Social Media Evaluator is one of the famous Social media jobs where you can work virtually from home. & It is also one of the online jobs where you get paid highly.

If you love to use social media a lot, you can try being a social media evaluator & make that time even so much productive. There are no age limits to join in this job, but you need to have 18+ just because that’s the legal age to use social media.

Make Money as a Social Media Evaluator

Here I am going to explain what is social media evaluator jobs? what do you need to do? How much time do you need to work? and finally How much you can earn?

What is Social Media Evaluator?

Social Media became an active place for many companies and start-ups to promote their business. They publish a lot of content on various social media platforms. But they themselves don’t have time to check the response for their posts and maintain. Here’s where Social Media Evaluators come in.

They check the response from people, whether people are liking, are posts reaching to a large & targetted audience, are anyone writing a blog post on them, they are positive or negative, what chances people are expecting from the company, are people understanding their promotion correctly, does their ad campaigns going great, what their competitors are doing, what is people’s response for their competitors, etc. They need to check each and everything that their customers are saying. And give that feedback to the company.

In short, they were mediators between the customers and the company.

Difference between Social Media Moderator and Social Media Evaluator?

Normally, everyone gets confused between these 2 jobs at starting. They both feel similar but has some differences.

Social Media Moderator maintains the social media platforms, online forums, ad campaign, etc and uploads the content for the company. They get in contact with the company and post what the company is saying them. When any customers had any doubts or problems, they will respond to them and solve the problem as they know what company is going to take action on those problems. In fact, they act like the company and respond to the public.

Social Media Evaluators don’t do those all. They check the feedback from the customers and provide to the company.

Making this simple,

Social Media Evaluators monitors customers and competitors and they give feedback to the company. They know what people are thinking about the company.


Social Media Moderators get in contact with the company and they know what company is going to do. So they maintain social media pages, forums, etc and respond to customers.

What do you need to do Social Media Evaluator?

As said, if you want to be a social media Evaluator, you should give the customers and people’s feedback to the company. You need to check the numbers and stats for the company’s social media pages and always make sure they are going great and not getting down.

Check what people are saying, don’t reply to them or anything, companies just need this information to develop. Check all the blog posts and youtube videos about the company. Comments on Social media pages, Blog posts, youtube, online forums, live events are some of the great places to check the people’s feedback. Also, you need to check whether the posts, ad campaigns are reaching a great number of audience.

Use many tools to check the status and reach of companies and competitors social media presence. Don’t worry, if you don’t know, they are easy and you can learn each and everything in the training stage.

Platform to get the opportunity to become a social media Evaluator?

There are multiple platforms which offer social media evaluator jobs. But among all of them, Appen stands out to be the most famous and trustable one.

In social media evaluator jobs, you will be working as an individual contractor, not as an employee. And the platforms which offer the jobs will give you projects, you can complete the projects and make money. But when there are no projects, you will not get paid as you are the individual contractor, not an employee.

Even Appen also has the same system, it gets many projects from many companies as it is the most famous among them all. Moreover, Appen is also one of the best paying platforms for Social Media Evaluator.

How much time do you need to Work?

The work is flexible and you can work at what time you want to work. But on an average, you need to work around 3 hrs a day and work for 5 hrs in a week and one day should be on the weekend on Saturday or Sunday.

Here you work according to projects, so there may be no work on some days where there are no projects for you. Even though it is a bit rare when you work with Appen, you might still have that disadvantage of working as a Social Media Evaluator.

How much you can Earn with Appen?

The amount you get paid as a Social Media Evaluator is normally soo good. Working with Appen even makes that better. But Appen has not mentioned any particular amount on their website as each project has different rates and Appen pays according to the project.

On average, you can estimate around $3 – $14 per hour, which is around Rs 400 to Rs 1,000 in Indian Rupees.

Working around 3hrs for 5 days per week, you can make more than Rs 10,000. Also, remember that you get paid only when you have projects. Getting more projects is depended on your work.

Requirements to be a Social Media Evaluator?

Appen is so much concerned about the required things you have. Even they have included a section in the application process about the requirements. Considering the fact that how much they were offering to you just by working at home, all these requirements feels pretty reasonable as they need to maintain some standards for their customers.

How to Start Working with Appen?

Applying for the Social Media Evaluator Job on Appen is not a simple process, you need to provide the resume while applying and get selected. There is a good number of chances that may not select you if you have a very bad resume.

Also after selecting from the resume, they conduct a test after a small training, the test is easy and you can get selected if you perform well. You can get the job as Social Media Evaluator and start working from home.

Here is a step-by-step process for applying as a Social Media Evaluator

Payment Options

There is so perfect Payment Option for Appen. It depends on the project you are working on. So Projects pay you on PayPal and even some Pay with Paytm, but they are the projects which mostly just pays one at a time. If you are working on any project which pays in multiple times, you may receive the payment in banks by online transfer or check.

Moreover, Appen doesn’t pay you deducing taxes, you need to pay tax for your income. Payment system of Appen may be the biggest con for your job.

Pros & Cons working as Social Media Evaluator with Appen

Working as a Social Media Evaluator with Appen has its Pros and cons. You can check out them and decide whether it suits you and you are satisfied with them.

Starting with Pros




Social Media Evaluator is a great job for one to work and make money online. And also, Appen is the best option for anyone to go with. Mainly, if you are from India, Appen may be the only good option you can select.

With all the pros like High-Payment, Work from home, the major downside is getting selected. Payment System also has its problems. But once you got selected and comfortable with their Payment methods, you may don’t have any big problems.

If you are willing to make money, I surely advise you to send them an application form and give this a try.