We want our site to get good organic traffic. So that we need to optimize our site for SEO. One of the best On-Site SEO techniques is fast loading page.kjudvs

So that, we need to compress images on our site to make web pages fast.

We can do that by using Photoshop or some photo editing tools. But, optimizing every image is a lot of work.

some plug-ins help you to optimize images automatically.

These plug-ins compress the size of the image and display the smaller version size image on your website.

3 best plug-ins to Compress Images on WordPress

Here are 3 plug-ins to compress images which many people use.

  1.  reSmush.it
  2. WP Smush
  3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Now let’s jump in and check their features and their results for both JPEG & PNG. So, that you can install the plug-in which is useful for you.

Starting with reSmush.it


reSmush.it optimizes images right after you uploaded the image. It also has an option to optimize your old images in bulk. You can exclude any image from compression if you want to add a full image.

You have to use reSmush API to use reSmush.it. Once you have installed, you can set the optimization level. The compressed image looks good & clear.

When I tried compressing a 112kb JPEG image file, It compressed to 75kb saving nearly 30%.

When I tried compressing a 124kb PNG image file, it Compressed to 55kb saving nearly 55%.

WP Smush

WP Smush is one of the best plug-ins available for WordPress. In fact, I use WP Smush for this site to optimize Images.

It compresses Images right after you uploaded it. It can even compress old images in bulk up to 50. Later you can select the remaining old images and compress them.

In the free version, there is no need to

It compresses your Image file to most reasonable size. Compressed Image looks better than reSmush.it and even ShortPixel Image Optimizer.

When I tried compressing a 112kb JPEG image file, It compressed to 96kb saving nearly 10%.

When I tried compressing a 124kb PNG image file, It compresses to 104kb saving nearly 10%.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel is another plug-in to compress Images which most people use and also suggest.

I never used this plug-in before. But when I tried yesterday to check the compression details, I found it good and has more features.

I especially like the comparison feature between the original and compressed Image.

But, the only problem is, in the free version, it only allows 100 images to compress. If you are willing to compress more than that, you need to go for the paid version.

When I tried compressing a 112kb JPEG image file, It compressed to 88kb saving nearly 20%.

When I tried compressing a 124kb PNG image file, it compressed to 51kb saving nearly 55%.

It saved more space comparing to reSmush.it & WP Smush, but the quality of the Image is OK.

Here is a quick table of the JPEG image compression details

Plug-inImage SizeCompressed SizeCompression PercentCompressed Image Quality
WP Smush112kb96kb10%Excellent
ShortPixel Image Compression112kb88kb20%Good

Here is a quick table of PNG image compression details.

Plug-inImage SizeCompressed SizeCompression PercentCompressed Image Quality
WP Smush124kb104kb10%Excellent
ShortPixel Image Optimization124kb51kb55%Good


which plug-in should you prefer for image compression?

If you are willing to pay for Image Optimization, then you can prefer ShortPixel Image Optimization which is best in compression and also gives you a better and clear image. ShortPixel Image Optimization also has many features like comparing original and compressed image.

If you are willing to have a plug-in which compresses the image to the full extent and saves a lot of space and makes your site more speed, you need to check reSmush.it.

If you want to compress images, but you need to have a clear and good image, you should prefer WP Smush. Anyhow, If you have an image which is more than the maximum size, it decreases it to as down as possible.


All these plug-ins are really good and it is according to your need for which one to install.
For better Image quality, You can install WP Smush. For better compression, you can install resmush.it. If you are willing to pay, then you can install ShortPixel Image Optimization which has better compression and also has better image quality with multiple features.

I use WP Smush because I provide tutorials and people need Images to understand and move forward.


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