If you are willing to make money as a student. First of all, appreciate yourself, working while studying is really one of the best things a student can think off.

But when you search for how can you make money on the internet, you find stuff like survey sites, PTC sites, Apps for Paytm cash, Selling old textbooks, etc. They are legit, even I too recommend them.

They are best for making some extra pocket money.

But if you are looking for ways which have longterm & high earning potential. You definitely need to make a step forward.

How much do you think, you gonna make money from selling textbooks? You need to think about something like starting a business, but I know that you are a student and definitely could not afford a huge investment. And I also know that you are busy with your studies and could not invest more time for what you are going to start.

So, I decided to list out ways for students in India where you can earn a reasonable amount of money every month and also which are time and budget friendly. Even some of the ways are possible without any investment.

So let’s dive in.

40 Ways to Make Money for Students in India [ High Earning ]

A small Disclaimer, as they were High Earning Ways, You can already say that they are not easy money making processes. 

If you are looking for some instant & easy money making ways for students, then check out these articles:

1. Start Blogging ( Website ) & Vlogging ( YouTube )

Sorry for Starting with the too obvious one. But I could not mention any other way before mentioning these.

When you ask me ” How I can make more money with less investment? ” Then I will say blogging and vlogging without any second thought.


Because of 3 reasons.

  1. The investment is too low, anyone can start with a little bit of effort.
  2. The scope of income is soo high. You can make more than a normal job.
  3. You can select the topic which you are interested in & work on that.


Blogging is like helping people with your information. But you need to get a website to start blogging. These days you don’t need any knowledge of coding.

There are platforms like WordPress, where you can create a website soo easily.

You can select a topic which you love to write about. As said before, blogging is about helping people with your information. If you do so, the money will automatically roll into your pockets.

As you give people what they want, You get more visitors and perhaps more earning. This is not an instant process. Moreover, blogging has a bit of a learning curve.

But slowly you can make your blog so big and more helpful, which makes more money day by day.

There are multiple ways to make money with blogging. Here I am listing some of the best ways.

  1. Ads
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. Paid Content
  5. Services

Vlogging ( YouTube )

Vlogging is also similar to blogging, where you provide content in the form of videos. It is just a Video log. You can start Vlogging on YouTube.  Technically starting a YouTube channel is soo easy than creating an own website. Just head over to YouTube.com and create a channel.

YouTube has been in full rage in India. & it’s really a perfect time to create a YouTube channel.

Similarly to blogging, you can select a niche ( Topic ) which you love to make videos about. Provide content which is useful for people and also which they like to watch. Even there is a bit of learning curve on YouTube. Once you are into it, you can easily catch up and make money from it. All you need is a step forward.

People say that they don’t have any equipment to start a YouTube channel. But that not true to the most extent, if you have a smartphone in your hands, you can start making videos. Definitely, quality will be the biggest problem, but you can improve that step by step. It’s better to start something rather than saying reasons.

There are a lot of ways to make money with YouTube & most famous among them are

  1. Ads
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored Videos
  4. Paid Content
  5. Services

In both, Blogging and Vlogging, you need to treat your website or Channel as a brand. Create Social Media Channels on it and promote. Always help your followers and make your brand a good exposure.

Blogging and Vlogging are great ways to make money for a student as these fields had a lot of scope to make huge money and also something which students can easily start off. The downside is, these ways are like online business and there is no confirmation that you can earn money as there is a lot to learn about.

The best part of these ways is, they are so much flexible and can convert into what you wanted to be.
For example, becoming a tutor is the next way to make money I have listed below in this list, you can use blogging and vlogging to be a tutor on your own platform. Similarly Blogging and Vlogging can be useful in many ways. So I am not going to mention these ways every time as they will repeat many times.

2. Become a Tutor for others

Tutoring is like making money from the skills and knowledge we know. If you are good at subjects, you can teach them to mates around you. If you don’t want to charge for people around you, you can start teaching online and make money.

Not only the subjects, but you can also teach whatever the skill you have. You can teach skills like dancing or singing, languages you can speak, digital marketing & web designing skills, Video editing, music composition & even personal development if you love to do so. There is no end for this list.

There are many websites where you can start your tutoring career. Some websites are like live training websites where you need to explain to your students on a video call, & some websites are helpful for you to create learning resources, where people come read your stuff or watch your course by paying money.

