Usage of Phones, Laptops, Systems Increased. The tech world is evolving day-by-day. Today’s modern Gadgets solved many issues which we faced previously. But still, we are taking some extra care on gadgets which are totally unnecessary for today’s Tech. So, Here I listed 15 Tech Myths That You Should Not Believe.

15 Tech Myths That You Should Not Believe

When it comes to Myths. Battery Myths exceeds in the top of all because more people believe in them.

Tech Myth 1:- Charging Battery Overnight Damages Battery.

Charging battery overnight doesn’t damage your battery. Present day batteries are capable to cut-off the power supply when it reaches it’s maximum. So your phone battery level even decreases from 100 percent to 99, 98, 97 sometimes. And it again starts charging to make it 100 percent again. So, there is no need to worry about charging the battery overnight or for a long period of time.

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Tech Myth 2:- Have To Use Your Battery Till 0% For Good Battery Life.

We are using lithium-ion batteries today and graphene batteries are in our future. we don’t need to wait until battery becomes 0%. You can charge them when you want. This myth started because of rechargeable batteries made of nickel which need to charge from 0 to 100%. So taking care of your battery level for charging is unnecessary.

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Tech Myth 3:- Using Battery Saving Apps

Battery saving apps show the services which are draining your battery like wifi, brightness etc. But they do not save your battery. Instead, they drain the battery even faster. They use net service to show ads, Many battery saving apps give you cool animations which results in battery drain. So, stop your services like wifi, Bluetooth, high brightness manually. They can help you a lot than using these apps. There are some battery saving apps which really comes in handy like Greenify.

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We feel some of them are illegal to use, but in reality, they are not.

Tech Myth 4:- Rooting & Jailbreaking are illegal

Let me conclude it directly that rooting and jailbreaking are legal. But still, some companies don’t want you to root or jailbreak the device. So, they stop the warranty after rooting. Anyway companies like Google gave full permissions for rooting and warranty will not be lost after rooting Google devices.

Tech Myth 5:- Torrents are illegal

Torrents are just like transferring files from peer to peer processing like wifi direct or airdrop.  It is totally legal to install torrents and download using it. But download paid content like movies, books, paid software for free is illegal.

Tech Myth 6:-Crypto Currency is illegal

Legalization of cryptocurrency is different for the individual country.

In some countries like the US & Europe, Cryptocurrency is totally legal.
In some countries like India & China, It is partially legal
But cryptocurrency is illegal in some countries & also legal in some countries.

Tech Myth 7:- More Megapixels means a better camera

Some smartphone companies using this as an advantage to sell their products. More in megapixel number means not a better camera. Lens, Sensor, Aperture are more important than megapixels. Instead, check the reviews of the phone before buying. So that you can understand the practical performance of that camera in real life.

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Tech Myth 8:- More bars means better service

Bars only represent the strength of the tower. It does not represent the signal strength. You may get a low signal even when all bars are active. That’s because the number of phones connected to that tower are more.


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Tech Myth 9:- Cache cleaning apps give better performance.

Same like battery saving apps, cache cleaning apps are useless. Sometimes they even make your phone slow. There is no need to clean your cache regularly. Cleaning your cache manually in setting section helps if you feel your phone is too slow.


Tech Myth 10:- Refreshing windows makes it faster.

We usually refresh windows when we feel the system is slow. But refreshing windows will not refresh the processor, It refreshes the screen. For example, You copied a file from one folder to another, but still, you cannot access your file in the new folder, then if you refresh the windows it may show you the copied file in the new folder. Anyway, modern day computers are smart enough and they don’t require to refresh your windows.

Finally, refreshing windows gives extra functions to the processor but it does not refresh it. Instead, use task manager.


Tech Myth 11:- Killing Recent Apps Makes Device Faster.

Android, IOS & Almost all popular OS’s have excellent ram management. If you consume more ram then it automatically kills recent apps. Killing recent apps manually is not necessary. More Over when you reopen the app again, It takes the extra ram. Which makes the phone slow instead.

Tech Myth 12:- Using Anti-virus apps

Companies like Google and Apple installed all possible anti-virus protections on your phone. These anti-virus protection apps are just created by small companies which are truly unnecessary. Though you can use apps for anti-theft etc.

Tech Myth 13:-Leaving your system on overnight is not good

Many shut down system every time thinking that leaving the system on is not good. Leaving system on does not create any problem, You can just leave the system on or by keeping in the sleep mode. Shutting down system once a week is enough. But shutdown when you are not going to use for many days. Even that was not a problem but it consumes electricity.

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Tech Myth 14:- It’s not good when CPU is overheating

You may feel that it is not a good sign when cpu is heating. But it is really useful when it is in limited. Your laptop or system should heat even once a week or even a month. It helps the processor to work at its maximum. Which is really a good sign.

Tech Myth 15:- Ejecting USB is important

We eject USB every time safely. But it is not compulsory. We can freely remove it.
Suppose you are coping a file from USB to the system. In the middle of the process you want to remove USB, then you have to eject it safely. because when you remove USB while coping, sometimes files won’t be present in system or USB. They will be deleted in the middle.

When you are not copying anything, you can remove it freely, It won’t delete any data or it will not create any problem.

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