Want to make money online in the easiest way? Then you are probably looking to make money from the survey sites. You just need to sign up and answer a few questions asked in surveys & you will get paid for that. The best part is, surveys are so easy and answering them is just as simple as drinking water.

Here are some example questions from the surveys.

  1. Do you prefer the Tea/ Cool drink?
  2. Do you have brothers or sisters?
  3. How much you rate for Redmi Note 7?
  4. Do you use more than 2 phones?

Another best part about surveys is, you will be asked only the questions which are related to you. So you don’t get any questions which you don’t even know about.

What are Survey Sites?

You might be thinking that why someone pays you for answering such easy questions? But these questions are so much useful to some companies and they spent a lot on these surveys.

Companies may want to know what customers are thinking about their products, or they need to know what people want from their future projects. The best way to know is by asking people directly.

So they conduct a survey on some survey sites to get in contact with their customers. They pay money to those survey sites to conduct surveys & these survey sites will pay you once you completed the survey. By conducting these surveys, many companies save lots of money by not investing in the projects which are not interested & also make money by giving what customers are expecting.

So surveys will be helpful to companies and also to people answering them.

Remember that, survey sites are useful to make extra cash, you can totally depend on them. As they take very less time and also very easy to answer, you can answer them when watching TV, Travelling in Bus, or having Fun with friends.


SurveySavvy is one of the famous Survey sites in the world started in 1999. It has more than 1 Million monthly users and trusted by many. After the use of 2 and Half months, I can say that SurveySavvy is one of the best websites to consider when you are willing to make money from Survey sites.

The best thing about SurveySavvy is, they not only provide surveys for products, but they also provide surveys for politics, movies etc which makes SurveySavvy more like a platform to share opportunities rather than a normal survey site.

Moreover, SurveySavvy is free for everyone.

QuickTip: Never pay to join in any Survey site, all the legit ones are free. 

How to Make Money from SurveySavvy

After the survey, you start receiving many surveys to answer. Surveys in SurveySavvy feels more like a sharing opinion. You can say they care more about your opinion right after you entered the site.

How Offen You Get Surveys from SurveySavvy?

SurveySavvy is one of the websites which send only Surveys every month. Most of the days you don’t have even a single survey to complete. You may just have 3 – 15 surveys each month.

But you can also notice that Surveys from the SurveySavvy are smaller and you could complete most of them within 10 mins.

Some Surveys will be a bit longer like 10 – 30 mins, but they get paid according to that. So long surveys are actually good to have. As they mention the time of the survey in E-mail, you can start the survey when you have sufficient time for it.

How much you will get paid from SurveySavvy?

Though SurveySavvy has very few Surveys, it is best because it will pay you more. So you get more money for a few surveys.

Payment For Each Survey

Some small surveys may pay up to $3. And some surveys which are longer will pay you more up to $20 per survey. So even with a few surveys, you can earn as much as other survey sites.

Other than Surveys, we have some other methods to make money from SurveySavvy.

Survey Connect

Survey Connect is another feature from SurveySavvy, where you can earn money just by surfing the web. They use a safe cutting edge technology to collect data as you surf the web. Don’t worry, your data will be safe with SurveySavvy. They use that data to collect information for their surveys. So you don’t even need to complete surveys to make money from the SurveySavvy.

To earn money from Survey Connect, you need to install an app on your smartphone or install an extension on your PC?Laptop browser. You also get an extra $5 for each device you installed. You can make up to 15$ each month by installing in 3 devices. Which is Rs 1000 just for installing an app on your phone and extension on your PC. 

Referral Program

Many services have referral programs, but the one from the SurveySavvy tops them all.

When you refer SurveySavvy to any friend, you will get paid every time when your friend completes a survey throughout the lifetime. And the best part is when your referral friend refers to anyone. You will also get paid when he/she completes a survey.

Your referred friend is called a direct referral and when they refer to anyone, they are called indirect referrals.

Payment Per Month

You will be paid in between $30 – $50 per month. which is from Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,500 per month. You can also join other survey sites to make more money. so you get more money just by completing surveys when even you get an E-mail Notification.

You can also earn from the Survey Connect and an extra $15 for installing their app and extension. You also have an option to make money from the referral program where you get paid for direct and indirect referrals throughout the lifetime.

Combining them all, you can earn more than $60 every month. That’s more than Rs 4000 just from the SurveySavvy.

Payment Option

SurveySavvy really lags here. In Survey Savvy you have only 2 options.

  1. Gift Card
  2. Check Via Mail.

You have only 1 option to get cash from SurveySavvy, that is getting a check via mail, so you need to enter your permanent address when registering.

Pro’s of SurveySavvy

  1. No Points System, You can earn direct cash from SurveySavvy, no need of converting points into cash while redeeming like many other Survey Sites.
  2.  High Payment for Few Surveys, You can earn as much as many other survey sites, but you can earn that spending less time.
  3. SurveyConnect is really a plus point as you can make money just by installing an app.
  4. Referral program of SurveySavvy should be mentioned because you can earn money when a person completes a survey who is referred by your referral friend.

Con’s of SurveySavvy

  1. Only Check is the option to get a cash payout.
  2. Slow Payment, it takes nearly 4 – 6 weeks for payment. Sometimes, even more.
  3. Few Surveys, though you earn more from a few surveys, it’s better to have more surveys to earn more.
  4. Many Surveys which are not related to you. so you get unqualified from the surveys easily.

How to get started with SurveySavvy

Head over to SurveySavvy and click on sign up. Fill up the form and confirm your E-mail account.

That’s it, you have your SurveySavvy account.

Final Words

If you are willing to make extra cash from survey sites, then SurveySavvy is one of the best you can consider and it is a legit.

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I started this website to show ways of Earning & Saving Money Techniques for Students. But later, I came to know that, most of the Techniques are useful for Everyone, just not only Students
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