Here are some of the best websites


Vedanta is a place is to share your knowledge of Subjects in college. At Vedantu, you can teach Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, French, German, Social Studies and Computer Science. Apart from these, you can also teach for competitive exams like IIT JEE (Foundation and Main), PSA, IMO, NTSE, etc.

Vedanta is a live training program, means you need to teach student lively on the webcam. You can teach through explaining, writing or you can create slides to explain. Vedantu offers everything and it is soo flexible to teach online.

The process to apply as a teacher is soo simple.

  • You need to head over to vedantu and fill the application form.
  • They will review your profile & E-mail you
  • Give a demo to their experts on a subject of your choice.
  • They will give you live training in a webinar to boost up your skills.
  • Vedantu will connect you to many students every day.
  • Teach and start making money from it.

As a Part-time time teacher, you can make Rs 25,000 + per month which is 4 hrs/ day. As a full-time teacher, you can make more than RS 75,000 per month.

2. Udemy & SkillShare

Udemy and SkillShare are platforms where you can create course resources and money from them. As they are resource kind of learning, you don’t need to teach to every student.

The best thing about these 2 is, there are many skills you can teach. From coding to singing, you have soo many options to teach in them. So whatever your skill or knowledge may be, you can use that in these platforms to make money.

They both have a significant difference too.

  1. For Udemy, people need to pay for each and every course they want. SkillShare is a platform where people pay membership and watch each and every course on it. SkillShare would be a better choice here because people don’t need to pay money especially for you. So, you can get more students if your video is good enough.
  2. You can decide your own Price on Udemy, whereas in Skill Share people gets a monthly subscription. so there is no chance for you to charge.
  3. Udemy favors 2 hrs + videos, whereas SkillShare just needs a 15mins +.

Comparing to all the differences above, it’s better to start with SkillShare as people don’t need to specially buy your course. Later, you can move to Udemy and decide your own price and get paid for every student.

3. iTalki

Italki is a platform to share your knowledge of languages. If you are the one who can speak more than one language, then check out iTalki where you can create your profile with all the languages you know. So whenever anyone wants to learn any language which you are good at, iTalki will show profiles who can teach and if people love the price you have set, then they will pay for your course.

As you are in India. You have high chances to get the opportunities as there are many languages in India. Similar to Vedantu, it is also a live training program, where you need to teach people on video streaming.

You get paid on an hourly basis and the amount is totally decided by you.

Check out other ways to make money with your language skills. 

3. Become an Article Writer

When you are soo much interested in writing something, then you should definitely consider trying this. You can definitely start your own blog or channel. But you have other alternatives where you get paid instantly.

There are platforms, especially for content writers. People who run blogs can’t write each and every content on their own. So they hire people to write content for them. You can create an account in these content writing platforms and get paid for creating content. As you get paid instantly, they have a bit of advantage over blogging.

Here are 3 Famous content writing platforms where you can start making money.

  1. iWriter

  2. Text Broker

  3. HireWriters

4. Write an E-book and sell on Amazon Kindle

Amazon offers you sell E-books for your own price. So as a content writer, you can write an E-book and sell on Amazon. As people need to buy for your content other than just reading from the blog post, you need to provide that extra value to your content.

Moreover, you need to explain more in-depth and more clearly with good examples.

The process of writing an E-book is a bit time-taking process as you need to give the extra effort and more in-depth explanation. Read as many blogs and E-books as you can, practice each and everything you are going to write about and get your own view on it.

Write the content, add images to it,  add some examples where ever necessary & design a cover for your E-book.

Later to publish, go to kdp.amazon.com and sign in. After completing the creation of your profile, add your E-book and cover to it. Set your own price for your E-book.

Then promote your E-book on Social Media, Online Forums, Your Website or YouTube channel and Paid Ads. You can make money depending upon the sales you made on your E-book.

Also, you can make money from affiliate marketing by placing affiliate links in E-books.

5. Start Affiliate Marketing

You can make money through affiliate marketing with YouTube channel or Blogging, but there are also other ways to make money from affiliate marketing & those ways are really high earning ways. So it deserves a special mention.

But firstly, if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is

it’s simple. You promote some other’s products, when people buy the product you recommended, you get a commission for that.

For example, if you want to promote any product on Flipkart, then you need to create an affiliate link ( Don’t worry, it’s easy ). Then you will promote the affiliate link in your website, YouTube channel or social media account. If anyone buys the product you recommended through the affiliate link, you will get a commission for that.

