Many On The Internet Repeatedly saying What to do When You Are Starting A Blog or Website. Even Though You Keep Following On That. There Are Some Serious Mistakes You May Be Doing That Effects Your Long-Term Journey In Blogging.So I Want To List The Basic Blogging Mistakes. So, Here Are My 10 Horrible Mistakes Beginners Basically Do.

When We Talk About Starting A Blog, The Foremost Thing Is To select Your Niche.

Mistake No-1: Choosing the Wrong Niche  

Most Of The People Start Doing Mistake In The very First Stage Of Blogging. This Mistake cannot be Covered Any Time In Future. People Generally Don’t Work A Lot About Choosing The Niche. Doing Some Internet Research And Selecting A Niche Which Gets More Money Will Create A lot Of Problem. The Reason Is You Have To Work On Your Blog For Years. You Have To Talk About It Daily. You Need To Gather A Lot Of Information. Starting With A Niche Which You Are Not Interested In Will Eventually Make You Quit Blogging.

Solution: Do some Paperwork Before Selecting Your Niche

So, What You Have To Do Is Take A Pen And Paper And Write Down 5-6 Topics You Like Most. Then Try To Strike Them Off One By One Leaving 3 Topics. Now In Those 3 Topics Check In Which You Can Write More Content. The One Which You Can Write More Content Is The Best Niche You can Probably Select.

But Make Sure That Your Niche Has Minimum Number Of Visitors Online. Choosing A Niche That Doesn’t Have Visitors Can Also Become A Big Mistake.

Mistake No-2: Spending Days On Choosing A Perfect Domain Name.

Selecting A Perfect Domain Name Is Good but It Is Not As Good As Spending Days To Choose One. Traffic Comes To Your Blog For Good Content And Perfect SEO. There Is Nothing To Do With Domain Name When It Comes To Traffic. Search Engines Don’t Rank You For Your Domain Name. Search Engines Rank You For Your SEO And Content.

Solution: Taking A Step Forward

Stop Keep On Thinking About The Domain Name And Start Thinking About The Content, The Posts You Want To Publish, Selecting Different Topics In Your Niche. If Your Desired Domain Is Not Available Then Go For The Other One As Fast As Possible. I Have Seen Many People On The Internet Saying That They Have Done That Because They Have Thought That domain Means A Lot. If Your Domain Is Not Available Or It Is More Of Cost. Don’t Worry We Have Many Other Domains For Getting Started.

Mistake No-3: Don’t Start With A Free Blogging Site

The Blog Which Is Started For Free Is Never Equal To The Blog Which You Have Hosted With Your Own Money. They Don’t Rank Good On Search Engines. You Will Get Stuck To Limiter Number Of Options. Even Though You Later Moved To A Paid Hosting. You Will Miss All Your Owned Unique Visitors As Your Domain Name Is Changed.

Solution: Invest In Your Self

I Know That Some Times It Is Hard To Invest And Start. But Starting A Blog With Free Blogging Sites Makes No Use And Finally Result In The Waste Of Time.But If You Are Interested In Checking Your Blogging Skills Then It Is The Best Place You Can Go. Make Practice On That Before You Invest. Other Than The Experience You Won’t Really Get Profits From Them.

Anyhow, More Than 50% Of WordPress Sites Are Running WIth Free hosting Service.

Mistake No-4: Choosing the Wrong Platform

Choosing The Website Building Platforms That Has Low Options And No plugins. Many Platforms Don’t Have Required No Of features And You May Get Struck In The Middle With No Features To Move Forward.

Solution: Go With The It Has Many Features And Themes. 

Mistake No-5:  Trying To Write Like Professional

Some By Knowingly Some By Unknowingly Try To Write Their Blogs In A Professional Way. They Try So Hard To Do But It Really Distracts From What They Want To Say. Even Many Readers Feel Reading A Blog Written in Professional Manner A Bit Uncomfortable. Try To Be Professional in Gathering Content Than  Trying To Talk Like A Professional.

Solution: Write Like You Talk

Be Free And Express Your Audience In A Way You talk Than Being Stucked And Writing Like A Professional. Even Many Audiences want  You To Be Free And Express Your Views In General Talkative Manner.

Mistake No-6: Forgetting Social Media And Promoting.

Many Newbies Usually Forget Social Media And Promoting. Some Think That They Don’t Need to Promote In that Starting Stage.  But No, You Have To Start From The Starting Stage Even On The Day 1. Mostly You Need High Promotions At That Starting Stage That Later.

Solution: Simply Don’t Forget To Promote Your Site On Social media.

Mostly Never Underestimate The Relation Between Blogs And Pinterest. If You’re Not Using Pinterest Make Sure You Open A New Account And Start Promoting.

There Is A Lot Of Traffic Travelling There.

Mistake No-7: Plagiarism

Copying The Content From One’s Site And Pasting On Yours. I Heard Many Saying It Has A old School Technique. Yes, That Is. That Won’t workout Anymore. Google Won’t Rank You For Such Content. Anyway, your Readers Can Easily Find Out Whether It Is Copied Or Nor. As you Start To Speak Different than normal. Even Google Blocks The Site If They Conformed.

Solution: Give An Alternative Way

Don’t Steal The Content Instead Do research from Them And Gain The Knowledge. Later You Can Say Your Own Opinion In Your Own Style Of Language.

Mistake No-8: Forgetting Re-editing

Not Only Newbies Every One Who is Even A Expert In Blogging Also Makes Mistakes Some Times. Or They May Not get As Perfect As They Thought.

So Re-editing Is Compulsory For Everyone To Make Their Content Better With Fewer Mistakes.

Solution: Spare Some Time In Re-editing.

It’s Not Completed When You Completed Typing Your Post. Edit Your Post Again And Again For Even 15 Mins And Correct Them.

Mistake No-9: Trying To Be So Perfect

Deleting Many Posts Just Because They Are Not So perfect. But The Truth Is There Are No Posts Called To be Perfect. Each And Every Post Has Some Drawback. No One Is Going To think Anything When You Posted Something Wrong Or With Some Spelling Mistakes. but Make Sure You Are Overcoming Them Day-By-Day.

Solution: Instead Of Deleting Them Edit them And Make Fewer Mistakes As Possible As Much.

Mistake No-10: Giving Up Blogging

Blogging Needs Patience Because sometimes it Takes More Time To Get Succeed. Or You May Be Facing Many Problems Than Expected

Solution: Be Patience and improve your ability step by step

Because Blogging Makes You money At Some Time In Your Future.










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