When we start to create a website, we face some problems in selecting one among multiple options and planning according to our budget. If you are facing a similar problem, here I show you what is really essential to spend money, and various options for you to create a wonderful website in the small budget.

In this post, I will show a step by step process to create a website on a small budget with the best technique possible. By the end of the post, you can understand how much amount you need to really start an amazing website.

How to create a website on a small budget

Before creating a website, There are 2 basic things everyone has to understand. & those are domain & hosting.

What is Domain?

The domain is like the name of your website and also can be said as the address of your website.
For example- studentcompanion.in is my domain name.

What is hosting?

Your website is available on the internet with the help of the server. You need to get a hosting service to host your website on the server. If the domain name is like your website address, hosting is like your website home.
So, you should definitely buy a domain name and hosting service for your website.

I just gave you one line answer possible,

I will explain how to buy your domain and hosting later in this post.

Selecting Your CMS Platform( Content Management System)

There are two types of CMS,

  1. Totally free CMS:  In this type, CMS is free including your domain and hosting.
  2. CMS is free, but you need to buy your own domain and hosting. So let me call this as a paid version for my comfort.

Don’t start a website for free

I highly recommend you to start with your own domain and hosting. Why?

Give a look at this:-

What is different between the free platform and paid platform:

Let us take wordpress.com as an example for free platform and wordpress.org as an example for the paid platform.

Mostly beginners confuse with WordPress, that it has two versions, wordpress.com and wordpress.org.
Worrdpress.com is totally free with domain and hosting.
Wordpress.org is also free but you need to get your own domain and hosting.

  • In wordpress.com, we won’t get enough features to customize our website. Wheres as in wordpress.org, we have many themes and more customization options compared to the free version.
  • Free versions don’t perform well on search engines which is the ultimate goal of creating a website.
  • In wordpress.org you can use custom analytics such as google analytics to track your traffic.
  • Because you have your own hosting, Your site copyrights will be in your hands and anyone cannot shut your website down anytime until you violated laws.
  • You can make your own money from ads without sharing with WordPress if you are in the paid category.
  • Your domain name looks more professional, If my website is started in the free version, my site name will be studentcompanion.wordpress.com.

Can we transfer my site from the free version to paid version later:

Yes, you can transfer your site from free version to paid version but you have to sacrifice your followers as your URLs will be changed. You have to sacrifice the reputation of your site. Except for your content you have to start a completely new site again.

So starting site in paid CMS by getting your own domain and hosting is the best option.

Some platforms to start a website freely:


Blogger is a Content management system developed by Google and in the free version, your site domain name will be like studentcompanion.blogspot.com


WordPress.com is the free version of WordPress where there is no need for you to get a domain and hosting plan. More than 50% of WordPress websites hosted on wordpress.com.

Some platforms to start a website with your own domain and hosting:


wordpress.org is best among CMS’s where you need to buy your own domain and hosting. Because it has many themes, plugins and customization options available than any other CMS.

Drupal, Joomla, Wix, square space:-

These are CMSs famous around the world other than WordPress.

So what do you prefer?

To install WordPress or any other CMS, you first want to have a domain and hosting service.

4 basic costs to create a website and run it successfully:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Designing your website
  • Maintainance

For creating a website you just need a domain, hosting, and designing for now.
In those, we have to buy domain and hosting.
& we can design our website and even make it look so professional.

How to get a domain and Hosting in the budget:

There may be multiple options for you to get a domain & hosting. But I suggest you

Buying Domain from Godaddy and hosting in Hostgator. ( Student Companion started with this process )


Buying domain from Godaddy and hosting in Hostgator.

Buying domain from one company and hosting on another companies server is a little bit of hard and time taking process.
But it is a real money saving process as you can find domains cheap in Godaddy and Hostgator is cheap as well as best for hosting.

Godaddy is where many people get their domain for cheap.

Search Godaddy on Google. Or
If you are from India, Click on this link:- Godaddy

Search for your desired Domain name,

Sometimes, it may be so costly than you expected,
Or  sometimes

creating a website on budget

It may show this message.

But don’t worry try for a different domain name. A domain name does not harm your SEO or goodwill of your site.
But remember, always prefer .com extension than .in , .net, .org etc……
If I got a chance now, I will go for some another domain name with .com extension than going with .in extension.

Once you found your domain, cheap and best,
creating a website on budget

Click on Add to Cart button,

Now go to Cart,

In the cart, creating a website on budget

Go with a privacy protection if possible but it’s not compulsory. If you want to create an online store or some website where people have to enter their personal information, then you should definitely go with a privacy & business protection or even with privacy protection.

But for a niche site like student companion, you can go with no protection, because there is no need for people to pay or enter their personal information. This is just like an information website.

You can get protection anytime in future if you need it. So, you can proceed with your present thoughts.

Next, Select no thanks for Hosting,
creating a website on budgetBecause we are going for hosting in Hostgator, which is cheap as well as best in performance.

And select no thanks for creating an email address that matches your domain. We can create our email address that matches our domain.
My email address:- raviteja.knts@studentcompanion.in
Which works with Gmail, outlook etc

creating a website on budget

So, Its waste to get an email address for money.