It’s like you can get profits for the products without any investment in buying products. Apart from E-commerce sites, software, hosting plans, online services, etc many have these affiliate programs, where you can recommend and earn money.

Though Affiliate Marketing is best for websites and YouTube channel, Here are some other ways which work best as of them.

1. E-book

We have seen that you can make money from E-books by selling on Amazon and get paid for the sales. Also, you can make money by affiliate links in it.

E-books support links, and you can place affiliate links in it.

You can normally link out to resources and some helpful content for readers for better understand and to get more knowledge, and whenever you are going to place any products or services which has an affiliate program, you can place your affiliate link and get paid every time when someone buys the product you recommended through the affiliate link.

2. Online Forums and Reviews sites

Online Forums and Review sites are one of the easiest ways to make money from affiliate marketing. But they are not totally reliable and there is no guaranty that you can make money from them every month. But by placing affiliate links, you may get paid extra cash now and then.

As affiliate links don’t expire, you have a long term earning potential with posting affiliate links on forums. Similarly, you can write reviews on review sites and get paid for sales.

But the most important thing is, you should not spam around in these forums, people come here for help. So you need to help them as much as you can and place affiliate links whenever possible. Mostly, you will get kicked out from the forum when you spam.

3. Social Media Accounts

Social Media is a place where many people are doing affiliate marketing. Similar to Blogging and Vlogging, you need to select a theme for your account. Daily publish some posts which are helpful for the people. Gather as many followers as you can.

Along with all the above, publish some affiliate links here and then. Don’t make spammy, be reasonable and kind of helpful to your followers. Or else they would easily unfollow your account. Always remember that you need to make things which your followers like and need from you.

Apart from Affiliate Marketing, you can also make money with Sponsored posts using social media. Which I will be explaining more below in this post.

6. Start Local E-commerce website.

You all know about E-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon. But I am not saying to get competition for them. Start a local version of them.

Local E-commerce websites concentrate on 1 city, town or state.

As a local E-commerce site, It has its advantages comparing to sites like Flipkart and Amazon. Firstly, people get products fastly whereas, in Flipkart, people need to wait for days long.

Think like this, you get food from Swiggy within minutes, but why to wait for products such long.

Because sites like Flipkart brings the product from the far distance. So you need to wait more and pay more for delivery. But if you bring the same product for less time from your own city, you will have a plus point than those huge sites.

To start a local E-commerce website, you need to contact all the dealers, wholesale and retail sellers in your city. Some of them would say no, as they may have a problem with the online system.

Try to get products placed on your website in every category. Also, verify that their quality is good enough for the consumers to buy. Check their prices are similar to sites like Flipkart. Promote them as possible as you can.

As people buy the stuff from your site. You can send them so fast within 1 day, as you deliver from your own city. You can use services like E-kart to deliver products.

But it may take time as people need to know slowly and increase trust in you, but worth gold and you can continue this business to more cities.

7. Start Drop Shipping Website

Drop shipping is way easier than running an E-commerce site. It’s a mix of both Affiliate Marketing and E-commerce site.

You will build a site and place your products on your sites rather than sending people to some other website to buy and get a commission.

But when people buy the products, you don’t need to do anything, the details will go the drop shipper behind you who are providing products for you. They will take care of entire customer care and delivery services.

All you need to do is select the products you want to sell and add your commission and place the product on your website. It’s like running a Bussiness site without any investment for the products. & it’s definitely better than affiliate marketing as you can decide your own commission and sell the products on your own site.

But there is also a backdrop, that people generally don’t want to invest money in a site they are not familiar with. So you need to promote your website and also create trust on your website. Which isn’t an easy task and also takes years to that.

8. Work as a Delivery / Driver Boy

Ola, Uber, Rapido, Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, Food Panda, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Jabong, E-Kart, DTDC.

You much have heard the names of these companies before. Nowadays, the delivery jobs from these companies have been quite popular. Many students are working as delivery boys already and even Swiggy ran an ad campaign saying work while studying.

Yes, working as a delivery/driver is a high earning way to make money. On average, all the companies pay around Rs 25,000 + for bike deliveries and more than Rs 40,000 for cabs per month. And making such amount every month is great for students, by saving them every month, you can start a business by the end of your college without any loan or help from parents.


