Want to make money online in the easiest way? Then you are probably looking to make money from the survey sites. You just need to sign up and answer a few questions asked in surveys & you will get paid for that. The best part is, surveys are so easy and answering them is just as simple as drinking water.

Here are some example questions from the surveys.

  1. Do you prefer the Tea/ Cool drink?
  2. Do you have brothers or sisters?
  3. How much you rate for Redmi Note 7?
  4. Do you use more than 2 phones?

Another best part about surveys is, you will be asked only the questions which are related to you. So you don’t get any questions which you don’t even know about.

What are Survey Sites?

You might be thinking that why someone pays you for answering such easy questions? But these questions are so much useful to some companies and they spent a lot on these surveys.

Companies may want to know what customers are thinking about their products, or they need to know what people want from their future projects. The best way to know is by asking people directly.

So they conduct a survey on some survey sites to get in contact with their customers. They pay money to those survey sites to conduct surveys & these survey sites will pay you once you completed the survey. By conducting these surveys, many companies save lots of money by not investing in the projects which are not interested & also make money by giving what customers are expecting.

So surveys will be helpful to companies and also to people answering them.

Remember that, survey sites are useful to make extra cash, you can totally depend on them. As they take very less time and also very easy to answer, you can answer them when watching TV, Travelling in Bus, or having Fun with friends.


There are many survey sites, where you need to answer some survey questions. But Mindswarms is a rare survey site where you need to make a video answering survey questions. Though making a video is a bit harder than answering some survey questions, your effort is worthy as they pay $50 for one survey.

The survey is called as study in Mindswarms.  You can 2 kinds of studies, where they ask 7 questions in 1 kind of study and 1 question in another kind. You will get paid $50 for a study of 7 questions and $10 for a study of 1 question.

Mindswarms has a website and also mobile apps for Android & IOS, so you can use Mindswarms on desktop/laptop/phone.

Moreover, Mindswarms is free for everyone.

QuickTip: Never pay to join in any Survey site, all the legit ones are free.

How to Earn Money from Mindswarms

Mindswarms provides you studies based on your details. You need to answer some survey questions which takes around 10 mins. Once you completed that survey, they check whether you were in their required category or not. If not, you will be screened out of the study.

If you got approved then you will get 1 or 7 questions. You need to make a 10+ mins video answering all their questions. You need to be honest. Here are some tips to make a video to submit to Mindswarms.

Your video will be reviewed and you will get paid within 24hrs.

If your audio and video quality is good enough, your video will get approved.

How much you can earn from Each Survey?

There are 2 kinds of studies, a study where you need to answer 1 question and another study where you need to answer 7 questions. You get paid $10 for 1 question study which is Rs 700 + and $50 for 7 question study which is Rs 3500+.

How Offen You get Surveys?

You get surveys according to your country. If you are Indian, you can get 2-3 surveys per month. Western countries can expect more than that.

How much you can earn per month?

You can make around Rs 7,000 per month. You may have chances of getting up to Rs 10,000 per month.

Pro’s of Mindswarms

  1. High Payment comparing to all other sites. If you ask me, what’s the best-paid survey site?, then I say Mindswarms within the next sec. I have been using survey sites from part 2 months, but I can say that Mindswarms is my best according to the highest paid site.
  2. Paypal Payment option is another added advantage and also you can receive cash faster than other methods.
  3. Fast Payment within 24hrs

Con’s of Mindswarms

  1. Mindswarms offers only a few surveys per month.
  2. Need to qualify in the survey, or else you will be screened out.
  3. You might even be kicked off due to completion of slots, so you don’t have a chance to submit a video even though you were in criteria.

How to get started in Mindswarms

Click here and signup in the Mindswarms, you need to submit your introduction video, so that they can check your camera and audio quality.

Tips to Make More Money from Survey Sites

  1.  Join other surveys along with Mindswarms, so you can make even more and always have a hand full of surveys in your hand. So, you can answer them when you are free.
  2. Use a separate E-mail account, so when you get notified, you will not miss them and also survey emails don’t mix-up with your main E-mails

Final Words

If you are willing to make money from survey sites, then Mindswarms is one of the best to consider as it pays you more for just some surveys. All you need to do is make a video review and earn money.


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