18:9 aspect ratio is not equal to bezel-less display. There is a chance of manufacturing a phone with 18:9 aspect ratio which still contains bezel.

But it may be so much tall and will become way narrow than you think.

The 18:9 aspect ratio already makes the phone feel a little bit of narrow.  So companies don’t want to add extra bezels to phone and make it look weird.18:9 bezel less

So, If they add more bezels to it. It may feel weird and looks like a tall phone.

So, companies like

Samsung combined the 18:9 aspect ratio and bezel-less displays and called them Infinite display.

LG called it as full vision display. & Apple called it Edge-to-Edge screen.

18:9 aspect ratio and the bezel-less displays have their own pros and cons according to them.

Pros & Cons Of 18:9 Aspect Ratio Phones & bezel-less display Phones

Let’s start with 18:9 screen ratio.

18:9 Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is not related to the size of the phone. Phones with 5.5 inch, 6 inches etc are measurements for size.

They are measured by calculating the diameter of the screen from one edge to another edge which is opposite to it.

That length of the diameter says the size of the display.

Two sides and a diagonal forms a right-angled triangle. which means the diagonal is equal to the square root of the sum of Squares of two sides.

So a 5.7-inch display usually is 4.9inch high and 2.7 inches wide.

18:9 bezel less
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When it comes to 18:9 aspect ratio, it is calculated by the measuring the length and width of the display. The ratio of length and width This ratio does not include the bezels and it counts only the screen display.

So when we take the phone of 16:9 inches, That means the ratio of its sides is 16:9 and the same is applied to 18:9 ratio.

But 18:9 can also be said as 2:1 ratio which means the length is two times taller than the width of the phone. But it is considered as 18:9 because smartphone companies want to show it as an upgrade to screen ratio.

So they just felt upgrading from 16:9 to 18:9 makes a better feel than upgrading from 16:9 to 2:1.

Pros and Cons of 18:9 Aspect Ratio


  • More content can be displayed.
  • Better resolution for watching some Movies and series like the Jurrasic world which are shot in 2:1 ratio.
  • improves multitasking.
  • Makes the phone looks good.
  • Makes a better version for virtual reality.


  • Decreases one hand usability.
  • Not a better ratio for watching many videos which are shot 16:9 aspect.
  • Leaving App developers extra questions for choosing in which ratio they need to develop apps.
  • Phone looks narrow.

Bezel-less Displays

The frames at sides of phone which are around the display are bezels.

The bezel-less trend became more popular with phones having 18:9 aspect ratio. But they are in the process for many years. (A old phone with 16:9 ratio has more bezels compared to modern phones with 16:9 ratio.)

This bezel-less trend is started from companies located in east like Samsung, LG etc and later by companies located in west.

First they reduced the bezels from sides and now they are reducing from top and bottom because no one likes bezels.

Even though the bezel-less phones like Samsung Note 8, Apple iPhone X and LG G6 has small bezels for camera and sensors, they can be considered the best in present market.

18:9 bezel less

Pros & Cons of Bezel-less displays:-


  • Interaction with physical button on screen.
  • Makes the Phone smaller.
  • Increases one hand usability because of size.
  • Makes the phone looks good.
  • Legibility of text on screen.
  • Helps to increase the screen size without increasing the actual physical size.
  • Increases screen to body ratio.


  • Edge features launches when trying to operate the function in an app.
  • May leads to more screen breaks because of lack of supporting bezels.
  • Sometimes creates problem with the one hand usage because of thumb heel proximity at content area.

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