  • Bike or Car
  • Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • AADHAR Card for Proof

You can register on their website, go for an interview where you can easily pass if you are good enough to read this blog post. Get an ID and start working.

There are also part-time options available at different trimmings. So, it won’t be a problem with your studies & College.

Check out these articles for more in-depth timing and payment details

9. Invest in Crypto Currencies

You might have listened about bitcoins before. & you may also know that there are many currencies like that. You can make money by investing in them.

The process is so simple. You need to earn cryptocurrencies or purchase them. If the price of bitcoins increases, your money will get increased and vice versa. In short, it’s like investing in the stock market.

Don’t invest in cryptocurrencies unless you are familiar with them.

You need to have a clear idea of whether your investment is going to work or not.

If you are not familiar with cryptocurrencies, you can start learning about them, they are kind of an interesting topic.

10. Start Website Flipping

Website Flipping is kind of a skilled money making process.

First, you buy a domain and hosting for a website, then you run the website for a few months until it reaches some amount of money. Later you will sell the website for a much larger price.

You can build 3 websites with the amount you received. Later you will sell those websites and make even more money. I think you got the point. It’s called website Flipping.

It’s definitely not so easy. You need to be a master of generating income through websites. But once you are good at it. You can definitely start website flipping.

Flippa is the best website and also famous for starting your career flipping websites.

11. Start Online Marketing Services

Online Marketing is a big subject. People who are creating websites and YouTube channels need to make money from them. But unfortunately, they don’t know how to promote or how to rank them higher on Google.

You can help them rank higher and get more sales. And for that, you can charge them some fees. This field is best if you know how to do online marketing.

Even though you don’t know, by learning Online marketing, you have a high scope of earning money.

Needless to say, when many can’t do it, you can say that it’s not easy. It may take years to master in online marketing. But it is a field which has a high scope of earning.

12. Start your career as a Designer

If you are good at Logo designing, website designing, animations, VFX works, illustrations, vector arts, etc, etc, etc. You can start your career as a designer.

But unlike other ways in this list, you need to have good skills and good creativity right from the starting as you design products for other people.

Here are good places to start your career as a designer as a student.

1. 99 Designs

99 Designs is a famous website to make money by designing. You can sign up as a designer and find clients. Or you can work with the campaign and earn money when your design gets selected.

99Designs offers you to connect with other designers, so you can get the support of a community. They will help you in initial days to clear your doubts and grow as a good designer.  The amount you earn from this depends on no of clients you get, so you need to have a strong profile, so it’s better to build a strong profile.

2. Freelance websites

For any kind of service you are willing to do, freelance websites are the way to go, graphic designing is not an exception to it.

Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr are some famous websites which I too prefer.

Just head over those websites and create an account, complete the tests, start working and earn money. For more details about the freelance websites and how to start making money from them, you can check out this article: How to make money as a freelancer in India.

13. Start Editing Short Films

There are hundreds of Short Films coming out every year in India. And some of them really have the worst editing possible. This industry is in a need for more editors definitely. If you are good at editing, then start editing Short Films.

Unlike many other ways in the list, you need to promote yourself in the offline. Online promotion may work, but offline promotion makes even more sense. Contact small film Studio’s and short film studios to get part-time work.

Get in contact with people in the Industry & People who are willing to take short films.

Apart from short films, you can edit YouTube videos, Wedding Videos, etc. You can promote using Social Media or a website.

Freelance websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr are one of the best options to consider.

14. Become a Student Photographer

Being a Photographer, you can make money from Online as well as offline.

Weddings, Photo Shoots are some offline methods whereas Freelancing, Instagram, YouTube, Online Tutor are some of the best ways you can make money as a photographer.

15. Become a Short Film Cinematographer

There are thousands and thousands of short films coming out every month. In most of them, their cinematography skills suck. You can work as a cinematographer for them and make them better.

As a cinematographer, you need to have some camera equipment to start. But this is one of the jobs where there is a serious need for a good cinematographer and you can definitely make money with some good skills on it.

16. Become a Virtual assistance

You will be working in a company for Part-time. The best part about this is, you don’t need to go anywhere, you can work from your home or hostel room.

It is definitely scalable for students, & they really pay a good amount of money.

Check out this article on Shout Me Loud to get a better understanding:- How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistance

17. Get a part Time job as Social Media Moderator or Social Evaluator

Some companies have more followers to their social media accounts. They use these accounts to get connected with their audience. But when they receive more comments and questions, they can’t handle all of them on their own.

