Online Shopping in India is increasing day-by-day because it makes the entire process easy and it is so much convenient. Moreover, you can get better discounts online than purchasing from a local shop.  Keeping all this in mind, recently I started buying everything from online & I came to know and practiced some techniques which help me to save even more money.

Remember, Saving Money is equal to Earning Money.

Tricks to Save Money When Shopping Online In India

1. Start Comparision Shopping

Luckily, we have many E-commerce sites in India where we can buy products. So, I took some time to check the price in other E-commerce sites. It just takes a few minutes of work, but I had 90% chances to get the same product in other sites for a much cheaper price.

Actually, you need to open every single site and search for products.

There are some sites like My Smart Price, Phonecurry which compare the price of the product with some famous sites and shows the best price you can get.

Try searching these sites, so you may end up even saving thousands. I bookmarked and sites, and they always come in handy while shopping.

2. Check for Coupon codes

Some shopping sites accept coupon codes. You can apply these coupon codes on check out and get amazing discounts. As coupons expire soon, even Google can’t help you much.

There come sites like, which gives you coupons for many E-commerce sites. Just sign in to them and search for the site for which you want coupons.

You can get all the latest coupons available.

I just showed you 2 coupons with concern to space, but you can find even more than this on that site. Moreover, you can also find some latest deals, so you can buy products online before the offer completes.

You can also add a chrome extension called Honey, which helps you to give coupons while checkout. All you need to is shop online normally. In the checkout page, where you need to add the coupon code, Honey extension will pop up and shows how many coupons are available with it.

creating a website on budget

You just need to click on apply coupons and Honey will add the best coupon available for the product you are buying.

Some sites give conditions like you can apply this coupon only when you purchase RS 400 plus. But with honey you don’t need to even think about them, Honey checks all their terms and conditions and give you the best Coupon where you can save more money.

This is how I am saving using Honey.

3. Use Cashback Sites

Coupons give you discounts and reduce the price of the product, on the other hand, we have sites like,  which gives cash back for online shopping we do.

Just login these sites, Select the site you want to shop.

It will redirect you to the site you have selected. As they are special links, you will get cashback if you buy any products. also gives you rewards, when you search for the site and click on Activate Rewards. You will be redirected to the E-commerce website.

You can continue your shopping normally and you will get cash back for using Coupon Dunia.

4. Get price alerts

BuyHatke is another great extension which offers deals, coupons blah blah blah.

But it has some more features which are really useful. That is price alerts, price comparison, and estimation of the price. Once you installed the extension, you get a sidebar when you enter into a site which is supported by BuyHatke.

You can check coupons and deals over there. But when you enter into any product page, you get extra 2 options

In the price graph, you can check the price of that product in the past and it also estimates whether the price will drop or not.

So we have a 35% chance of price drop in a week. If the percent is above 70 %, it’s better to wait. You can also set a price drop alert by clicking on the second option.

Enter your email address and click on submit, you will get an email when there is a price drop.

And finally, the third useful feature of BuyHatke is price comparison. If you are in Amazon, If the price of your desired phone is 60K. BuyHatke gives you a topbar, where you can compare prices from famous E-commerce sites. So, I came to know that shopclues is offering for the even lower price.

Looks like BuyHatke is the best partner for shopping online.

5. Wait for Festivals, Big Billion Days, Great Indian Sales

In India, we have many festivals and we have a high number of chances to get more offers for festivals. When you are buying any product which costs more, it’s better to wait some time and check whether you can get offers on that product for any festival.

Flipkart and Amazon have Big Billion Days & Great Indian Sales. Where you can get amazing offers. If your desired product also has an offer, then it definitely worth your wait.

There is a moment which I cannot forget, Years back I ordered a Blackberry phone ( Just because I am interested in design ) for Rs 29,000. 2 days after that, I logged into Flipkart to review 5 stars for the product I received. As Diwali offers started, I saw the same phone for just Rs 22,000. And I am not in a mood to give a 5-star rating.

I would have saved Rs 7,000 if I have waited 2 days for Diwali offers. So, if there are any festivals nearby, or there are any announcements for Big Billion days, I suggest you wait for a while.