Now click on Continue with these options.

creating a website on budget

Then you will enter in to purchase page,

Install honey extension if you are using chrome browser. It will search and show the best coupon code available.
It will be useful not only for Godaddy but also everywhere where you need to enter the coupon code.

If you installed Honey extension, when you entered into purchase page, this window will pop-upcreating a website on budget

Then click on apply coupons, then honey will test all the coupons available and suggests you the best saving coupon.

creating a website on budget

Then copy the coupon code and close the honey window instead of clicking continue to check out.

If you did not install the honey extension, then search Google for coupons available for GoDaddy domain. The honey extension process is the simple one. Honey is available not only for chrome. Try if it is available for your browser.

If you did not log in to Godaddy. It will ask you to log in here. Log in or create an account if you don’t have an account in Godaddy.

Adjust the time limit for your registration. You can select right from 1 year to 10 years. Select according to your need and budget.
But remember you should also get hosting which costs more than buying a domain. So read until last before starting your payment.

creating a website on budget

This is Total amount before I added the coupon code,

creating a website on budget

And It is after adding coupon code

creating a website on budget

Now fill your payment details and billing information, and click on Save.

creating a website on budget

You will receive an email of the receipt from Godaddy.

Yeh, by this you completed buying your domain. Now you need to buy hosting.
Our plan is to buy hosting for cheap and best. So Hostgator is best.
There are many companies which offer you hosting, Some are cheaper than Hostgator but won’t offer you a good server which is very important to start a website.

To hosting your site on Hostgator, Open HostGator and click on login. If you are new then click on create an account or else login using email id and password if you already have an account.creating a website on budget

Then select web hosting > Linux web hosting
Click on choose a plan
There you can find three plans

  • Hatchling plan
  • baby plan
  • business plan

creating a website on budget

Go for a hatchling plan, as your website is in just in starting stage. We can upgrade it later.

The default time will be 5 years. But we don’t need hatchling plan for that long. So select 6months or 1 year. After that period, we can upgrade to next versions according to our growth.

Then click on buy now

Then pop-up arrises asking you,

creating a website on budget

Click on yescreating a website on budget

Enter your domain name.

Don’t select backup option, you can do it for free using plugins in WordPress,

Don’t select professional email, you can do it for free.

selecting Protect your site from hackers is up to you. I feel hackers won’t hack your site until you are earning some amount from the site. For now, you can start without such protection.
Anyway, WordPress gives you minimum protection for your site. So you can neglect it with no worries.

Then click on continue.
Then you will enter into your cart.

Unluckily Honey extension won’t work out on this site. Even we cannot find permanent coupon codes. So Google is the only way to get a coupon code. But don’t hesitate, attaching coupons may help you to start your website in the budget.

Fill the payment details and click on pay now.creating a website on budget


Then you will enter into a page saying congratulations and shows you the receipt.
You will also get an email of this receipt.

You have successfully purchased your domain and its hosting. The process of creating your website is almost completed.

Now you have to link Godaddy domain with the Hostgator hosting.

Open the Hostgator>My account on the top right corner.

creating a website on budget

In the manage orders section, select list/search order.

You can find your domain name listed there similarly like this.creating a website on budget

Click on your domain name,

You will enter into a page saying your domain is not registered with us. creating a website on budget

Ignore it and scroll down to single domain Linux hosting section, creating a website on budget

Select Nameserver details, Then a window pops-up showing you 2 options.

  1. Configuring Nameservers
  2. Changing records

But option 1, nameserver configuring is easy than the second option.

creating a website on budget

Open a new tab and open Godaddy > My products

You can find your domains listed therein domains section. Click on DNS

creating a website on budget

Then in the nameserver section, click on changecreating a website on budget

Select custom for choosing your nameserver type,

Copy the nameservers from Hostgator and paste then in Godaddy. So that they can link each other

creating a website on budget

Now click on save.

Basically, you have to wait for minimum 20mins. I waited 1hr 30mins when I created studentcompanion.in

Now in single domain Linux hosting, Open manage web hosting. creating a website on budget
Then it enters into a Cpanel in a new window.

Create an account or log in.

Click on Softaculous Apps Installer.creating a website on budget

& install WordPress

creating a website on budget

Then you have to enter all your desired settings.

IMP Note: In the directory,
The default setting is “WP”.
Change it to blank, I mean nothing.

If the setting is WP, then your site home will be yoursitename.com/wp but we need our home on yoursitename.com

At first, I installed WordPress in the default directory and you can see it in studentcompanion.in.
Later I get to know my mistake and corrected it.creating a website on budget

Once you installed your WordPress,
Now You can edit your site using WordPress.
And can make your site better looking.

By now, you have got a website with the domain, Hosting.

Domain for 2 years- an average of Rs1,200

Hosting for 6 months- An average of Rs1,500

If you selected protection for your site while buying a domain – Extra Rs1,000

Overall, it takes only Rs3,000 to Rs4,000 to create a website in small budget




Ravi Teja KNTS
I started this website to show ways of Earning & Saving Money Techniques for Students. But later, I came to know that, most of the Techniques are useful for Everyone, just not only Students
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