If you are the one who is willing to make a significant amount every month, then you can consider this Swiggy delivery job. You may be the student who is looking for ways to make money or you may be searching for a job and want to do some part-time job until then, this delivery job will help you.

In this article, I will show you how much you can earn, what are the timings, supported cities &how to join as a Swiggy delivery guy with also some extra tips which will be helpful in your job.

How to Join & Make Money as a SWIGGY Delivery Guy

While joining, you can select Part-Time or Full-Time according to your needs. Other than that, Swiggy offers various timing options for both Part-Time & Full-Time. So that you can select the time when you are free to work.

Timings for Swiggy Delivery Guys


For Swiggy Full-Time delivery job, we have 2 timing options to choose,

Full-Time timingsBreak TimeTotal Hours
8AM - 6PM 11AM - 12PM9 out of 10 hours
12PM - 11PM4PM - 6PM9 out of 11 hours


For Swiggy Part-Time delivery job, we have 3 timing options to choose,

Part-Time TimingsBreak TimeTotal Hours
12PM - 5PMNo Breaks5 hours
5:30PM - 10:30 PMNo Breaks5 hours
7PM - 12AMNo Breaks5 hours

Saturdays & Sundays

Or you can only select Saturdays & Sundays if you are busy on the weekdays.

Swiggy offers you to take different options like you can be Part-Time on weekdays and Full-Time on weekends. Or you can select only on Sundays, or only when holidays etc. The option is up to your hands.

On overall Full-Time job is around 10 hrs with an hour break, and Part-Time job is around 5 hours. You can work even more than that, but these timings are compulsory.

The timings shown above are correct to the most extent, sometimes timings may change from city to city. You can know the timings for your city at Swiggy office in your city.

Supported cities to join as Swiggy Delivery guy

At present Swiggy is not available for every city but most of them. If you can order food on Swiggy in your city, you can definitely work as a delivery guy.

Here is the list of cities where you can join as a Swiggy delivery guy.

Salaries for Swiggy Delivery Guys

Swiggy doesn’t have a salary based payment system. It pays you for the No of deliveries you have done. The more deliveries you do, the more you earn.

Amount per each delivery

You get paid based on 3 things for each delivery

  1. Travel Pay
  2. Waiting Time Pay
  3. Customer Pay

Travel Pay

Swiggy pays travel pay based on Distance or Time.

The distance from you to the restaurant is called the first mile & the distance from restaurant to the customer is called the last mile.

You get paid Rs 4 per KM for first 4 KM & Rs 6 per KM after the first 4 KM. This is the same for both the first mile & the last mile.

You get paid Re 1 per minute if Swiggy pays considering time.

Swiggy calculates both Distance & Time. You will get paid according to distance or time for which is the highest.

For example,

if the distance for the first mile is 1km and distance for the last mile is 1 km, then you get paid Rs 4 for each km. So you get Rs 8.

But due to traffic, you took 12mins to reach, then you get Rs 12 considering time as the highest. But you can’t slow down intentionally, Swiggy is smart enough to calculate.

Waiting Time Pay

At times, you need to wait at the restaurant for the food to get cook, Swiggy pays you for your waiting time at the restaurant.

0 - 5 MinsRs 5
6 - 10 MinsRs 10
10 - 15 MinsRs 15
15 - 20 MinsRs 20
20+ MinsRs 25

Customer Pay

Finally, after delivering to the customer you get extra Rs 4.

You get an extra Rs 20 per order on rainy days & also additional Rs 20 for batched order. Means delivering more than 1 order at the same time. You also get paid more for late nights.

Leaving all of them aside, you normally get Rs 30 – 120 per each delivery depending on the effort and time you invested in delivering.

Weekly & Monthly Incentives

Other than the money paid per each delivery, Swiggy also pays you weekly & monthly incentives depending on the conditions. Incentives are like gifts for you from Swiggy.

To receive incentives, you need to have a minimum no of deliveries. Also, you should log-in to the app on time.

Incentives will be changing from city to city & from time to time. There are no constant incentives. But I can give an example of how much you get paid for incentives

Example:- These are just examples, not permanent. Incentives may be different for you in your city.

Looking at these many options may confuse you. The process is simple, if you earn more then you even get more gifts from Swiggy called incentives.

How much you can earn from Swiggy?


As a Full-Time Delivery guy, you can expect 8 – 20 Orders daily. For an example, you are completing an average of 14 orders every day.

For each order, you can earn Rs 30 – 120. Let’s assume, you are getting Rs 60 as an average.

60 * 14 = 840. So you can earn an average of Rs 840 per each day.

Which is 840 * 30 = 25,200 per month

We also have weekly and monthly incentives.

Let’s assume you are getting an extra of Rs 300 each week as weekly incentive & an extra Rs 500 as monthly incentives.

Just combining the incentives, you can get around Rs 1,500 per month. Which will be helpful to your petrol and bike maintenance charges.


As a Part-Time delivery guy, you can expect 4 – 12 deliveries each day. For example, let’s think there are 8 deliveries each day. & you are earning an average of Rs 60 per each order.

Which is 60 * 8 = 480 per day. & 480 * 30 = 14,400 per each month.

Combining weekly & monthly incentives, you can expect Rs 1,000 every month.

Even though you don’t have any orders, you can still get Rs 400 for Full-Time & Rs 200 for Part-Time as a daily minimum amount. Though that situation is too rare, you have the option.

Unlike other jobs, you can withdraw your salary every week. But also remember that getting incentives are not such easy. You need to work daily and also cannot cancel more than 3 orders no matter what.

Delivery jobs are not so easy. You need to find addresses, respond well to customers & also work in sunny and rainy days. So the money you earn is not easy money and the work you do is worthy to receive that amount.

How to Join as a Swiggy Delivery Guy?


  1. Bike
  2. Driving License & RC
  3. PAN Card & Account details to send salaries
  4. AADHAR CARD for proof
  5. Smart Phone to install app & receive orders.
  6. Rs 650 for Bag & T-shirt
  7. No age limit to join Swiggy, but you need to have 18+ to get driving license.

To apply, you can click on this link:- Ride with Swiggy

& fill the form at the bottom of the page.

You will receive a msg to your phone with Swiggy office number of your city. You need to visit the Swiggy office in your city for the interview. It’s so easy, you can pass the interview if you can read this blog post.

Later you need to pay Rs 650 for bag & dress. It may vary depending on the city. You will be given an employee ID. Using that ID, you can log-in to delivery app & receive orders.

You also get training for around 2 weeks, then you can go live and start earning.

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