6. Get Notified about deals using Social Media

We can’t check deals every day, & you may miss many deals for products you like to buy. You may miss daily offers, the festival offers, Big billion days, etc.

I normally follow a Twitter account called TechGlare Deals, they provide best offers and notify you about the latest deals, offers and big billion days.  Recently they also created a website providing the latest offers:

7. Don’t buy a product just because it has a good deal

More than suggesting sites which give cash back, I feel some suggestion like this may save you more money than that. This all comes from my personal experience.

One of my friends once offered a helmet which is in an offer for just Rs 199/-. Since then he is rocking that helmet till now. I obey that’s really a good deal and good product too. But he already had a helmet which is in even better quality and most importantly, his old helmet is in yellow color which is his favorite. I felt like, he is just using the new one just because he got it. Anyhow, the old premium yellow color helmet went under the sofa and never came back.

Though it may be a good deal, Just don’t buy it, if you don’t really need it.

8. Use Credit cards

You can see this kind of offers like

Get 0% EMI on HDSC Credit cards & 

There are definitely more offers when using credit cards. All you need to know when using credit cards is controlling to not spend more, that’s simple.

9. Join Amazon Prime

Prime users just have more benefits. If you are a person who does more online shopping, you should get Amazon prime for sure. With the help of Amazon Prime, you can get fast delivery for free. 

You can get access to more deals & also you can access to best deals first. So, that you can get a product before the completion of the stock. 

Prime Video to watch latest movies, Tv shows, etc. Prime Music to get an ad-free music experience. Prime Reading enables you to read e-books, comics, etc for free on Amazon.

And it costs just Rs 999 yearly. Keeping all the features in mind, I feel this is kind of the best deal for a person who gets everything from online shopping.

10. Use Subscribe & Save Option to buy monthly groceries

Amazon has a feature called Subscribe and save, where you can buy monthly groceries without any hassle. And you can also get 5 – 10% discount with free delivery

If you just don’t need the product to deliver this month, you can skip and continue subscription from the next month. Here are some benefits to subscribe & share. 

 11. Use 99 Store & Beauty Store

Again, this is from Amazon. Amazon has 2 pages called The 99 Store and beauty store.

The 99 Store is for Budget Shopping

Where all products are divided into categories and later divided according to rates.

This is what I am trying to explain

There are many categories similar to this, these are only 3 of them shown for an example. The 99 store also has only the products which have good deals and offers. So, you will definitely end up getting a good deal.

The beauty store is more related to beauty products and knowing about offers related to them. 

12. Subscribe to your Favorite site’s newsletter & follow social media accounts.

Many famous sites have a subscription program, where you can subscribe and sometimes you can get the best deals directly from the site.

You can follow even the site’s official social media accounts to know about the details of best offers.

13. Don’t buy from Untrustable sites

Don’t buy from Untrustable sites. That doesn’t mean don’t buy from a new site. There are many people who are entering E-commerce site business and all of them will not definitely scam.

But check and research about the site, so that you can understand whether the site is trustable or not.

Here are some key points to check and confirm that the site is trustable:-

  • About page
  • Refund policy
  • Payment options
  • Design
  • Contact information

14. Use different mail ids and different accounts to use more coupons

This is pretty obvious, I think most people already know about this. So I placed this technique at the bottom.

Create multiple accounts, definitely, they will be useful to you at any point. Anyhow more accounts will only be useful for coupons, 1 site is enough to buy from deals and offers.

So just create an account for only sites which support coupons like Paytm Mall.

15. Try different browsers or Incognito mode

This is something, I get to know when researching to write this post. People saying that price will change according to your search history. Actually, this makes sense.

When you search more about something, the price of that product will increase because search history is saying that you are so much interested in that product. I checked on my own, checked my 2 accounts and in incognito mode, but I can’t find any difference in any products in any site.

Check once if the price is different, comment down below if you have faced something like this for any product and for any site.

Wrapping it up

As said before saving money is as important as earning money. I don’t ask what’s your favorite technique to save money on shopping online because each and every technique is useful.

Most useful tools to save money for shopping Online







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