The Internet is Huge And Gives You Many Facilities. In That One Of the Best Is Making Money From That. There Are Really Number Of Ways Like App Development and Web Development, But They Need Coding. But Here I am Showing You some Easiest And Passive Earning Ways. Here Are My 5 Working Ways Of Making Passive Income Online.

Let’s Get Started.

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Most of the college Students Are Running It At present in Almost Every Corner of The World. That Is Tee-Shirt Campaigns.

This is definitely One of The Best Ways To Earn Money Because All You Need Is Photo Editing Skills And Promoting Talent. The Process Is So Simple.

  • You Start With Thinking of the Design You Want To Print On The Tee-shirt.
  • Once you have an Idea, You Need To Convert Your Idea Into Digital Format Using Tools Like Photoshop.
  • Then Upload It to Tee-shirt Campaign Websites and Adjust the Size & Colour of Your Desired Shirt.
  • After Your Shirt is Uploaded, Share The link In Social Media And Give Paid Ads to Targeted Audience Who Like To Buy That Shirt.
  • The More Tee-Shirts You Sell, The More Money You Get.

Once Your Design Is Ready, You can Start Your Campaign Within Minutes. One Of Best And User-friendly Sites For Campaigning Are Teespring And Dreamstore.

Dreamstore Student companion


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If You Feel Tee-shirt Campaign Is Easy, Then This Is Easiest. Smart Phone Photography

This is Way of Making Money By Taking Photos On Your Phone And Uploading It To Certain Apps.

This is process to make money from smart phone photography

  • First You Need To Install Following Apps Which I Mentioned Below.
  • You’ll Be Given Some Photographic assignments such as Taking A picture Of Nature, Your laptop, Fruits You Eat and so on.
  • All You Need To Do is Completing the Assignments By Taking Photos And Uploading Them To App.
  • If Your Photos Are Selected Then You Will Get Paid Handsomely.

But Remember Your Photos Should Be So Professional That They Have To Select.

Here Are Some Of The Apps You Should Install To Sell Your Smartphone Photos.

  • Clashot
  • Snapwire
  • Foap
  • Dreamstime
  • Markedshot

There are Many Other Apps Which  Pay Only For Photos Taken By Camera, Not By Smartphone.

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What If I Say This Is Number 1 Way Of Making Passive Income Online. It’s Blogging.

If You Like To Write And Share Knowledge, Then This Is The One, You Should Definitely Try. There Are Many People Out There Who Quit Their Jobs And Turned In Full Time Bloggers. But It Takes Time.

Start A Blog Slowly And Develop It Day-By-Day. Once You Get The Income Comfortable For You Then You Can Be Full-Time Blogger. Unlike the Job, You can Work Anytime And From Anywhere.

What all You Need Is Ability To Express Knowledge Through Writing In Simple Yet Effective Way.

It Takes A Day Or Two To Start A Blog And Months Or Years To Get Succeded. So, You should Need A Lot of Patience And Keep On Blogging.

You can Get Income Through Blogging By Following Ways

  • Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing With Sites Like Amazon.
  • Selling Your Own Products Etc

You Can Start A Blog Using

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

Without Having a High Knowledge of Coding.

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When You Share Your Knowledge And experiences Though Writing, Then It Is Blogging. But When You Share Them Through Videos It Is YouTube.

Earning From Blogging And YouTube Are Similar

  • Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing With Sites Like Amazon
  • Selling Your Own Products.

When Coming To Work, It Is So Much different.

You Need the Ability To Shoot Videos, Explaining Through Talking And Even You Need To Edit them. Similar To The Blogging It Also Takes Time To Get Successful. But It Takes Just Minutes To Start A YouTube Channel.

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CPA, Which Stand For Click per Action.

CPA Is Some Thing That Is Similar To Affiliate Marketing, In Affiliate Marketing One Has To Go Your Affiliate Link And Buy The Product You Recommended. So You Can Get Commissions For That. But Unlike Affiliate Marketing You Can Make Money By Someone Clicking On Your Affiliate Link And Completing Action.

The Action may Be:

  • Downloading An App
  • Providing Their Email Address

But You Should Have The Ability To Promote Your Affiliate Link Using Social Media, Videos, Forum Marketing, Paid Ads Etc. And Also You Should Convince Audience Through Valid Arguments And Explanations.

It Is Better If You Have a Blog, Website Or YouTube Channel With Some Daily Traffic.

Ravi Teja KNTS
I started this website to show ways of Earning & Saving Money Techniques for Students. But later, I came to know that, most of the Techniques are useful for Everyone, just not only Students
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