All sites are not only maintained by one person, some have multiple admins. And then some sites are maintained by individuals, but they offer others to write on their site. For that, you can’t share your WordPress username and password with everyone. Then this adding new users option comes and helps you out of that situation. In this article, I will explain how to add new users and authors to your WordPress site.

The one small thing, I have to discuss here is about the types of users. There are different types of users and each has different powers to control your blog.

Types of users roles:

WordPress offers to add users according to their roles. So that it can give permissions to users according to it.

1.Administrator:- Administrator has all the powers to control the site. He can write posts, changing a theme, install plug-ins, delete content or even remove users. If you are assigning the administrator to anyone, make sure you know them and trust them fully.

2.Contributor:- Contributor can write posts but cannot publish them, You have to publish their posts. They cannot edit other posts or even access Themes, plug-ins and other stuff.

3.Author:-  Authors can write posts. Unlike Contributor, authors can even publish them. It’s like giving some extra power to Contributor

3.Editor:- Editors can write, publish, edit, delete their posts as authors do. They also can edit others posts. They are definitely superior that authors.

5.Subscriber and customer:- Subscribers and customers are just your visitors who want to log-in to your site. They cannot write or edit anything.

6.SEO editor and SEO manager:- SEO editor and SEO manage are Helpful to maintain good SEO to your site. IF you have any SEO managers, you can Assign this role o them.

7.Shop Manager:- You can add your dealers to this role so that they can access to products and track the data.

How to add new users and authors to WordPress site.

There are 2 ways of adding users to your site. One is user registration on your site, and the other is adding users manually.

For the user registration on your site, you have to enable it in your settings. If you enabled it, your site visitors can come and create an account on your site and continue as a user.

Adding users manually is simple you are adding a new user to your site. So that he can create posts on your site.
If you want to add few users, you can add them manually.

1.How to enable user registration on your site.

User registration will help when you want to have a number of people to post on your site. Yes, your visitors can write posts on your site. It not only helps you but also helps them as they write on your site as guest posting which brings a traffic to their blogs. And here’s how to enable this.

Navigate to Settings > General

There you can see this page.

WordPress Tutorial: setting up WordPress Website 2018 ( Step-by-Step )

The one simple thing you have to do here is enabling anyone can register in membership option and assigning a default role to them.

You can assign default role to users within these roles.

My best advice to you is to not select administrator option here. So that everyone who became a user can’t control your overall site.

2. Adding users Manually.

This method is useful if you want to add your partner or team members. You can assign different user role for every individual with this process.

To add users manually, you have to navigate to Users > Add New

There you can see a form.

Username, email ID, and password are compulsory. Remaining all are mandatory. But that looks good if you entered your first name and last name.

Username and password are helpful for your user to log-in to your site. E-mail Id helps him to receive mail.

You can even enter his/her website URL if he/she have.

Check the send user notification option. So that the username and password are sent to the user via email.

Now assign a role to that user.

And click on Add new user button.

Congratulations to you and your users, you have added new users successfully.

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Managing your users

As an administrator, you can manage your users by navigating to Users > All Users.

There you can find all your users.

You can edit, delete and view them anytime. In the above image, the top two users are spam. They have added because I enabled user registration. You can stop this spam registration by using plug-ins and security.

I have just enabled user registration while writing this article and by now I have 3 spam users. Yes, it’s 3. Another spam user registered in between. So the rate of spam is too high. Yes, you can delete them, but it’s better if you prevented spam user registration.

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