Among many ways to make money online, Only a few are free, trustworthy & easy. & one of those few ways is Cinchbucks.

I am been using survey sites for more than 2 months. I am busy in answering surveys, finding easy ways to make money from them and trying to get more than Rs 20,000 just from these survey sites. But, I am also constantly checking for many other survey sites which are 100% trustworthy and pay you a reasonable amount of money for the time you spent on the site.


But I came to find about Cinchbucks just 15 days before. I thought it may one of many sites which serve surveys. Even it has mixed reviews on the internet.

Just after using it for 15 days, I made up to Rs 700. The best part is, I am just working only for a few mins per day. I have done little more research and found Cinchbucks is a legit site and users using the site are growing month by month.

This site is trustworthy, the amount you earn is really good for the time you spent on the site & the work is also so super easy. So, I thought why not to say for all by writing a small article on it.

Even though I made money from it, I am trying not to be biased and explain both the pros and cons of Cinchbucks.

How to Make Money Cinchbucks?

Cinchbucks is a platform which has many ways to make money from it. Some of them are good & some of them are just Ok.

To get started, go to Cinchbucks & fill the sign-up form

Then you need to confirm your e-mail. Later you need to log-in and navigate to the user profile and complete the profile surveys. These surveys are useful to provide surveys related to you.

You can also earn by completing these profile surveys.

Every method gives you CB instead of Money. You can redeem CB into cash later.

CB ( Cinchbucks ) 

100 CB = $1. You can redeem once you have 1000 CB. For which you get $10 which is more than Rs 700. You can make more CB by following the ways below.

Ways to Make Money from the Cinchbucks

Let’s start with my favorite & also best to make CB.

1. Surveys

Surveys are something which I am spending some time for the past 2 months & undoubtedly, it is the best way to make money from Cinchbucks.

Cinchbucks don’t offer surveys from their own, but they partner with leading survey providers like Cint and  Peanut Labs to provide surveys. Though you have taken profile surveys, you get a lot of surveys which are just not for you. So you get disqualified and screen-outs many times. But you have more than 50% chances to qualify in surveys.

You can find surveys on Cinchbucks from these services.

  1. Peanut Labs
  2. Your Surveys
  3. Cint
  4. Pure Spectrum
  5. TrialPay

Peanut Labs Surveys

Peanut Labs offers many surveys and also pays you a good CB for your surveys. You get 10 – 100 CB for each survey. Even though you got disqualified from the survey or got screened out, you get a minimum incentives

Your Surveys

Your Surveys offers many surveys than other survey methods. It is also on par for earning CB. But you don’t get any incentives for the surveys you screened-out. Even sometimes, you can screen-out after a long part of the survey is completed.

Even though It has more surveys & more payments, screen-outs and no incentives keeps your surveys in the 2nd place.


Cint is a famous surveys provider. They offer only a few surveys but the amount paid for the survey is more. You get 50 – 300 CB per survey. So you can earn a lot more from a few surveys.

Pure Spectrum

In my 15days of usage, I never received a single survey from the pure spectrum. I tried Google to know how often I get Surveys from Pure Spectrum. People saying that surveys from Pure Spectrum are so rare, but I am unable to know how many can I receive per month & how much each survey pays you.


TrialPay offers many tasks & by completing them you get paid. Surveys are one of the tasks from the TrialPay. You can try the remaining tasks to earn more CB.

2. Playing Games

Making money from Playing Games looks like a dream but you can really do that from Cinchbucks. There are many sites and apps which pay for playing games, But Cinchbucks is a bit special that it has 246 Games at present & could increase in the future.

It good to play games, but the money you get from these games is way too low. You are here to earn some extra cash, you have better games than these to play. If you are willing to make some extra money, then join other surveys sites than investing your time here to play games.

And the story is the same with Watching Videos.

3. Watching Videos

Similar to playing games, watching videos is not a good way to earn CB. Though you get paid, videos are bit longer and the amount you get is just up to 10CB.

Moreover, Watching videos in these kinds of sites is a bit frustrating as you get a lot of ads and most of the time you will skipping and closing ads. Which makes not a good experience to earn CB.

4. CashBacks

Cashbacks are one of the best ways to earn CB. But this method is useful only when you are willing to buy anything online for the sites which Cinchbucks supported.

It supports sites like Amazon, so you can make 5% every time you buy something from it. Cashback is definitely not a feature where you can earn CB every time and every day, but this is useful at sometimes and definitely will be a handy feature when you really need it.

5. CB Code

CB Codes are free rewards by Cinchbucks, You can just enter the CB Code & get CB according to the code.

You need to follow their blog and social media accounts to get CB codes. You can actually do that by getting CB codes. On the Home Page of Cinchbucks, you can find a CB offers wall where you can follow their social media sites by getting extra CB Codes.

6. Cinch Addon

You can add a Cinch Addon on to your desktop and get 50CB instantly. Cinch Addon is also useful to get notifications about surveys. So you can participate in the surveys whenever available.

Also, you could add CB codes right from the Addon, so you don’t need to enter the site whenever you found a CB code.

7. Referral Program

Cinchbucks has the best referral program. You don’t get instant cash when you refer Cinchbucks to your friends but you can get 20% of earning throughout the lifetime. If they made 1000CB this month, you can get 200CB as a referral bonus.

So you can constantly increase your earnings when you refer to your friends. You don’t even need to force them, work for 1 month and show the income to your friends, people who are interested will automatically ask you what are you doing. So you can send them the link and enjoy 20% of his earnings.

Once you have like 5 referral friends, you can get double income with your and your friends work combined.

Payment Options

Similar to ways to earn CB, you also got different ways to redeem them. But you need minimum 1000CB to redeem into cash, which you can get that in the first 10 – 15 days. I got my first redeem of 1000CB in $10 on 12thday on PayPal.

Here are some other ways to redeem your CB into cash.

  1. Gift cards for popular sites like Amazon, Flipkart.
  2. You can directly redeem into your bank account.
  3. Or you can redeem directly into your Paytm account.

Pro’s of Cinchbucks

  1. Low Payouts, You just need to get 1000CB to payout. Though it takes time, it is one of the minimum payout available in sites like Cinchbucks.
  2. Many ways to make CB, you don’t just rely on one method to make CB. You can take surveys, get CB from CB codes or play games, watch videos. We even got a referral program.
  3. Good Referral program. Though you can find a referral program on sites like CInchbucks, this is one of the best as you get paid 20% thought out the lifetime.
  4. Payment Options. How I cannot mention this when they are providing Paytm as the payment option. & you still have many other in case you need them.

Con’s of Cinchbucks

  1. More screenouts & disqualifications from the surveys
  2. Clumsy Interface

Final Words

If you are willing to make some extra cash, then you can definitely consider Cinchbucks as one of your income. but if you are so much busy and can only work with one survey site. You can try Swagbucks or Clixsense.

Moreover, you can only make a few bucks here which are good enough for daily purchases or to save money for your next phone. But if you search for some reliable ways to get more income, then this is definitely not a great place to make money.

You can try some other survey sites which are trustworthy to make even more money.



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