Blacklist IP is a good habit and it not only secure you online, it will help others too. Security is the topmost priority for everyone everywhere. You’re online or offline everywhere security is the concern.

WordPress is the most usable CMS in the world. Although it’s one of the most secure platforms available in the market, its popularity makes it shiny for blackhat hackers. So, it’s important for us to blacklist IP, which is suspicious in your eyes.

We all know that no system in the world is 100% secure. But it doesn’t mean that we leave them on destiny.

Our unintentional activity is a double edge sword for our security. It may or may not hamper our security level, but there are a lot of things which we can do to level it up.

No, I’m not asking you to use premium plugins every time to enhance the security. Because some works can be done manually too. Yes, I’m talking about to mark blacklist IPs which are suspicious or looks not good.

What is an IP?

Internet Protocol short-form IP is an identification number of a network hardware. If you’re online and reading this article about WordPress Security, then we don’t need to explain this much. So, let’s jump quickly onto the main point.

Blacklist IP:

Why it’s important to blacklist the IP

Mark IPs the blacklist is one more step to the make web more secure. Hackers can use IP to attack your website in many ways. Like to brute-force attack, DDOS attack and other kinds of attacks.

Repetitive login attempt and Brute force attacks can be stopped easily either by use of “CAPTCHA” or “Two-Factor Authentication“.

But some hackers or blackhat SEO guys attack or set a bot to comment on millions of websites to comment on their posts. They try to create the backlinks by these means.

To allow or keep the spam comments on the website even without approve them is a bad practice.

How to blacklist IP manually

In WordPress, to blacklist, the IP is quite easy. Generally, you can see that spammers always used to post spam comment on your website. In those comments, you’ll see the IPs of the of the system where this comment post from.

as like in this picture you can see the IPs are highlighted which needed to be blacklisted. For an idea once read those comments. Do you think those are posted by real people after reading the post?

No, those are spam comments, bots post those comments to generate the backlink.

Now, you know the IPs, which are needed to be blacklisted.

Go to Settings –> Discussion…

Here scroll a bit and you’ll see the “Comment Blacklist” option. Paste all the IPs which you have to blacklist, but only keep in mind one thing that only pastes 1 IP address in one line. This was the method to blacklist any IP from commenting on your website. You can see an example in the picture below:

In this box, you also can mention the word which you don’t want in your comments. Like some abusive words or some sarcastic words. But be careful with that. Because once you blacklist some words like “Press” then in the comment system will hide this word in the WordPress.

How to blacklist IP Automatically

To blacklist, IP automatically is just like cut the piece of cake. Most of the spammer’s IP is already marked as blacklist and you’ll don’t need to do any extra effort.

Some best security plugin like Sucuri or Wordfence can do this very easily. You can any of the premium plugin according to your comfort.

Is Blacklisting IP will be effective?

It’s quite an arguable statement. Because all the security plugin’s developers and security experts know it very clearly that hackers never use the same IP for their activities. They always use the new pool of IP every time.


This is proved that report to blacklist IP is not the much effective way to restrict the hackers. But yes, this is definitely important.

Not all the time hackers attack website to hack the login credentials, we can block IPs and stop the spam comments.

Please do share your views about this article and ask anything, if you want to ask some.

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