Themes and Plug-ins are definitely the best reasons why WordPress is the best CMS for blogging.

Installing WordPress theme is one first thing we do when we install WordPress. Even I mentioned this in my article setting your website after installing WordPress. Finally leaving you with a question how to install a WordPress theme.

But before installing, You have to select the best theme. Here are some points you should consider while installing

  • Your theme should load fast.
  • It should definitely look amazing.
  • Most importantly, it must give all features and support plug-ins you want.
  • It should be good for SEO.

The only way you can check them is by using them. It’s hard to use all themes and see whether they are good or not? So, you finally install a theme which has good reviews. Actually, this is the best way to install a theme.

Currently, Student Companion is on Ocean WP Theme where I am Satisfied with all it’s features and look. Let me be frank here. I personally don’t like the sidebar widgets in this theme. I feel they don’t look that good. Besides that, I don’t have any problems with this theme.

It loads fast and has all features which I like and it is also good in SEO point of view. After selecting a theme Finally landing on how to install a WordPress theme.

How to Install Best WordPress Theme?

Points to mention before starting

  • All themes are not available in free website because it has its limits.
    You need to have a business plan or self-hosted website.
  • We have free themes as well as paid themes.
  • Some themes don’t support some plug-ins but this is a rare condition. If there is a high rating for your theme, then most probably your theme doesn’t have such problems.
  • You can install only one theme at a time. You can’t get some features from one theme and some from other. If you want to, you have to code.

To give a detailed explanation of how to install best WordPress Theme, I decided to show all possible ways of installing a theme to WordPress.

  1. Installing a theme from your WordPress dashboard
  2. Uploading theme to WordPress
  3. Manually uploading theme by FTP manager.

1.Installing a theme from your WordPress dashboard.

Go to Appearance > Themes

You can find default themes for WordPress. One of the themes is already on active. which is twenty seventeen at present. Now click on the Add New button

You will be directed to a page where you can find many themes under these sections.

Here I am searching for Ocean WP theme. You can search your favorite theme.

Once you found your desired theme. Hower over the theme, click on install and them on activate.

By that, you have installed a theme on your WordPress site.

This method is majorly used method, which is simple and also the fast method.

2.Uploading theme to WordPress.

Similar to downloading themes, we navigate to the same Appearance > Themes.

Then we click on add new button.

Yes, we can download themes. But there are some themes which you can’t find here.

Here are some places you can download themes.

Themes downloaded from these sources are zip files.

Later you click on this Upload theme button at the top of the page.

Then you can upload the zip file of a theme and click on install now.

The theme will be installed showing you a successful page. There you need to click on activate to activate the theme.

3.Manually uploading themes by FTP manager.

This method is definitely the hardest way to install a theme, but it comes in handy when you facing a technical error with WordPress to install a theme.

This is not a regular usage method, but still, there is one such way where you can install WordPress themes.

First, you need to download the source file of the theme from any of these sites.

Your downloaded file is a zip file. Now you have to extract that zip file. You can see a folder with the same name.

Now navigate to your Cpanel and click on FTP Accounts.

There you can configure FTP client.

If you don’t have an FTP client, You can create one here.

Navigate to wp-content/Themes/ folder. Then upload the folder you extracted from the zip file and click on install.

Now navigate to WordPress themes section. If your theme is successfully installed, you can find it there.

Click on activate button.

That’s it, you have successfully installed a theme for your WordPress site.

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