So they need people who can get in contact with their customers. Here where Social Media Moderators & Social Evaluators come in.

You need to monitor their Social media sites and check the user’s feedback is Good.

For this, you need to understand the company needs and follow their instructions. You need to work at least 15hrs per week.

You may get paid from Rs500 to RS1000 per hour.

Appen.com, CrispThinking.com, LiveWorld.com, ModSquad.com are the sites where you can apply for the Job.

18. Create your Own app or Game

Creating an app is no a small thing as it requires programming knowledge on multiple languages.

But not even impossible. One of my friends created a game and made around Rs 8,000. I know that’s too small. But it’s a small game with just 3,000 downloads. He could have made another game but decided to stop and concentrate on his father’s business.

He left because 2 months of time to earn Rs 8,000 is soo less. But if his game is a success, you would have earned in lakhs. So there is both pro and con to it.

Ultimately, you have to create an app or game which users like.

19. Make-up Artist

Make-up Artist is one kind of job that is just perfect to start in college. You are at a perfect age to start this business and you are at a point where you can find a lot of customers right before you.

Students in your college are more than enough to make money as a make-up artist.

So, if you are interested in the make-up field, then you can think about investing in it. Arrange a room and get the equipment to start working.

As normally, you need to consider having a uniqueness in your business and also maintain your prices reasonably comparing other businesses outside.

20. Act as a Side

Acting is a dream job for many people. And if you are one of them, you had a good number of chances to make money with acting.

Though you may not be in any lead role, you can act as an extra in any movie or serials. Or you can try to work on Short films which pay you money.

But the problem is, you need to have some passion and skills to acting or this is kind of earning is soo hard and the amount is also not a great amount.

21. Dubbing Service

There is a lot of need in various fields like movies, serials, short films, web series, etc for dubbing.

If you had a good voice, you should definitely try to a dubbing artist. You can contact film and short film studios for the job. They will contact you every time they need for a dubbing artist which suits you.

Of course, finding a job in the film industry is tough. But with a good voice, you can find a job for dubbing service so easily.

22. College Canteen

College Canteens are one of the most profitable business in the college. But there are minus sides too.

You need to

  • Take Permissions from the college
  • Pay the Rent for the Canteen
  • Buy the stock in your Canteen.

There may be another canteen in your college and to overcome it you need to make something different which eventually costs more. So this is not an investment-friendly way. But you are good enough for the investment and want to start earning right from the college.

You can start making money with college canteen.

23. Gym Trainer

What job would be better if you are interested in fitness and bodybuilding? Moreover, Gym trainers have a decent income. The best part is most gyms offer part-time jobs.

First, you need to list out all the gyms near you. Enquire for any job vacancies. Track down schedules, salaries, and other features and choose the best which you like.

24. Work in a Grocery Store

Working as a part-time selling in some grocery store or in a supermarket can be a great job for a student. Because you can earn some amount every month without the fear of earning.

There is no hell lot of work or relaxing work, it’s just in right between which is great. The best part is, applying for it is so easy, you can contact them, manager of the supermarket or grocery store and ask for a job. As you are young, you can understand all the products soo easily and it could be the main reason for anyone to select you.

25. Tour Guide

If there are any places like historical palaces, museums, old temples, etc. You can choose a tour guide to make money as a student.

If you are too good with many languages, selecting a tour guide is a better option as people come from different places and you may need to speak or even understand what people are saying. I am not saying languages are a compulsory thing, but if you have, you have an advantage.

Mostly, Tour guide can have an income which can be considered good enough.

26. Complete Micro Gigs on Fiverr and Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Freelancing is a kind of hard task as you need to be soo much good and skilled at something. But what if you get paid for small micro-tasks like dancing, singing, delivering, data entry, power pointing.

Fiverr and Amazon Mechanical Turk will help you make money from micro-tasks.

27. Party Planner

Birthday Parties, Wedding Parties, Job Parties, etc.

There are a lot of Parties people normally celebrate. As a Party Planner, you can make the party more fun full of your ideas. This can be said as a small version of the wedding planner.

People don’t really want a special planner and they can handle stuff on their own. So, you need to make them surprise with your works & think beyond what others are thinking. So, that & those ideas are which make the career for the Party Planner.

28. T-Shirt Designing

You might have already seen T-shirts with some funny quotes and beautiful designs. There must be definitely one man who designs them. And you can be that one guy.

