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There was this Famous Place in Madhapur, Hyderabad called “Madhapur Street Food” where Food Stalls will be Setup during night times. We went to Madhapur street Food During last weekend and an interesting incident had happened. We ordered our food and were waiting in the queue to get our Food. There were two guys who were talking about some Random Topics and one of them opened Twitter in his Mobile.

There were about 10 notifications on his mobile and the other guy asked why are getting notifications from Twitter. Then the Guy explained “There is this Account called “TECHGLARE DEALS” Which posts awesome online deals and I turned on Notifications as I don’t want to miss any deals of them”. He even insisted the other guy to install Twitter and Follow “TECHGLARE DEALS”. We were standing beside them observing this incident with our hearts brimming with Joy

This might look a very common and normal day to day incident for many but it’s not. We have toiled very hard and did years of hard work to reach this Stage where we are now. When Student Companion asked us to write our Success Story, we accepted the Request as ours is not just a “Success Story” But a “Failure Failure Failure Success “Story and it might inspire at least a few people to go and achieve their Dreams.

Now, Flashback to 2016. Like everyone, We always had this desire of starting a New Website. As everyone knows, we have tons of Websites on the Internet. So, we thought of Starting a Tech Website. Now, comes to the First hurdle i.e Website Name. The Internet is so vastly developed that whatever name you think, there might be some other website with the same name.

So, we started doing permutations and combinations. We fixed the Word “Tech” and Tried different combinations with it. So, it literally took us one month to think of this Name “Techglare”.

The Next Hurdle is Setting up the Website and making it Go Live. Setting up a Website is a Tedious Process and involved many things like Getting a Domain Name, Hosting and Choosing a theme according to your requirements, etc. Although we can get all this information on the internet, it takes a lot of time to research and get the information that you exactly need.

It took another Month to figure out all these things, resolve all the Errors and the website went live on 26th September 2016. Now That the Website is Live, we started writing content related to Tech Updates. Our Target is to write one article per day for next 3 months and we wrote almost 100 articles but nobody used to read them as there were tons of famous websites and people prefer reading them than our New Website. Just imagine you had put lots of effort but the results are Zero. We were dejected and disappointed as there was so much of effort that we had put in which got us “Zero” Results. Most of the people give up in situations like these as they are not getting results after so much of hard work.

So, as this is not working out, We thought of changing our path and started writing “How to” Guides on Various Topics. As we had the Experience of writing almost 100 articles, we got some idea about SEO and Stuff and our “How To” guides performed a little bit better than our Tech Updates Articles. But, Still, we are not getting enough results for the efforts that we are putting in as “How To” guides require lots and lots of time to research and to write in depth and detailed explanation for a Certain Topic. Again a Failure. It was almost the end of 2017 and more than 1 year passed and still, we didn’t taste success.

As this is also not Working and most Indians love doing shopping online, we thought of posting online shopping deals on our website. We started posting these deals on our Website and as our Website has very very limited traffic, very few people used to see them. We did this for almost another 1 Month with no results again. Again a Failure.

Then, Suddenly one day it stroke to our Mind that “Why Not we can post these deals on Twitter”. The reason for this is there are many websites that posts deals but they all are filled with ads and Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the exact deals among those clumsy ads. So, we started posting deals on Twitter directly from Feb of 2018. When we started posting, Many People made Fun of us as who will give attention to these deals on Twitter. Again there is no response from Twitter Users too.

But, we were firmly determined that let’s do this for another 6 months irrespective of results and let’s see what happens. So, we started posting deals and slowly our deals started getting noticed and we reached our 1st milestone of 100 Followers in 2 Months. Just Imagine, it took literally 2 months to reach 100 Followers. But, we had always one point in Mind “We are not Cheating anyone. We are putting some genuine, Consistent and Constant Effort” And we had the hope that people will like us one day or the other.

On June 3rd of 2018, we got the Biggest Breakthrough…There was this “Hard Disk” deal that really went viral on Twitter. We almost got 500 Followers in a Single Day. We had almost 200 RT’s to that tweet and whole AP and Telangana People on Twitter were talking about that it. We got some confidence and now the next mission is we have to satisfy our Followers with awesome deals so that the good Word of Mouth will Spread Which in turn will help us to gain followers.

We started putting extra Efforts from that day. As the day starts at 12 AM, all popular e-commerce websites will refresh their deals by 12 AM in Night. So, we started tracking them and started posting them right from 12 AM Today. Although it was there before, We introduced the Concept of “GiveAway” on Twitter where we have Amazon Vouchers to Our Followers. We gave away many amazon and Flipkart Vouchers, Paytm Codes and a lot of other stuff. We even gave away “Amazon Echo Dot” Worth Rs.4,500 to one of our Follower.

During Amazon Echo Dot GiveAway, our Followers trended the Hashtag “ThankUTechglares” nationwide. Imagine a Twitter handle that struggled to get a mere 100 Followers in 2 months is now trending Nationwide. The Feeling and the Boost That you get is unexplainable in Words.

Slowly, our Handle started getting popularity and we crossed 1K,2K,3k I’m very less time and Finally 10K Followers in November. Recently We started another Website which provide exclusive loot deals to our Followers. Not just these two, we have many other blogs and Websites planted on Internet World. We are very much thankful to our Dear Followers who were very kind enough to spread the word Among their Families and Friends. Our Followers are Soo good that when they receive any Loot or Awesome Deal, they will click pics of It and Tag us on Twitter.
These kinds of small incidents helped us to motivate ourselves and Provide much better service to our Followers. We are now Almost 19K Family on Twitter and we strive each and every second to find Best Deals to our Followers. We are eagerly wanting to meet our Dear Followers who had showered lots of love on us. We are planning for a “Meet-up” soon in Hyderabad and we hope to see you all there.

If we observe the sequence of Events, we started our website in September 2016 and we got our Breakthrough in June 2018. That’s almost 2 years and most of the people give up if they are in this Situation. But, we never gave up and Success comes to only those who are ready to face failures and learn from them but not to those who give up if they see a couple of Failures. Universe just loves the people who don’t want to Give up. You might be from a Remote village from any corner of this country, you can still be a Successful in Life if you have the strong will power in you and hard work. Don’t take any shortcuts for success. You might be successful temporarily but not forever, Take the right path even if it takes more time and Hard work. If you want to achieve great things in Life and right now struggling, Just Hang on But don’t give up. Try different ways and do things differently than what others are doing. “Magic” will happen in everyone’s Life. You just have to hang on and put Consistent effort. We From Techglares are wishing All the Best To all the Hardworking people to achieve their dreams.

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  1. Really inspiring blog you’ve written. keep motivate ppl like us and wish you will achieve more success like this #Thankutechglares

  2. Really motivational story …. 👍

    1. Yup. I too felt the same. There’s a lot of hard work than I expected

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