Being a student, taking loan was not at all an easy process, you need income proof, minimum salary, bank statements or even a small business. But generally, students don’t have a monthly salary to apply for a loan. But luckily we got some facilities today and students can easily apply for the loan and pay later in installments.

Apps For Students To Get Personal Loans With No Income Verification in India

I have a list of 5 apps which give loans to students. And some of them only give loans to students but not anyone else. Yes, you are going to take a loan from apps run by private companies, not banks.

Actually, taking loans from online is a much better way as you don’t need to go to the bank to apply for the loan. As these loans are for students, eligibilities and requirements are small, but you really need them.

Eligibilities to take loans

  1. You NEED TO BE 18+ to take loans from these apps.
  2. You should be definitely STUDYING IN ANY COLLEGE.
  3. You should be an INDIAN CITIZEN, but not any.

Requirements to take loans

  2. You need a PAN CARD. ( If you don’t have, you can apply for PAN CARD on Online )
  3. You need an AADHAR CARD.
  4. Your PHOTO

These are the minimum eligibilities and requirements for anyone to give a loan.

starting with the most famous app,

1. Krazy Bee

Krazy Bee is a famous app which gives loans to only students. Firstly, Krazy Bee is an app which helps students to buy products online on EMI, as students don’t have any credit cards, they can use Krazy Bee and buy products on EMI. Krazy Bee concentrates mostly on electronic goods and they will even show on the main header image and main menu of their website.  

You can even get any products by pasting product page URL. 

More than buying a product online, you can get even cash. You can do that by recharging Paytm with Krazy pay loan amount.

Finally, you can also apply for Pay Card, which is similar to a credit card. You can use it normally anywhere or online just like the credit card.

You can also use Krazy Bee for 2 wheeler loan, semester loan etc. ( Update: They removed 2 wheeler and semester loan )

And 1 thing, you need to definitely know about Krazy Bee is CREDIT LIMIT. Once you got approved, you get Rs 5000 credit limit.

There are 3 ways to increase your credit limit. They are called “Boosters”.
Booster 1: Sign NACH form linking your bank account to your credit limit.
Booster 2: Get father’s approval for the top-up loan disbursement.
Booster 3: Install KrazyBee Android App and click on the “Sync” option in it.

But I suggest taking permission from parents if you are willing to take more loans. Pay the EMI correctly and you can always increase your credit boost.

So, you got all the facilities with Krazy Bee, & to avail the loan, follow the process below.

The stepwise process to avail Krazy Bee loan

  1. Register yourself in KrazyBee website. ( Use Referal code: RAVI398 to get 500 points after first order )
  2. Complete your profile by filling in additional details about yourself.
  3. Upload your KYC documents.
  4. Place your order.
  5. Wait for your profile to be verified based on the information that you have provided in step #2 and #3. The verification process involves a Physical Verification by your Campus Manager as well as getting a call from the verification team about your details. This takes anything between 24 and 72 hrs.
  6. Once your profile verification is done and approved by our team and system, your order will be approved and you can make the downpayment of your order.
  7. Once the downpayment has been received, your order will be processed within 24-48 hrs and you will get an intimation of your product purchase on your phone and email.
  8. If it is a PayTM purchase, your order amount will be directly transferred to your wallet linked to your registered mobile number.
  9. Before the delivery of your product, you will be asked to sign a Loan Facility Agreement which indicates that a credit line has been extended to you.
  10. You can now enjoy your product and make your EMI payments on time to avail enhanced credit limit and lower interest rates on a subsequent purchase.
  11. For subsequent orders approval, verification is not done, rather it depends on payment history as well as your credit available in your account.

Sign up to Krazy Bee using Referal code and earn 500 points after your first order. You can redeem these points into cash & also transfer to Paytm wallet.

Referral code: RAVI398 to sign up for Krazy Bee

2. Slice Pay

Slice Pay is a service similar to Krazy Bee. Similar to Krazy pay it is also a service only for students. All you need to do is submit your details and documents and start getting a loan from slice pay.


  1. PAN Card / AADHAR Card
  2. College ID card

Your details will get approved with Risk Engine and in next 72 hrs, you get Rs 4000 credit limit. You can upgrade your credit limit to Rs 60,000. 

You get a slice pay card and monitor your transactions from the Slice Pay app. You can do shopping, Book cab, Order food, Watch a movie and what not and pay the bill after in EMI.

Once you got the credit, you can pay all your due bill in next month 16th – 24th or you can even pay in installments.

You can get No-Cost EMI’s on 11 top brands:

  1. Flipkart
  2. Amazon
  3. Myntra
  4. BookMyShow
  5. MakeMyTrip
  6. ClearTrip
  7. BigBasket
  8. Uber
  9. UberEats
  10. PepperFry
  11. NYKAA

Slice Pay Card is applicable for many brands, but these 11 brands get no-cost EMI. So that you can use cash on these apps and no need to pay extra cash for EMI. Know more about No-Cost EMI here.

Similar to Credit cards, many online & offline brands gives extra offers & discounts when you pay money through Slice Pay Card.

Use the Referral code: SNOW2387 & get instant Rs 100 after sign up to Slice Pay.

3. M Pokket

Mpokket is also an app which only gives a loan to students. But comparing to Krazy Bee & SlicePay, M Pokket is so simple and clean. There are no supports from some E-commerce sites to buy products and you don’t get a card for transactions.

M Pokket gives you the loan and you can transfer them to Paytm or bank account. It’s that simple.


  1. AADHAR Card
  2. College ID

It also asks for some selfies and also asks to fill some details. Don’t worry, the entire process is so simple, just fill out your details. Once you have all the data, your account will get approved in 24hrs.


You will get instant Rs 500 after the approval. You can take loan within that credit limit and pay later fully or in installments. Your credit limit will increase over time, which depends on your behavior, your transactions, and paying EMI’s within due date. M Pokket claims that there is no maximum limit.

4. Smart Coin

There is a difference between Smart coin and previous apps, that is smart coin gives the loan to everyone, students are also one of them. All you need is AADHAR Card and Mobile Number.

Smart Coin offer instant loans once you got the approval. Their goal is to provide help for everyone who is in urgent need for money.

It asks what is your income, but will not ask any income proof. Just fill out, how you will get money from and you will be approved with no problem. Smart coin also asks for your selfie and signature. Once done everything, you will get approved within 1 day.

At starting, you will get a Rs 1000. You can increase your credit limit slowly, similar to all the previous apps.

5. Zest Money

Zest Money is another app which gives loan and also helps you do shopping, booking online etc in Installments.

This also just requires AADHAR card, Selfie etc. It also asks a bank statement, but not for the income proof but to verify the address.

Zest Money has Fast and high approval rates, so you don’t need to worry about the approval.

Similar to previous apps, the credit limit will increase in time depending on your usage. You can take many loans, but you need to pay them back, so you can get more credit limit and use them in the future.







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