The best thing is, you don’t need to invest anything.

There are many websites where you can upload your T-shirt designs. And the entire process of printing, delivery and customer care is taken by them. But when there are any sales for your design, you get your commission for that.

Souled Store and My Dream Store are some famous sites in India where you can upload the designs of the T-shirts.

29. Bug-Bounty Hunting

Apps, Games, Websites, Softwares, etc all of them are something we are using almost every day. And some companies are making crores of rupees from them.

But they were not totally perfect, they may have some bugs in them. Some bugs may create a huge loss for them and some buys may spoil the user-friendly nature. So they need to clear them off to maintain their standards.

So, if you find any bugs, you can notify them and they will pay you for your contribution.

30. Car Washing Service

Start a Car Washing Service at your place. The cost of the investment may be a bit for renting out a place and buying the equipment. But if you feel there are less car washing services at your place, you can start one.

For any type of business, you need to think twice whether it will work out or not. Car Washing service is not an exception for it.  Mainly the area where you are going to start has to have people who have cars & there should be less competition. And with a good service, you can definitely make a profit from the business.

31. Interior Decorator

Similar to Party Planner, Interior decorator is also a business which depends on your skills and ideas.

Interior Decoration should start from your room as you can show that has your portfolio. You can find opportunities in freelancing sites or you can create a website on it.

You may think does this field has a scope, check out searching Interior designer in the city on google, you may find your competitors.

32. Write Novels or Movie Scrips

We have talked about many content writing types before, but this is the one which more people are interested in. Actually, you can make money from these right from now.

First things first, write down a script for a movie or a Novel. Then you can take the copyrights of it and sell to film studios and book publishers.

33. Laundry Service

Similar to Car Washing service, this is one of the best ways to start your business locally.

And you may already know that it is becoming hard to find maids today. You can start a laundry service with your washing machine.

Or you can simply rent out your washing machine for them for some time and make money.

34. Sales Man in a Shopping Mall

The salesman is also a part-time job which students can do and make money.

You can contact, shopping malls, shops for the job. You get paid between Rs 6,000 to Rs 15,000 per month.  Selling Dictionaries and other products directly to homes is another kind of way you can try for.

35. Work in Dominos, Mc Donalds, KFC, etc

This is a kind of excellent job every one needs. Apart from the salary, they also provide food.

Having Food from Dominos or KFC every day can be a dream, and that too for free. Contact the nearest center to get this job. It’s not hard to get the job, you can get selected if this is any vacancy.

36. Start a Music Troop

Start a Music troop and work in Parties, YouTube, Disco, Wedding. I know they are were not you wanted if you love to be the music industry.

But this can help you to earn money with what you love.

Moreover, you can use these ways to improve your music skills.

37. Bettings

Earning money not always has to be legal, definitely betting comes to this category. I am not going to go in-depth into it.

Cricket. Politics and Movies are some ways people normally bet on.

39. Start a Whatsapp retail Business

To start an E-commerce Business, these days you can even start in Whatsapp.

Apps like Glowroad & Meesho help you do so.

You need to create an account in these apps, where you can find many products to sell. You just need to recommend those products to people in Whatsapp and whenever anyone buys you gets your part.

The best part is, you can decide your price. So when anyone buys from your link, you will get profit depending on the price you have set.

40. Convert Your Parents Business to Online.

If your parents are running any business, then you can make that business online by applying to Flipkart, Amazon or any other E-commerce website.

Or you can build a separate E-commerce website if you decided to maintain it and make that grow.

The Best one: Begin a Start-Up

Why partner up or work at someone, when you had a good idea for the startup. Special Mentioning:- Good Idea. The idea is something which makes any startup soo special.

Definitely starting a YouTube channel or running your own website is a startup but a very small one. But if you had the idea to launch a new business which works, then try out for sponsors.

I am saying Idea and Idea again because normal business is done by everyone and it’s hard to find sponsorers for such business. So you need to new idea You may be confused about how can I come up with a new idea.

But it’s simple. Startup nothing clearing people’s problem in a new way. Think about any problem you are facing, try to come up with the best possible solution and work hard to implement it and make it big.

Ravi Teja KNTS
I started this website to show ways of Earning & Saving Money Techniques for Students. But later, I came to know that, most of the Techniques are useful for Everyone, just not only Students
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