Niche is nothing but the topic of your website. When you are willing to start a website, you should consider selecting a niche for it. So many people start blogging without any niche, they write on different random topics they know. It doesn’t mean, they are not gonna make any money from the website, it just makes their path harder.

So to avoid such complications, it’s better for you to select a niche for your website. Selecting a niche is not a hard task, but selecting the wrong niche adds some problems to your journey. And you could not change the topic of your website after you invested a lot of work into it. So it’s a better decision to take some time to select a niche which is profitable and also which suits your needs.

In this article, I am going to show you the problems we face when we choose the wrong niche and also explain how to avoid such problems and select a perfect niche which is suitable for you.

7 Steps to Select Perfect Niche for your Blog

Selecting a niche is important but if you are not blogging for money or traffic, you can just avoid it and consider writing what you love. But if you want your hard work to pay off financially, then niche is a better way to go.

Just before knowing how to select a perfect niche, let me show you some problems if you select the wrong niche. This makes you understand why selecting a perfect niche is important even more.

  • People normally select a topic they love to write about. It may be a good idea, but sometimes, their niche may not have good earning potential. So, no matter how much traffic they get, it is soo harder for them to make money.
  • Some people select niche considering it is soo profitable. I don’t think people could be happy about writing something they don’t love. They may be ok for a year or so but not longer, eventually, they will quit from blogging without even making any money. It’s kind of time and money waste process.
  • You will lose your motivation, many people feel that they can’t make money from blogging. But the real problem is, their niche has no scope to make money.
  • Your investment in money will be wasted.

To don’t face such problems, the steps below help you to select a perfect niche which who you never get bored off and also profitable enough.

1. Create a Big list of topics which you like to deal with it every day.

When I started this website, I created a list of 37 things which I like to write. In the next steps, I conducted multiple tests for the niches and deleted them one by one. Also, keep on adding in the middle with the tips given below.

Finally, I have only 3 niche Ideas which satisfied each and every aspect and mostly these are somethings which I like to write about.

All of these 3 niches are great, they are profitable and also felt interesting for me to deal about. But I am soo much happy that I came to find 3 good niches from not having a single idea of how to select a niche.

2. Prefer Informational Rather than Entertainment

People say that, if you select niches like films, Comedy, celebrities & some entertainment niches, you may not make more money. They were right to some extent, but you can turn the entertainment topic into an informational one and make money from it.

For example, if you are so much interested in films and gossips which is an entertainment niche, you can convert the topics into How to make films, Reviews, Better cameras for cinematography, photography, writing scripts or something which is related to films and also informational. These ways help you make more money than random gossips etc.

Now go on and strike off all the niches which are entertainment related or try to bring the informational part out of them.

3. Do People look for such information? Is it Future Proofed?

Though it may be an informational topic. But that topic should be something which people are looking for. Google Trends helps to find out exactly that.

It may not be the highest, but it should be a niche which people are looking into. Here I can absolutely take food recipes as a niche, as it as it’s value. Rather than showing

All you need to check about the niche which is growing rather than slowing down.

This shows the niche you selected has future proof or not.

Strike the topics off from the list which has no search volume or it is going down.

4. Adjusting the Size of your Niche

Ok, you wanna write about movies, that’s good. But there is soo much in movies.

Cut down to a small niche like Indian Movie Reviews or Horror Movie Reviews. Select a niche which is more specific. But don’t make the niche that you can’t write enough content for it.

Again Check out the google trends for your sized down niche.

Now it’s better to choose a niche which has a lot of traffic. But most prefer the one which is growing rather than decreasing one.

By the end of this step, I had barely 10 niche ideas remaining.

5. Check how you gonna make money from it.

Not all niches make more money. For example, if your niche is camera reviews, you can sell cameras, but do more people buy from the affiliate link of you, You can give photoshoot services, service to learn photography or create a paid content about guides on cameras, etc.

But if you are movie reviews niche, there are no products you can sell to people. All they want is a review of the movie. You can give a paid course, people don’t pay for reviews, they watch reviews to save money or with a bit of interest. You can place ads on your website, but money earned with just ads may not make more. This kind of niches makes really hard to make money. They were informational but there are literally no points for you to make money.

Check out this article of 30 proven ways to make money from blogging

Check out how you can make money with each of the niche remaining. If you could not find any good way to make money from it, just get rid of it.

By now you should have 2-3 niches where you can make money from them. Don’t worry if there are more, you created a list which is more profitable.

6. Selecting one among them

This may be the most difficult one among all the steps.

All the topics in your niche are now good enough to start a blog. You love them and they are also profitable. Now the best 2 decisions you can take.

  • Take your favorite one
  • Take the one which you think is more profitable.

If both of them are similar to you. Go with the one which you have more knowledge on. Or continue to the below step. So that you may understand in-depth in your niche.

7. Market & Competition Research

From here, you need to research and create some lists.

List no 1: Create a list of problems in the niche

Problems are something which I like soo much because clearing such problems in my niche will help me grow higher. And people also like to read content which clears their problems rather than some paragraphs talking about some information.

If you wanna write about a review on a phone, you need to write about its usability and how it will be more usable in their day to day life. They don’t want to read about, the establishment of the company, & what materials they used to make the phone, they want how the materials bring the durability and premium to the phone which really what helps the audience.

List no 2: Create a list of 10 blog posts solving the problems in the niche.

Write a list of blog posts and you need to google them. Install Keywords everywhere extension. This extension will help you check the competition and search volume for the keywords & provides data from the Google ads ( Adwords ).

This will help to go in-depth into the niche and also helps to understand even more on what you are going to deal with in the future.

List no 3: Check out your competition 

Make a list of other bloggers in your niche. I normally like to create a list of 3 types.

  1. Blogs that are huge and famous.
  2. Blogs that you like the content, though they are not the no 1.
  3. Blogs that have started recently which you can target in your early stages.

By that, you can a hand full of your competitors. analyze what they are doing. How they are getting traffic. This may not be niche selection but this helps you to know how people are making money how much you had scope to make money from that niche you selected.



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