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Ravi Teja . KNTS

Ravi Teja.KNTS


I am Student studying in B.tech 4th Year at Hindustan University while I am Creating Student Companion.

What Student Companion is all about?

It’s about Blogging. We get close to students in those categories like this article: Why Students should start Blogging?

Categories in Student Companion are named as Subjects.


  • Technical Blogging 
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Writing & Ideas
  • Promotion & Marketing

How I started Student Companion?

There are days where I don’t know “what is mean by Blogging?”.  I like Film Making and Stuff related to it.
One day, I got a Idea of creating a website on Films and Film Making. Then I came to know that creating website and getting it to rank well is called Blogging and people who are doing so are called Bloggers. Slowly, I came to know more about Blogging.
Then I created this site which I write about Blogging related stuff.
I Also want to create a site on Films and Film Making. Probably I will do it after I reached my target with this site.

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                2018 Feb 8

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                Earning Money via Blogging for Students.                   

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