I am using Swagbucks from past 2 months and making around Rs 1,500 every month. Though it is not more, it just takes only a few minutes per day. So, Swagbucks is helping me to make some extra cash every month. Moreover, I don’t even use all the features from Swagbucks.

If you are willing to make some extra cash every month with no much effort, then I suggest you join Swagbucks. We can find many sites where you can make money from surveys, cash-backs or participating in micro tasks. Swagbucks is a place where you can do all of them in one place.

In this article, I will show you all the features of Swagbucks and ways to make money from it. You can use Swagbucks in your leisure time as you just need to work for some minutes.

Swagbucks also has their app where you can work on the go. Sometimes, I just use their app before sleeping. In the end, I am able to get some extra cash every month from it. You don’t need to invest anything. Everything from the Swagbucks is free to use.

How to Make Money from Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the world’s first GTP site which pays money for its users. Unlike some sites, Swagbucks has many ways to make money. Swagbucks don’t pay you directly in cash, you will earn virtual currency called SB’s for every task you complete in Swagbucks.

Swagbucks ( SB )

SB are virtual cash you can earn by completing small tasks in Swagbucks. SB is nothing but Swagbucks. You can redeem SB’s in cash while redeeming. Swagbucks has many methods to redeem, but when you willing to get cash, you can redeem SB into your PayPal account.  But you need a minimum of 700 SB to redeem into cash.

700 SB = $5 which is Rs 350+
but when you redeem more SB at once, you can make even more.

Ways to Make Money from Swagbucks

I am mentioning ways in a random order. It’s not the first are best and the last ones are not so great. You can participate in ways which are comfortable for you.

1.Participating in Surveys

Surveys are considered as the easiest way to make money online. The more surveys you complete, the more you can earn.

With Swagbucks, you get up to 1 – 4 surveys every day, each takes around 3 – 20 minutes to complete. You can earn between 40 – 120 SB for each survey.

Normally, you get paid more for long surveys.

You can also find 2 kinds of surveys, Gold Surveys & Peanut Labs Surveys. Peanut Lab Surveys is only available on the desktop version, you cannot find it the app. But you get more gold surveys and you can earn more from the gold surveys than Peanut Lab Surveys.

You can even make extra 2SB for every 10 Surveys you complete.

2. Participating in daily polls

Along with surveys, Swagbucks offers daily polls. You will have 1 poll every day on Swagbucks, it takes just a second to participate in the poll. & you can get 1SB from the daily poll. Yes, definitely it’s not more, but you can make 30 SB easily every month. 

3. Searching the web

Searching the web is a feature where you can earn money without any special concentration. You can use the Search bar to search the web on the Swagbucks so that you can earn some SB for your daily searches. Or you can even set Swagbucks as your default search so that whenever you search for something, you will get paid.

Don’t worry about the results, Swagbucks uses Yahoo as their search engine. Using it in my normal day to day life, I don’t have any problem to use Yahoo than Google. Yes, Google is really a way better, but Yahoo is just fine.

4. Download Apps to your phone

Swagbucks provide apps to download, you earn SB by installing apps on your phone. You can use the app if you are interested or else you can delete once you get the SB for it.

You get paid between 15 – 50 SB for each app you installed. & will be paid 10 times more than it for an app for which you need to pay for the download. But you can expect 99% of apps in the Swagbucks are free to download.

5. Swag Code

Swag Codes are free rewards by Swagbucks, You can just enter the Swag Code & get SB according to the code.

But you need to find them. You can normally find them in their social media pages and their blog. But, it is always hard to check their social media accounts to find Swag Codes.

You can easily find them by using Swagbucks extension.

6. Installing Swag Button extension

You get Swag codes from the extension, but you also get extra 50 SB for installing the extension. But it is only a one-time payment. so you cannot make much from this feature.

But extension helps to find Swag codes easily and also helps to add codes at the spot. 

You can even search from the extension. If you have not made Swagbucks as your default search engine, You can use this feature whenever you need to make some bucks.

This extension also reminds you when you have any surveys.

7. Shop online & earn cash-backs

Using the same extension, you can find some E-commerce sites, you can buy from these sites and get cash-backs. You can also get extra SB from shopping from these sites.

you can find sites like Amazon & Flipkart from the site.

If you installed the extension, you will get notified when you visit supported E-commerce sites.

8. Watch Videos

You can earn SB by just watching videos. But I think, it’s not a great method to earn SB. Because videos are on average 1 – 6 mins. & you could get the only 1SB for most of them. You may get 1SB but that’s too low compared to the time you spent.

Moreover, the entire page is full of ads and pop-ups. Most of the time, you will be closing pop-ups than watching video.

9. Play Online Games

Swagbucks has a games tab, where you can play games to earn SB. Games were interesting & one could play them every day without feeling bored.

But we are playing here for the money. You could earn only 10SB for each game. It’s low compared to the time you spent for playing games. There are a lot of better options to earn SB than playing games.

