may be bored and the only question running through your mind is

I’m bored what should I do on the internet?

Then you came to the correct place to solve that problem. Here I have listed 7 amazing websites to waste time. so, without wasting your time. Let’s start the list of Amazing websites for wasting time on Internet successfully.

7 Amazing Websites to Waste time on Internet when bored


Madeon is a website where you can create music by just clicking the buttons on the screen. This may sound normal but the music sounds great.

feeling bored 1

There are 3 categories of buttons Blue, Green and Red according to the type of sound they create. When you selected a button it creates a loop of the sound. Each button has Individual sound.

You can select 5 buttons at a time:- 3 Green, 1 Blue & 1 Red

So, 5 different kinds of sound loops create a new music. You can deselect any of them and select another sound at any time.

Music sounds great and it is really an awesome website to time pass.

Bring your Music skills out.

Link:- Madeon


2.Independence Day My Street

This website is directly linked to Google Maps. It asks you to enter an address. After entering, it will take you to that location like Google streets format. feeling bored

But it will show your location like this,

feeling bored 4

Similar to google streets, You can rotate and check the 360-degree view of your location.

But the only problem is, It cannot show many locations. Only a few are available.feeling bored 4

Try Independence day my street for your street.

Link:- Independence Day My Street



This website is a real father of windows OS. It is a web-based Operating System. Almost like a spoof for windows 95 OS.

feeling bored 6


You can find

  • windows 95 3d arts
  • screensavers
  • games of that OS.
  • access many programs.
  • Unlimited timepass

Even you can use this as your daily Operating system.

feeling bored 7

Take a look at that Website OS



4.Hacker Typer / Geek Typer

Hacker Typer is helpful to you for fooling your friends, family etc.

This site has a hacking style of interface and whatever you may type on the keyboard, It will show you only the pre-installed text.

feeling bored 8

Then if you press alt, It shows access granted in a hacker interface.

feeling bored 8

Geek Typer is next level to hacker typer.

They have many themes for you to select a different kind of hacking Interface.

feeling bored 8

one of the theme

feeling bored 8

It has some more features than hacker typer,

feeling bored 8

Press shift for Access Granted and

Enter for Access Denied.

Link:- Hacker Typer

Link:-Geek Typer



A website that can destroy all websites.

Sounds weird but its interesting. Actually, It does not really destroy websites but it can destroy the interface of websites.

feeling bored 14

Drag that kick ass button to your bookmarks.

Open another site. For example, I am taking YouTube.

This is normal youtube site with the dark theme.

Then click that kickass button bookmark.

This curser will be appearing on screen.feeling bored 14

You can start your game. Use arrow marks to move and spacebar to fire.

Destroy as much as possible. You can even get the score.

And this the youtube site after one minute of gaming.

feeling bored 14

Try this with different websites.

You can even try on my website.



6.Wayback Machine.

With this website, you access many websites even the previous versions.

feeling bored 18

In the search bar, search the website you desire to see the previous versions.

For example, YouTube in my case.

You can see the timeline and select the year.

feeling bored 18


I am selecting 2005 here as it is Wayback from now.
Select the date in the calendar section.
I am selecting 2nd nov.
So now I am looking at on 2nd Nov 2005.


feeling bored 18

This is 13 years back version of youtube.
You can check many websites with the help of Wayback Machine.  If you have a website take a look over it for your site. It’s definitely one of the best ways to waste time on internet when bored.

Link:-Wayback Machine


7.The Useless Web

It’s a giant. The best way to time pass.

It has many useless websites in it. It’s not just one website. It is a combination of many Amazing Websites to waste time.

feeling bored 20

Now, press that Please button.
It will take you to useless websites randomly.
There are Hundreds of useless websites included in it.

Some websites are exiting like this

But some are really total waste like this

It’s really one of the Amazing websites to waste time on the Internet when you are bored.

Link:- The Useless Web


Hope you like these,
Comment your favorite website.


Bonus site:- Draw A Stickman

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