Selling phones to make money is easy. But we show you the way to get the best price possible for your phone. Also, you can sell the phone if it is not working or totally damaged.

So, hang on and check how can you make more money for your phone.

Make Money Selling Old Phones for Best Price in India

You can sell your old phone through various methods. Here are the best methods which help to sell your phone for the best price possible. Check out all the methods and decide which better suits you.

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1. Selling Phones Online Instantly

There are many companies to take your phone and provide you cash for that. They use that phone for reselling after refurbishment or they will recycle it depending on the company and condition of the phone.

You need to sign up on their website or app which I provided below and select the brand and model of the phone. They ask a few details about your phone condition and they will show you the estimated price for your phone. You can decide whether you want to sell or not for the price they mentioned

The phone may be broken or not working, but still, you can make some cash out of it but the amount you receive will be less than a good functional phone.

Most companies send a person to collect the phone and pay you right there after checking the phone’s condition. But some companies send you a package where you need to post back with the phone to the company. They will pay you 1 day after they received your phone.

If the condition of the phone is worse than you mentioned, they will reduce the price and notify you. So you can decide to sell or to return the phone back.

Websites to sell your phone online instantly

  1. InstaCash
  2. Cashify
  3. SellnCash
  4. Budli
  5. SahiValue
  6. Sellyt
  7. MosWap
  8. Mobiles4Sale
  9. Atterobay
  10. Recycle Device
  11. Karma Recycling

Karma Recycling and recycle device are recycling companies and usually pay less than remaining. But your phone is broken and not working, then they can be the better choice than remaining.

How much you get paid by selling phones on these websites

As the price depends on the brand, model & condition of the phone, it’s impossible the say the exact price. Also, some companies pay more for some brands. And some companies pay more for non-working phones than remaining.

For a working phone, you can expect 10% – 30% of the phone original price. For a not working phone, you get paid around 5% or even below that.

Here are some tips which help to make more money by selling your phone online.

Tips to Make More Money Selling your Old Phone

  1. Compare prices in all the websites, there may be a massive difference between the price they offer for your phone.
  2. If you have not used that phone for a while, give it a charge and check whether everything works fine
  3. Always keep your box and accessories safe, so you can get a lot more while selling.
  4. Also, make sure to use a case to avoid scratches and also to protect from breaking and denting.
  5. It’s not worth to repair the phone before selling.
  6. Copy and Wipe your data before selling, even a wiped phone helps to increase the price some times.
  7. Don’t forget to cancel mobile insurance, if you have.
  8. Some companies offer a high price if you receive the price in gift cards.
  9. Clean the phone with a wet/dry cloth and keep it ready.
  10. If you have no problem to wait for a long time, sell the phones in the market places where you can decide the rate of the phone.

2. Selling phones in a Market Place where you can decide your own price

Though selling phones through those websites mentioned above are instant, you can’t decide the price to sell your phones. But in the marketplaces mentioned below, you can decide your own price for the phone. As it is a market place, people need to buy your phone, until then you need to wait.

Moreover, damaged phones don’t probably sell through marketplaces, it better to sell them online.

Market Places to sell your phone

  1. Olx
  2. Quickr
  3. Facebook Groups & marketplace
  4. Twitter
  5. Local shops near you
  6. Family or Friends

How much you get paid from selling the phone through Market Places

As the price is decided by you, how much you get paid is totally depend on your decision. But check out what other people are offering in the market. If their prices they offering is less, people would generally prefer their products as people who buy from second-hand care more about the price.

So decide the price according to them. So you can sell fastly. Here are some tips to sell phones fastly in marketplaces.

Tips to sell phones fastly in the market place

  1. Price according to the market.
  2. Include lots of quality photos
  3. Describe the phone’s condition clearly and honestly.
  4. Prefer meeting for local sale, than mailing as much as possible.

3. Trade-in

If you are willing to buy a new phone from big brands like Samsung, Apple, LG. Then you can Trade-in your old phone to get a new phone from them.  They offer more price than what you get in websites or market places. So it’s better to check their website first to trade-in.

So times you can find trade-in option from famous e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

But you can only buy another phone or accessories from them & you won’t receive any kind of cash. so you can’t make money from Trade-in, but if you are willing to buy a new phone, trade-in is the best place as it saves a lot of money.

Final Thoughts

If you are willing to buy a new cell phone from the big brands, check whether they are offering any trade-in. It’s the best way to save money on your new phone.

If you are seeking to get instant cash, then probably selling to companies may help you. Moreover, these companies even take broken and not working phones.

But if you are ready to wait to get more cash for your phone, then you should definitely prefer market place. But as people need to buy, you need to wait until someone buys it.

If you are not happy with the amount you are getting with any of the methods, then you can keep your phone and wait until it is worth to keep the phone in the museum.

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