Creating subdomain by HostGator is so easy and can be done with just a few clicks.

This blog about creating a sub-domain from Cpanel and it’s best if your site is hosting on Hostgator.

We purchase domains from sites like HostGator, GoDaddy etc….
Once we have bought the domain. we are blessed with many subdomains which are absolutely free.

What is sub-domain?

Subdomains are totally different from pages. It’s like you are having another domain which looks like a child to our main domain name. We can install WordPress or any CMS in our domain. Similarly, we can install any CMS on subdomains.

You can install themes, plugins etc on your subdomain.

Finally, it’s almost like having many domains with just purchasing one domain.

How does your Subdomain look like?

Let’s take an example of my site.

My domain name is, So you can create pages and posts which looks similar to or

But sub-domain is bit different. Here I am creating a subdomain named study. So my sub-domain looks like

When you create pages or posts in the subdomain, then the URL will be or

Enough saying.

Creating a sub-domain is easy. But when you have more subdomains, you have to remember that you should need a good hosting service. You can create many subdomains even when you are in basic hosting service, but it affects the performance of your site.

So creating fewer subdomains is the best way possible.

How to create a sub-domain in WordPress from HostGator Cpanel?

First, of the first, Log in to your HostGator or any other hosting service you are hosting your site.

If you are on the Hostgator then this blog is exactly for you.

Then go to your Cpanel. If you are using HostGator, You can go to your Cpanel by:

Selecting Manage orders and select list/search orders from the drop-down menu. There you can find your domains listed.
Select a domain for which you want to create a subdomain.

creating a website on budget

Here I am selecting my domain which is,

Then you will enter into a page showing,

creating a website on budget

Scroll down to your Hosting column, and select Manage web hosting.

creating a website on budget

Then a window pops-up, showing your Cpanel,

Navigate to domains section in the Cpanel, and select subdomains,

creating a subdomain by hostgator

Then you can see a page showing,

creating a subdomain by hostgator

Fill the details.
In my case, I want to create a subdomain named study,
After filling your subdomain, document root will automaticly fill up and there is no need to change that.
Leave that document root as it is.
And click create.

creating a subdomain by hostgator

And that’s it, You have successfully created your subdomain

creating a subdomain by hostgator

Now go back to your Cpanel and select softaculous apps installer to install WordPress or any other CMS.

creating a subdomain by hostgator

Here in my case, I am installing WordPress, you can install any other CMS. But I recommend you to go with WordPress as it has many features and themes compared to other CMS.

creating a website on budget

Choose your subdomain in the section of choose domain,
The default In directory will be WP, clear it and keep it empty or else WordPress will be installed in instead of creating a subdomain by hostgator

Fill all the remaining sections and click create in the bottom.

Then log into your site using your username and password which you have given while creating.

And the default WordPress site looks like,

creating a website on budget

Finally, you have created your subdomain and installed WordPress on it.

Now you can use it as a part of your main site.

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