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Student Companion shows impartial ways for Students to earn money online & mostly through Blogging.

Earning & Saving Money techniques for students

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Who can write for us?


Who can help students to earn & save money?
Who can write in English?
Who can write about Blogging?

What should you write about?

You can write about ways to earn & save money for students in India. You can write about Blogging, YouTube or any other ways of making money for students.

Let me give you a Quick sitemap of Subjects, Student Companion deals with:


  • Blogging                                  –  About Blogging Which is related to Students
  • Earning & Saving Money         – Tips & Ways for Students to Earn & Save Money.

Just Some Rules:

I don’t want to have so strict rules. These rules are just the most basic rules that you should not cross.

  • You should write a good content within those subjects.
  • You should write an article which has minimum 600 words in it.
  • Content should not be copied from any other source. Even a 10% plagiarism is found, the article will not be published.
  • small Grammer mistakes are Ok. We don’t have any problem with that. But, making blunders is not allowed.
  • Should write a content following on-page SEO.
  • Should maintain a good readability.
  • Using Links reasonably.

How to apply to be a part of our site?

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