Want to make money online in the easiest way? Then you are probably looking to make money from the survey sites. You just need to sign up and answer a few questions asked in surveys & you will get paid for that. The best part is, surveys are so easy and answering them is just as simple as drinking water.

Here are some example questions from the surveys.

  1. Do you prefer the Tea/ Cool drink?
  2. Do you have brothers or sisters?
  3. How much you rate for Redmi Note 7?
  4. Do you use more than 2 phones?

Another best part about surveys is, you will be asked only the questions which are related to you. So you don’t get any questions which you don’t even know about.

What are Survey Sites?

You might be thinking that why someone pays you for answering such easy questions? But these questions are so much useful to some companies and they spent a lot on these surveys.

Companies may want to know what customers are thinking about their products, or they need to know what people want from their future projects. The best way to know is by asking people directly.

So they conduct a survey on some survey sites to get in contact with their customers. They pay money to those survey sites to conduct surveys & these survey sites will pay you once you completed the survey. By conducting these surveys, many companies save lots of money by not investing in the projects which are not interested & also make money by giving what customers are expecting.

So surveys will be helpful to companies and also to people answering them.

Remember that, survey sites are useful to make extra cash, you can totally depend on them. As they take very less time and also very easy to answer, you can answer them when watching TV, Travelling in Bus, or having Fun with friends.


PaidViewPoint is one of the famous survey sites in the world.PaidViewpoint have more than 1.5 million users every month and considered as one of the trustworthy Survey sites. One could consider joining PaidViewpoint without any fear of scam

PaidViewpoint concentrates more on the surveys which are small and snappy. You could complete a survey from PaidViewpoint within 2 mins. This makes a real difference in my daily life. I just open the survey when I receive an email, completes like a flash and closes it. I don’t even feel like I have work to be done. At the end of the month, I get a decent amount of cash.

Moreover, PaidViewpoint is free for everyone.

QuickTip: Never pay to join in any Survey site, all the legit ones are free. 

How to Make Money from the PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint provides you surveys based on your details. You will get an E-mail whenever there is a new survey available. You can just follow the link and complete the survey. Most of the surveys just take around 2 mins of time. Some surveys will take up to 5 mins. Considering other survey sites, this is way below as many of them conduct surveys which are 20+ mins long.

PaidViewpoint gives a twitter like an experience. Short, useful and informative.

Trait Score

In most of the survey sites, you get surveys which are not related to you, so you will be disqualified after the questionnaire. But in the case of PaidViewpoint, it understands about you day by day & gives related surveys. so that you won’t have the hassle of getting disqualifies very often. That is because of the trait score.

Trait score is nothing but how much PaidViewpoint understands you. As you complete surveys, your trait score will be increasing & more and more related surveys will be coming to you. As the trait score increases, the amount you get paid per survey also increases.

Once you reach 9000 trait score you will be in the 10% member list of PaidViewpoint. So that you will be paid more than many people.

How Offen You Get Surveys from PaidViewpoint

You get daily 1 Survey from PaidViewpoint. Few days you may have the luck of getting 2 surveys. But that’s so rare. Getting 1 survey per day is good compared to some sites which have only a couple of surveys per month.

But some sites like Global Test Market conduct more surveys comparing to PaidViewpoint.

But PaidViewPoint method is entirely different than other survey sites. This is more about effortlessness but also making some amount of it.

How much you will get paid from PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint offers small surveys. As surveys pay you more for the time you spent on surveys, PaidViewpoint really lags here. As they pay you only between $0.03 to $0.10 dollars. Which is between Rs 2 to Rs 7 for each survey.

But that’s not constant. Here is where PaidViewpoint lightens up, as they pay you more and more when your trait scores increase. Moreover like many other sites, PaidViewpoint does not send unrelated surveys as they get to more about you day by day.

Due to all the reason, it’s a bit hard to calculate how much you can earn from each survey. But let’s assume you’re average earning for a survey is Rs 30 after you reached your 9000 trait score.

So you can make 30*30 = 900 in a month. It takes a time of 2 months to get 9000 trait score. Check out these tips to increase your trait score faster.

Referral Program

When you refer PaidViewpoint to any of your friends, then you can earn 20% of their income when they cash out. Once you have joined more than 100+ members, then you are considered as one of the VIP community. Members of the VIP community will get paid their 20% on the fly, you don’t need to wait for the referral friend to cash out.

The downside in the referral program is, you can only make up to $25 from each referral. 

Payment Options

PaidViewpoint accepts PayPal to send cash but you need at least 15$ to check out. PayPal is the best way to transfer cash, also most of the survey sites use PayPal as a cashout, it will be so much useful for you if you are using multiple survey sites to make money.

PaidViewpoints transfers to your PayPal wallet within 72 hrs which is way faster comparing to many survey sites which take 3 – 6 weeks to transfer.

Pro’s of PaidViewpoint

  1. Small Surveys which completes around 2 mins. If you are in any other survey sites & answering surveys which are 15 – 30 mins long, then you can understand why small surveys are good & worth mentioning at 1st place.
  2. No Points System, unlike some survey sites which pay you in points and later you need to convert them in cash.
  3. Clean & Snappy Interface make PaidViewpoints so easy to understand right from you enter into the site.
  4. Fast Payments is another advantage as many sites take weeks of time but PaidViewpoint completes your payment in 72hrs.

Con’s of PaidViewpoint

  1. Low Payments, you could not really blame PaidViewpoint for this, as they are conducting small surveys, they can only pay you less amount. The amount paid can be considered decent for the surveys they are providing.
  2. Referral Program pays you only up to $25 for each referral member. Which is not a big negative point, as $25 is a huge amount for a referral. But you can only get 20% when they cash out, so it may be even better if you can earn unlimited.

How to get started with PaidViewpoint

Click on this link and sign up for the PaidViewpoint, you can also earn cash in the signup process. Once you have signed up, you will have a survey right after you logged into the site.

Start answering surveys and increase your trait score and earn more money daily.

Tips to get more money from surveys

  1.  Join other surveys along with PaidViewpoint, so you can make even more and always have a hand full of surveys in your hand. So, you can answer them when you are free.
  2. Use a separate E-mail account, so when you get notified, you will not miss them and also survey emails don’t mix-up with your main E-mails

Final Words:-

PaidViewpoint is a survey site which can make you money by just spending 2 mins a day. survey sites are considered as the easiest way to earn money online. PaidViewpoint is way more easiest comparing to all survey sites.

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