8 Apps to Earn Money by Downloading & Installing Apps in India 2024

There are many apps to make Paytm cash by playing games, watching videos, etc. But among all of them, there are a number of apps that pay Paytm cash for downloading apps. So here I have created a post listing all the apps which pay Paytm Cash for Downloading Apps.

I have been using these apps for the past 6 months and have written many posts about them. I tested out them one after another, withdrew the amount from them to Paytm and also check the user-friendliness and time-worthiness of each app.

Here I have listed out the apps which are best among them which are legitimate and the amount paid is also worth your time. I am listing out all the apps which you can trust as you can download multiple apps and make more money from different apps. Also, remember that these apps have something called the Minimum withdraw amount where you can withdraw the cash only after reaching that withdraw level.

If the minimum withdraw amount is Rs 20, you cannot withdraw your cash when it is Rs 10, you must earn another Rs 10 to withdraw from it. I am also mentioning the minimum withdraw amount, & the amount you can earn from the app below for each app. So that you can calculate how much you can earn from the app before downloading it.

Apps to Earn Money by Downloading & Installing apps

Other than Downloading Apps, these apps also provide some other ways to make money from them, I have also listed them in the rewards for each app. Most of these apps support a referral program, so you can also earn Paytm cash by referring these apps to friends.

1. Frizza

Frizza pays for downloading apps and completing small tasks like filling the form or verifying E-mail. The amount will be credited into Frizza wallet right after you completed the task. You can transfer the amount to Paytm Wallet instantly.

The only restriction is you need to complete the first 3 tasks to transfer the amount to Paytm wallet.  The tasks will be always updating giving you new offers every day.

You also get Rs 5 for referring each friend.


  1. Amount for small tasks like downloading apps & filling forms
  2. Get Rs 5 for referring each friend

Minimum Withdraw Amount:-  Rs 30

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download Frizza

Use this link above to get Rs3 as sign up bonus after completing 1st offer.


2. Taskbucks

Taskbucks is also a famous app which pays for downloading apps. Maybe Taskbucks has the best referral program among all the other apps. You get paid Rs 18 for each referral. If you refer 2 people on a single day, you get Rs 20 for the second referral. And Rs 25 for the third referral on the same day.

This can be one of my best suggestion apps.


  1. Install Apps and Earn Paytm Cash.
  2. Refer to Friends and Earn Rs 18 per referral.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 20

Payment Method:- Paytm, Phone Recharge

Download Taskbucks

3. CashBoss

CashBoss is an app which gives rewards for downloading apps it suggested. You can find apps which pay you more than Rs 100 sometimes. And the apps will be changing from time to time and offers you more apps to download and get rewards from it.

CashBoss has a good referral program which pays you Rs 15 per each referral which is great compared to other apps.


  1. It pays for downloading Apps it suggested.
  2. It also pays Rs 15 for each referral.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 35

Payment Method:- Paytm, Phone Recharge

Download CashBoss App


4. Pocket Money

Pocket Money is also an app that pays Paytm cash for small tasks. The tasks are simple like downloading apps etc. The amount it pays is also good enough comparing to other apps.

But the referral program in the pocket money is not a great one. You get Rs 5 for referring friends. But that will be in the pending list. It will add into your wallet only when your friend installs the first app it suggested. It won’t give much time for that, when your friend installs, the Rs 5 in your wallet may expire.


  1. Pays for completing Small tasks.
  2. Rs 5 for referring. But will be added to your account when he installs 1st App.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 20

Payment Method:-  Paytm, Phone Recharge

Download Pocket Money App

Use the Referral Code ( LPUI8j ) to get Rs 5 instantly after installing the first app.


5. Cashley

Cashley is also another app where you get paid for tasks. The best part is you can find tasks where they will pay you more than Rs 100 sometimes. The referral program of Cashley pays you Rs 10 for each and also pays another Rs 10 if the referral friend redeems the amount in a single day.


  1. Get paid for small tasks
  2. Get Rs 10 for each referral friend
  3. Another Rs 10 if he redeems the amount in a single day.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 50

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download Cashley App

Use the above link to download Cashley to get Rs 10 as a sign-up bonus.


6. Benefito

benefito is one of the finest apps to earn Paytm cash. You normally get tasks like installing other apps, but there are 2 other special benefits which most of the apps don’t offer. One is you get cashback while online shopping from big websites like Ajio, big basket, etc. Also, you get coupons from this app to get discounts. The second feature is, you also get some benefits in other apps it suggested. It provides a code, by using it, you can discounts.

It also has a referral program which pays Rs 5 for each referral.


  1. Earn Paytm from small tasks.
  2. Get Coupon codes and cashback
  3. Refer to friends and Earn Rs 5

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 30

Payment Method:- Paytm, Mobile and DTH Recharge

Download Benefito

Use the Referral code ( RA4689113 ) to get Rs 10 as a Sign-up bonus.


7. Hello cash

Hello Cash app really pays you for many things, you can find apps it suggested to install which pays you money. You can play games and earn money. Even it pays if you open the app daily. There are also surveys in this app which you can earn money by completing them.

This app also has a referral program which pays when your referral friend installs the first app from the hello cash. The best part is it will pay whenever your referral friend earns something. A percent of his earnings will be in added to you also.


  1. play games to earn
  2. Participate in Surveys
  3. Refer this app to your friends
  4. Open App Daily
  5. Install the apps it suggested.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 350

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download Hello Cash


8. Genie Rewards

Genie Rewards is a which suggests the apps to install and pays for that. This is a normal install and earns app with a clean and user-friendly interface. This app normally pays you Rs 2 – Rs 10 for each app and apps will always be updating giving you new apps to install and earn more money.

You can uninstall the apps you have downloading once you got the money into the wallet.

Apart from Paytm, you can transfer the money Recharge Mobile and DTH.


  1. Install the apps it suggested and earn Paytm cash
  2. Refer this app to friends and Earn Rs 2.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 1

Payment Method:- Paytm

Download Genie Rewards



Here are the apps which I have liked in my usage among many apps that pay for downloads and installs. The User Interface, transferring & process with these apps is so easy and clean.

These apps also have a great track of paying legitly to people and are also trust worthy.

Which app is your most favorite in this list?

Are you facing any problems with any of these apps? mention in the comments section. I would like to help you out.

And also suggest me any apps which pay for downloading which I have missed here…

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