10. Enter Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes is a contest run by Swagbucks. You need to invest some SB to participate in sweepstakes. When you are the lucky winner, you can earn a lot more than that. 

It is just like participating in the lotteries, but here you just need to invest SB. Remember that, there are many people playing along with you. Your SB will become useless if you are not that 1 lucky winner. So, I have mixed feeling about this. I personally don’t invest in something like this.

11. Use the Swagbucks Mobile App

You will get paid extra for using their Mobile app. Use the app on Fridays, so you can earn even more SB. Moreover features like downloading apps is only available in their mobile app version.

12. Sign up to services

If you are willing to opt for any online service like TV, online gaming. You can use Swagbucks to get cash-back. This could only help you when you really want to opt for the service. Most of the services are paid ones, so it’s not worth to invest money in them when you don’t need. If the service is free, you can definitely sign up for it, as it pays you SB in hundreds.

13. Complete the To-Do-List

On the left sidebar, you can find a To-Do-List, where there will be 7 tasks to complete. Once you complete 6 out of 7 in the list, you can earn some bonus SB.

I basically don’t watch a video or play a game to earn SB, as they waste so much time. But when they are in the To-Do-List, I just try to complete them.

14. Reach the Daily Goal

In Swagbucks, you can find a section in the top bar showing your daily goal. When you reach the goal, you can earn extra SB for it.

If your daily goal is to reach 40SB, you get an extra 3SB for reaching your daily goal. Daily your will be not equal. It depends on the surveys and offers, you have on that day.

15. Refer to Friends

Swagbucks also has a referral program. The referral program is one of the best ways to earn SB. You will get paid 300SB right after your friend created an account in Swagbucks. & also you 10% of his SB earning throughout the lifetime.

You can also earn extra 100SB when your referred friend installed the Swag Button extension.

How to make Rs 1,787 every month from Swagbucks?

Having many ways to earn from Swagbucks confuses a lot, thinking it may take more time to complete all. But it just took less than half an hour daily. You don’t even need to work continuously, I open Swagbucks in small break times or while talking to friends.

To earn Rs 1,787 which is $25, you need 3,215 SB.

To complete it, you just need to complete the To-Do-List & Daily Goals. With that, you can earn a minimum of 50 SB every day & also you get the bonus of completing the Goals.

With that, you can reach 1,500 SB without even adding the bonus. 

Participate in the remaining Gold surveys can give up to 50+ SB  per each survey. Though you can earn more than it from each survey, let’s only calculate the minimum, because you may don’t have time to complete surveys every day.

You will have 3 – 4 extra surveys, but you just need to complete 1 survey from them to reach our target Rs 1,787. With that you can more than 50SB  every day.

At the end of the month, you can get another 1,500 SB for completing just 1 survey every day & also we calculated the minimum amount. 

So, You can earn 3,000 SB from To-Do-List, Daily Goals & Surveys. 

You may make that extra 215 SB by referring 1 friend per month. You get 300 SB for referring and 100 SB if he/she installed the extension.

Also, you can earn 10% of his SB every month, throughout the lifetime, which is considered an extra bonus.

You can even complete the target without referring, as we calculated only the minimum payment for surveys. And also we left Daily goals bonus points and also many surveys without even completing. But referring friends helps to earn more, as it gives that 10% of your friends earnings every month. Once you referred 10 members, you can reach the target without working as have 10 referred friends and each give you 10% of their SB.

You can use this amount for daily purchases or save them to buy your next phone.

Payment Methods

Similar to ways to earn money, Swagbucks also has many ways for payment. You can use gift cards such as Clothing Gift cards, Travel Gift Cards, Hotel Gift Cards, Store Gift Cards and so one.

You can donate the cash or You can select PayPal to redeem cash. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can sign up for PayPal for free. It’s just take 5 mins to sign up PayPal.

You can choose any one of the redeeming options in your dashboard.

Pro’s of Swagbucks

  1. Many ways to earn money. You don’t need to stick with one way, when you have more options, it’s always the best.
  2. Fast Payment, you can select PayPal and transfer money instantly. You can also transfer money to bank account from PayPal instantly.
  3. Many Payment Options. If you decided to buy something from Amazon or Flipkart, it’s better to redeem cash via Amazon or Flipkart Giftcards, because you can get more money than transfering the money to PayPal.

Con’s of SwagBucks

  1. Screen-outs from surveys are more. You may get disqualified for many surveys. Almost half of the surveys are definitely not for you.
  2. Clumsy Interface is bit of hell at the starting. It takes minutes to understand what’s happening on that site.

How to get started with Swagbucks?

Click here and sign up using Gmail or FaceBook. 

Later log-in and install App and extension to get notified for surveys and swag codes.

Final Words

If you are willing to some extra cash every month, then Swagbucks could really help you. But you cannot make this as your Part-time or Full-time income.

Do you need more cash every month, then sign up in other survey sites and make upto Rs 10,000 every month.

If you are really seeking for the best way to start making money from online, then start your own blog for less than Rs 5000  & build your business online.

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