Want to make money online in the easiest way? Then you are probably looking to make money from the survey sites. You just need to sign up and answer a few questions asked in surveys & you will get paid for that. The best part is, surveys are so easy and answering them is just as simple as drinking water.

Here are some example questions from the surveys.

  1. Do you prefer the Tea/ Cool drink?
  2. Do you have brothers or sisters?
  3. How much you rate for Redmi Note 7?
  4. Do you use more than 2 phones?

Another best part about surveys is, you will be asked only the questions which are related to you. So you don’t get any questions which you don’t even know about.

What are Survey Sites?

You might be thinking that why someone pays you for answering such easy questions? But these questions are so much useful to some companies and they spent a lot on these surveys.

Companies may want to know what customers are thinking about their products, or they need to know what people want from their future projects. The best way to know is by asking people directly.

So they conduct a survey on some survey sites to get in contact with their customers. They pay money to those survey sites to conduct surveys & these survey sites will pay you once you completed the survey. By conducting these surveys, many companies save lots of money by not investing in the projects which are not interested & also make money by giving what customers are expecting.

So surveys will be helpful to companies and also to people answering them.

Remember that, survey sites are useful to make extra cash, you can totally depend on them. As they take very less time and also very easy to answer, you can answer them when watching TV , Travelling in Bus, or having Fun with friends. 

Global Test Market

Global Test Market is one of the world’s leading survey site started in 1999 and running successfully until today. They have been in this field for a very long time and became one of the most trustable survey sites.

Global test Market has more than 5.5 million users and that number is still increasing. Having those many users itself says that it is a really legit site one could work with no fear of scam.

Moreover, Global test Market is free for everyone.

QuickTip: Never pay to join in any Survey site, all the legit ones are free. 

How to Make Money from the Global Test Market Survey

After the sign-up, you need to provide your details to Global Test Market like country, date of birth, male/female, profession/student etc. So that you will receive surveys related to you.

More number of surveys you complete, the more you earn.

How often you will get surveys from Global Test Market?

Global Test Market also has a name for providing many surveys. Anyhow that depends on your age, marital status, education, etc because Global Test Market sends you the surveys which are related to you. But you can expect a minimum of 1 to 4 surveys every day.

Each Survey may take around 5 – 25 mins and you will get paid according to the length and urgency of the survey.

How much you will get paid from Global Test Market?

Payment For Each Survey

Every Survey doesn’t pay you equally. You will be according to the length and urgency of the survey. Also, you will get paid more for a survey which is more specific.

For an example, a survey for all people who are 18+ will pay you less than a more specific survey like a survey for engineering students studying CSE.

Global Test Market pays you in points called Life Points and then you can convert them into cash while redeeming. You will get paid between 35 – 250 points for each survey. The most survey will give you 35 – 60 points and some surveys will give you more up to 250 points.

Which you can redeem into cash when you reached 806 points into $10 which equals Rs 710. You can easily earn 806 points by completing 10 – 25 surveys

And the average survey will be around 10 mins. Which implies 100 – 250 mins to complete 10 – 25 surveys to earn 806 points.

We have 2 problems here:-

  1. You will not get as many surveys to complete and make money. You need to wait for the survey, so your earning potential will be limited.
  2. Not all survey will give you life points, some surveys give you Sweepstakes, which helps you win the contest when you are the lucky one to get selected or else all your sweepstakes will become useless. But when you win the contest you can hit a lottery.

Payment For Month

It totally depends on how many surveys you complete and your profile. On average, you can make around Rs 2,000 every month by spending 15 mins of free time every day.

Payment options

Global Test Market has 3 ways

  1. Paypal
  2. GiftCards
  3. Unicef Charity Donation


Pro’s of Global Test Market Surveys

  1. Easy to Use: Most people like Global Test Market because it is easy to use and also looks simple with no overcrowded options.
    The points system in the GTM is also easy to understand and redeem.
  2. Good Amount of Payment: Comparing to many other survey sites, GTM is one of the best paying survey sites. In fact, this is the most important positive point for any survey site to join.
  3. Many Surveys: GTM offers many surveys to the users comparing to many other survey sites. This is also one of the reasons why you can earn more from the Global Test Market.
  4. Sweepstakes: Sweepstakes are something, you could mention as a plus point or a minus point. Sometimes you get Sweepstakes as a reward for surveys instead of points. You can redeem points into cash. But with sweepstakes, you can participate in the content where you can earn some much more if you win

Con’s of Global Test Market Surveys

  1. Sweepstakes: Sweepstakes are best when you are the winner. But there are thousands of users who are participating. When you are not in that 105 lucky winners, all your sweepstakes will be useless and your hard work of completing many surveys goes in vain.
  2. Don’t have any other method of earning: Many other survey sites also offer other methods of earning like watching ads, playing games etc. but Global Test Market strictly concentrated only on the survey. Maybe this is the reason, the site looks so easy to understand.
  3. Poor Customer Care: Having more than 5.5 million users, they could not respond to customers properly and you can find this as the main customer complaint in many reviews.
  4. Unable to Qualify the Questionnaire: When you start the survey, Sometimes you receive some questions to test that the survey is perfect for you or not.
    If you don’t match their needs, the survey will close automatically saying that you are screened out.

How to get started with Global Test Market

Head over to Global Test Market,  You can see a form beside video explaining how paid surveys work. Fill out the form click ” Get Started ”

You can see another form asking many of your details. This will be helpful to Global Test Market to send surveys related to you. Click on submit and confirm your E-mail address.

Now you can log-in to account. You can receive surveys now right in the home page and also get notifications in E-mail. To get more accurate surveys related to you, fill out the profile surveys on the home page and you can even update them any time.

Above the profile surveys, you can find the surveys available for you. You can either search for a random survey or start a survey given to you.

Tips to earn more money from Global Test Market

  1.  Join other surveys along with Global Test Market, so you can make even more and always have a hand full of surveys in your hand. So, you can answer them when you are free.
  2. Use a separate E-mail account, so when you get notified, you will not miss them and also survey emails don’t mix-up with your main E-mails
  3. Redeem points when you reached the limit. It’s better to redeem points into cash because points will be deleted after 3 years from the added date. Points will also get deleted when you don’t use the account for 1 year.

Final Words

Global Test Market is really the best and legit survey website. When you want to make extra money from the survey sites, you can definitely prefer Global Test Market.

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