Want to make money online in the easiest way? Then you are probably looking to make money from the survey sites. You just need to sign up and answer a few questions asked in surveys & you will get paid for that. The best part is, surveys are so easy and answering them is just as simple as drinking water.

Here are some example questions from the surveys.

  1. Do you prefer the Tea/ Cool drink?
  2. Do you have brothers or sisters?
  3. How much you rate for Redmi Note 7?
  4. Do you use more than 2 phones?

Another best part about surveys is, you will be asked only the questions which are related to you. So you don’t get any questions which you don’t even know about.

What are Survey Sites?

You might be thinking that why someone pays you for answering such easy questions? But these questions are so much useful to some companies and they spent a lot on these surveys.

Companies may want to know what customers are thinking about their products, or they need to know what people want from their future projects. The best way to know is by asking people directly.

So they conduct a survey on some survey sites to get in contact with their customers. They pay money to those survey sites to conduct surveys & these survey sites will pay you once you completed the survey. By conducting these surveys, many companies save lots of money by not investing in the projects which are not interested & also make money by giving what customers are expecting.

So surveys will be helpful to companies and also to people answering them.

Remember that, survey sites are useful to make extra cash, you can totally depend on them. As they take very less time and also very easy to answer, you can answer them when watching TV, Travelling in Bus, or having Fun with friends.

Opinion World India

Opinion World is one of the famous websites to serve surveys. In fact, many other survey sites take surveys from the Opinion World to show on their sites. So we can say that they are pretty legit in this industry. But let’s check how many surveys you get? , how much work you need to invest? & how much each survey pays you?. So that you can get a clear understanding of how much you can earn from Opinion World India

How Much you can Make Money with Opinion World India

Unlike some other sites, Opinion World is a site which is totally concentrated on surveys. There are no extra ways to make money from Opinion World. But this makes Opinion World website looks simple and easy to use.

Points System in Opinion world

Opinion worlds don’t pay you directly in the money. They pay in points which you can redeem into money later.

1point = Re 1

So this is pretty easy to calculate how much you can earn from Opinion world.

How much you can get per each survey?

For a survey which is a bit longer up to 20 mins will pay you up to 90 points. But for small surveys, you don’t get paid any points. But you get paid with Price draw entries.

Price draw entries are like a lucky draw contest. You get entries to price draw which helps to get big prices. You get a single entry every time you completed a survey. Also, you get paid a price draw entry when even you disqualified from any survey or screened out.

Price draw will be on the mentioned time, how many entries you have by that time will increase your chances of winning.

I personally feel this is kind of a con, as all your work of completing surveys will go into vain if you are not that 1lucky winner.

But the best part, you can know what are your rewards for the survey before starting it. So that you can decide whether you can start or not. I suggest trying all surveys as the surveys which pay you entries only takes less time but may help to get a lottery one day.

How Often you get Surveys from Opinion World

Surveys from Opinion world are not more but not less too. You get like 1 or 2 surveys every day, but somedays you may not receive any surveys. Though you get surveys every day, comparing to many other survey sites, Opinion world offers less.

calculating only the surveys which pay in points, you get around 15 surveys per month.

Each survey takes like 6 – 20 mins which pay points. And the amount is paid according to the length like any other normal survey site.

How much you get paid from Opinion World per month?

Leaving Price draws aside, as we can’t get them every month.

You can get up to 90 per each survey & around 15 in a month. Let’s assume the average points per survey is 50. So you can get

15*50= 750 points Which is Rs 750 in cash.

Though it may not be more, but we are only investing around 15 mins for 15 days per month. So it can be considered as the best extra buck. Moreover, you can complete surveys while watching TV or listening to music. Also, check other survey sites where you can make a lot more combining all.

Bonus Options

Opinion World pays you bonus points when you completed a certain number of surveys like 50points for completing 10 surveys.

If you are regular to Opinion world, it provides you special surveys which pay you more and also gives you product testing opportunities

Payment Options

This is where Opinion World really lags behind. Actually, it’s not payment options, you only have one option to collect your payments.

  1. Gift Cards

But We have options like Flipkart, CCD, Shoppers Stop etc. Though you may not get cash, these will be useful to save money for anything bigger. You can withdraw your cash right after you reached 500 points which can be done in 15 days.

Pro’s of Opinion World

  1. Easy to Use Interface
  2. Low Payout Value
  3. Pays more per each survey

Con’s of Opinion World

  1. Few surveys
  2. Gift Cards is only the payment option
  3. Few small surveys pay you price draw entries instead of points.

How to get Started with Opinion World?

Head over to Opinion world & signup in the form at the top of the page.

Later you need to complete your profile survey. So that you can receive surveys which are related to you and have less disqualifies and screened outs.

Completing profile surveys pays also pays you 10 points.

Also, change profile settings on the home page for how many invitations you would like to receive to as many as possible. So that you can receive an email notification every time there is a new survey.

Final Thoughts

I generally don’t discuss about legit or scam sites. I just want to show ways where you can earn money without scam. I am working with survey sites from past 3 months & I can say that Opinion world is one site where you can make money for the time you invested in the work.

But if you are looking to sign up only for a few surveys, then there are better survey sites like Global Test Market & Swagbucks, which has more surveys and also pay you more per month.

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