People often do promotion via Social Media, even some start paid campaigns to get more traffic. Which is not at all a bad way of promoting.

But, promoting via Social Media doesn’t last longer to get traffic. Becuase the post or tweet which is a week older will not be visible to the audience until they come to your account.

Then this term “Backlinks” help you out to get consistent traffic.

Before Advantages of Backlinks, let’s see what are Backlinks and What are High-Quality Backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

When your webpage is receiving an incoming link from another webpage, then it is called backlink.

For Suppose, If a webpage A is having a link which connects to webpage B. Then it means webpage B has a backlink from webpage A.

We can divide these backlinks into 3 categories.

  1. Social Media Links
  2. Low-Quality Backlinks
  3. High-Quality Backlinks

Social Media Links

Even links to your webpage from Social Media sites can be called as backlinks. Because they are also links which point to your website & help to get good traffic.

These don’t come in Low Quality or High-Quality Backlinks, but they do not send constant traffic to your site.

Low-Quality Backlinks

Low-Quality backlinks are from spam sites, automated sites, and porn sites, These links do more bad than good. Google may penalty you & even decrease your search engine rankings. So all backlinks are not good.

Even low-quality backlinks helped to rank higher in Google before. But, after the Google Penguin update, the complete story of backlinks changed.

Now Coming to High-Quality backlinks

High-Quality Backlinks

These links are from sites which have good content and good Domain Authority.

These High-Quality links can be divided into two

  1. Internal Links
  2. External Links

Internal Links

Internal links are links from your own domain. Using Internal links in between content of one blog post to another blog post decreases bounce rate and also helps to index faster in Google.

External Links

External Links are links from other domains.

10 Links from different websites > 50 Links from a single website.

These external Links from different websites increases link juice to your webpage. This link juice slowly increases your Domain Authority which helps to rank higher in Google.

7 Advantages of High-Quality Backlinks

1.Faster Indexing

Having Backlinks to any webpage, helps it to index faster in Google. Because backlinks send signals to Google to crawl.

Especially for a new website, it takes time to index in Google. So, having backlinks help new sites to index in Google faster.

2.Constant referral traffic

High-Quality external Backlinks give you constant traffic. Because they get traffic to their site and some of their traffic will come to your site with the help of that link.

Links in between the content helps to get more traffic.

3.Increases Domain Authority

Having more High-Quality backlinks increases your domain authority. That means when even you publish a new content it will rank better than low authority domain.

so we have to increase our domain authority, it is possible with the good amount of backlinks.

Domain Authority is 1 of the Google 200 ranking factors.

4.Increases Organic traffic

When there is good domain authority for your site. Your site will rank higher in Google. So, your Organic traffic increases with the help of this backlinks.

So creating backlinks for your individual pages helps your pages to rank high on Google.

5.Brand Name exposure

When your site gets more Organic traffic and more referral traffic, more people can get to know about your site. Which make your site convert into a brand.

When your site is more popular, automatically you can get more Social Media followers.

6.New Relationships

One of the most popular ways to get backlinks is Guest Posting.

When you write a Guest Post on some other site, you can link from that site to your site. In this process, you can get relations with other bloggers in your niche.

Similarly, you can make your site for Guest Posting, which also increases new relationships and helps others to get backlinks from your site.

7. Trust & credibility Indicating Site

When any user comes to your site from the link on their favorite site. They think your site is also Good and will have a positive opinion on your site.

Increasing trust & credibility helps to get more views and even sales for your site. So when you have many backlinks from many different websites, then you can get more trust from different people following different sites.  This slowly gives a fan base for your website.


Not all the backlinks, but getting Backlinks from High-Quality sites means sites which don’t spam and present Good Content helps you get traffic from their site as well as Google.

They build trust and slowly makes your site into a brand.

All these advantages combine and help you get more profit from your site.

Ravi Teja KNTS
I am Admin of Student Companion & I am too much passionate about Film Making & Blogging. I started Student Companion to help others to start Blogging & make living.
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